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Fuck maths. I mean-- seriously! Why would I need maths for criminal psychology? What am I gonna do, count the amount of lunatics who've escaped from Arkham Asylum?
~ Yours truly


I've been on this wiki for a few years and I've enjoyed my stay throughout all of those years, and will continue to do so. I hope to see this wiki garner more attention and members looking to create to their heart's delight.

Favorite villain articles I've created or helped expand

  • Dream (Dream SMP): Hands-down my best article. Vastly improved in terms of personality and biography writing compared to my other pages. A unique character who never strays from his beliefs, even if it causes the ones around him to turn against him and rebel against the monster he is now.
  • Void Steve (reboot): My second favorite article. Simply a blast to write, had a lot of fun with this guy. Clear goals and motivations, interesting and deep backstory, and just an all-around better reinterpretation compared to his original version.
  • Nightmare Steve (reboot): I had much more fun writing Nightmare Steve's article when revamping it. This is probably the first time I decided to go into DEEP detail with my articles to paint the full picture of the villain. I especially love how he went from a vicious brute in the original version to a cunning and ruthless mastermind.
  • Shadow Sabre (reboot): A lot of effort put into this guy, especially writing down his quotes. Dude loves to talk.
  • Reverse Steve (reboot): A much more complex villain than his original version. A brainwashed madman with internal struggles and goals to overcome them.
  • Exetior: Made this guy's page back when I was still a noobie at editing. Love how his story went, especially his backstory and the subsequent sequels expanding on his true personality.
  • Dr. Eggman (Real-Time Fandub Games): I had so much fun writing this page, especially since I took it seriously. I guess I just wanted a very authentic article listing the information related to this depressed eggsack.
  • Mephiles the Dark (Real-Time Fandub Games): Had just as much fun with this page as I did Eggman's. Perfect delivery with every line (even if the person portraying him is an insufferable believer of false grooming accusations because of his boyfriend making false claims).

Favorite villain articles made by other talented people that I've had little-to-no involvement in

  • SMG0: Even though I disagree with the stance on his villainy, he's still evil, vile, yet tragic in a lot of ways that I can't help but feel bad for the guy. But that being said, SMG4 has successfully created his most evil villain to date.
  • Lucifer Magne (Hazbin Hotel: Journey to the Light): Reminds me of Jim Carrey's Dr. Robotnik: flamboyant and theatrical, yet cutthroat intimidating and psychopathic.
  • Jschlatt (Dream SMP): Very well put together page for the first Dream SMP-related article on this wiki. It's simplistic, straight-to-the-point and I hope to help expand on it more.
  • Satan (Hazbin Hotel: Journey to the Light): Sinister maniac only out for himself. I've always loved the backstories of omnicidal villains and Satan's just shows how depraved he is.
  • RAT: Rightfully serves as the big bad of his series. Narcissistic performer who blames everyone around him for his actions and takes his anger out on innocent children, all with a big 'ol smile plastered on his ratty face.
  • Photo-Negative Mickey (Five Nights at Treasure Island): The original article was copy-and-pasted and in shambles, glad I intervened and helped clean it up.
  • William Afton (FNaF VHS): Absolutely adore this version of Afton. A heartless serial killer who commits the most despicable acts a human being can do, yet you can still sympathize with him because of the fate of his son.
  • Valentino (Hazbin Hotel: Journey to the Light): Disgusting sex offender? Yeah, but his sheer ruthlessness and intimidation is what makes him such a fascinating and fun to watch villain.


  • I'm demisexual and proud (I'm also heterosexual since I'm attracted to the opposite sex, but I identify more with being demi than being het. If you want you could call me demi-heterosexual).
  • As of 27/10/2021, my priorities have shifted from Rainbow Quest articles to Dream SMP articles, namely doing a rewrite of Technoblade, Jschlatt and Eret's articles and using resources from EvanMCGaming's videos covering the story.
  • I'm practically obsessed with the backstories and origins of villains and heroes. I love seeing how they became who they were and what decisions influenced their current actions.
  • Profile picture image belongs to Hapico on YouTube. Go check out their Minecraft stuff, it's cute, great and well made!