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  • I live in 🕆☠👎☜☼ ✡⚐🕆☼ 👌☜👎
  • My occupation is 🏱✋💣🏱
  • I am 👌✌☝🕆☜❄❄☜
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I say people's villains are generic. And I delete stubs.

My favorite wikis

Villains Fanon Wiki

Multiversal Legends Wiki

Surreal Memes Wiki

Superpower Wiki

Villains Fanon Wiki Staff Wiki

My Favorite Fanon Characters



Ultra Instinct Muriel

Dorito Man

The worst Fanon Villains I've ever seen

All Sonic.EXEs, including Exetior, Exeller, Sark and everyone with EXE at the end of the name.

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