The Evil and The Eternity is all mine. I am the hegemonic user of doom and chaos, You think you are going to stop me from creating villains to create mass hegemony as a tyrant and kill people? Well, You must pass my evil traps and dangerous creatures and do a boss fight with me. I AM GOD!!!!!!!!!!
~ A quote that i made

Hello people, I am the creator of the abridged show called Scratch! It's all about pure evil zorthes that does evil plans for destroying humanity and life on Earth so they will turn the planet into their own exoplanet full of alien life! But Zorthenport, The Creator Of Chaos is the most evil of the evil! He kills people, He planning to destroy heroism and he trying to make humanity extinct! But good-o'l Barney Calhoun is trying to stop him from doing that! But Zorthenport is extremely stronger than him! Will he succeed or fail? My favorite villain that i created in my opinion would be Zorthenport, The Creator Of Chaos. And the most favorite villain would be Nekrozoth, The Creator Of Evil.

Also, I hated Character What, Pastamonsters, The Punkettes and the GoAnimate/Vyond Series because these four franchises are so bad and awful that i won't read any of the characters from those franchises again. The franchises that i like are Multiversal Legends, The Umbra Mythos, Invader Zakk: Crystal Of The Omniverse and my creative series, Scratch. My avatar may resemble like memes and stuff but i am a writer who writes about amazing, demonic and iconic villains in the Scratch series and other franchises of where they are or what i created.

My favorite villains

My favorite franchises

  • Multiversal Legends
  • Umbra Mythos
  • Invader Zakk: Crystal Of The Omniverse
  • Scratch

The worst franchises

  • Pastamonsters
  • Margra Batto And Kyra Verbeten (The Punkettes)
  • Character What
  • The GoAnimate/Vyond Series

The worst villains

  • Shadow Aaron
  • All the characters from The Punkettes
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