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If you can't take over the world, you gotta commit omnicide!

Thanks for the whitelist, Bonus Person!

To celebrate it, I've decided to choose a candidate from a game I played on Roblox long ago. Funnily enough, the idea for his proposal came to mind on the Pure Evil Wiki when I was remembering a quote from a villain. I sometimes remembered a villain saying, "If you can't take over the world, you better destroy it!" and when I was looking at potential Roblox candidates, that's when I remembered that the quote came from him. So, without further ado, let's take a dive at Phantom Orb!

What's the Work?

The A Roblox Quest Trilogy is a series of 3D adventure platformers that are inspired from retro open world games. It consists of the games Quest to the Guest, Bloxxy Tooie, and Elements of Robloxia. The story is about a protagonist that stops the evil Phantom Orb's plans for world domination. Of course, Phantom Orb is more than a generic world dominating villain (Even if took one line to rack up his attempted kill count). The first two games have their prologues and epilogues take place in Radiogamer's youtube videos along with the third game's prologue but the final epilogue for the trilogy is in game.

Who is He and What Has He Done?

Phantom Orb first appeared when a Guest was being bullied by three unnamed people. He told the Guest, he would help him against the bullies, only to brainwash him into murdering them before using him for world domination. Although their deaths were sort of played for laughs (since the censored screen says "*Too cruel to see*"), this doesn't really detract from Phantom Orb as a villain and doesn't make him less of a threat than he is. After the protagonist figured out the Guest was brainwashed and Phantom Orb was the mastermind, he taunts them before fighting them. After his defeat, he tried to blow the two up in the arena only for them to barely make it out alive.

Phantom Orb returned as Grantilda as he was possessing a witch named Graciela. He would go on to create mayhem at Mayahem Temple before scattering the Jiggies around. Behind the scenes, Grantilda created a giant robot to help them take over the world. When the protagonist reached Cauldron's Keep, Grantilda is there to uhh... quiz them on a gameboard and act as a game show host? ok... After they made it past the gameboard, Grantilda battled them using their robot before being defeated. Phantom Orb stopped possessing Graciela and curses at the player before making his leave.

In Elements of Robloxia we now know why Phantom Orb chose those two for his plans. His reason was because they were actually the guardians of Companionship and Knowledge respectively. These two elements were part of the five Elements of Robloxia which kept the world in balance and order. It's also revealed that after he was done with them, he actually stole their elements and was planning on using them for his final shot at taking over the world. Fast forward, Phantom Orb broke into Roblox HQ and confronted Shedletsky who he thought had the element of Might. He obliterated Shedletsky and was implied (although it could be onscreen if my eyes aren't deceiving me that those are Shedletsky's body parts flying around) to have killed him in the process. After seeing Telamon with the element, he realized he made an error and decided to wait for his elemental protection to wear out before attacking him and taking it by force. he decided to head to the dark and light temple to gather more resources. Behind the scenes, he was also building the OmeDarkTron along with his shade army in order to fill the entire world with darkness in order for it to be his domain.

When the protagonist made it to the Dark Temple, Phantom Orb awaited him and taunted them yet again before sending out CamoRed to kill them. Later on, when he was at the Light Temple, he saw Grooxe wandering around "pretending to be a hero". That's when he decided to brainwash him to kill the protagonist who is their friend. That's also when he decided to reveal his plans to the protagonist before sending them to fight Dark Grooxe.

Sounds a bit standard so far, doesn't it? Don't worry, things will go from 40 to 100 right about... now:

The protagonist made it to the Roblox HQ and Phantom Orb is pissed. He told his minions to activate the OmeDarkTron despite it not being finished. After the protagonist destroyed it, Phantom Orb decided it's time for the world to be destroyed. He kidnapped Petunia and took her into his realm. Once the protagonist made it to him, he announced that because he couldn't take over the world, he should destroy it along with them. Through their battle, Phantom Orb managed to seriously injure the protagonist and almost killed them before a mysterious fairy sent them away. Once the protagonist woke up from their dream with the fairy, they wake up to the lifeless bodies of the four guardians they met throughout their journey as Phantom Orb absorbed their souls to become a large threatening form of himself. After the protagonist freed the souls, Phantom Orb taunts them telling them they won't stop him before Rupbert throwed Fred's hat as his face. After he crushed the hat, Fred threw himself at Phantom Orb in shock and trauma, lining him up in position for the five elements to obliterate him for good using a laser filled with light.

Heinous Standards

Although we don't really see much of Phantom Orb other than his role as a final boss, prologues, and a couple of other appearances in Elements of Robloxia, we can clearly have a good grasp of what kind of character Phantom Orb is. A hegemonic maniac turned omnicidal when things didn't go his way and just by one line, he crossed the line of standard villainy to an omnicidal manic. I think it's also safe to say he was serious about it too since he wasn't above brainwashing others to kill their friends and innocent people, murdering and throwing away people he brainwashed, and literally draining the souls from the guardians. Also he’s the only villain out of the few in the series to attempt omnicide.

Redeeming Qualities/Mitigating Factors

Moral Agency - Despite his appearance, there's nothing really showing he doesn't have moral agency as his origins are a complete enigma.

Care for others - Despite having an army of shades, there's nothing showing he cared about them. His orders to them were forceful in nature which may suggest he's just using them to further aid his goals.

Comedic Qualities - Phantom Orb has little to no comical moments. Despite the bullies' deaths having a funny censored screen, it still didn't detract from Phantom Orb's actions of actually killing them. As for his somewhat funny defeat, it's the situation itself along with Fred's shenanigans that's making it funny and doesn't make Phantom Orb as any less of a threat than he already was.


All in all, I think Phantom Orb qualifies due to planning on destroying the world out of spite when he's unable to take it over along with some other above average actions that corroborates his vicious nature.