Hey everyone, I've come back one time only to clarify some things about my retirement from the wiki. There were obvious reasons why I left the wiki, we'll start with the obvious one-

  1. Oceanman- The biggest reason why I left was because of him, He would delete my writing that I worked my ass off on, like Peter Booth for instance without even a warning or trigger. It didn't matter whenever you were old or young, because one time, I apologized for leaving a stupid stub on one of my pages, and he didn't even respond nor listen to my words. And you wanna know why he did that? Because he thinks he's above everyone else and is a coward who hides behind his hypocrisy. As Brandon once said: "Good Job".
  2. Mental Issues- I've had this for years since I was in my teens, The Autism does not help either. I politely refuse to disclose when it started exactly, but I can tell you this, I've suffered A lot and fought A lot of problems in my lifespan. But I've overcome it every time.
  3. Veteran Issues- My time on this wiki was not that long in my opinion, but some people might've had even called me a "veteran" considering the comments I got on my goodbye blog. Ironically, I wasn't an admin, but then again, I didn't want to become an admin because of the stress it carried.
  4. Immature Users- The immaturity is quite unlike anything I've had ever seen. Remember Aaron.Doan? Yeah, I didn't really like him at all either, then you got the whiny bitches like Newguys. and I could go on and on.
  5.  When Nox Left-When Nox left as Admin, I didn't know why at first. But then I realized the same exact thing he realized, this wiki was going down the toilet, and he knew it. 

So, until then, take care.


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