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  • BrandonDarkOne47

    I've asked a friend if I could make this, and since he remakes his character I get to repropose him since i once requested him to make a reevaluation of my character Niklovich. So to make this fair I've making this in return. 

    Saevus Caedis real name Steven Canan, is a villain created by Your Not So Average Guy and is a sadistically psychotic serial killer turned terrorist. He is the YNSAG's Villainous Characters, being behind most of the events including murdering the daughter of Edward Martins and Adeptum's fall. What happens in the work was both directly and indirectly his fault.

    He was a violently aggressive kid at a young age who's father cared for him very deeply, and used to hurt animals behind his father's back whenever his father is no…

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  • BrandonDarkOne47

    I have nothing better to do other than to make this for my spare time. He was added onto the category once before so I guess I have an excuse to make this proposal. 

    Lord Dominus is one of Nekrozoth's minions and a recurring antagonist of Multiversal Legends. He is a ruthless general who once invaded New York and was a mortal who became a god after making a deal with Nekrozoth.

    When Lord Dominus makes his first appearance he used to be a serious threat and did do some evil stuff, but as the franchise progresses he became less serious and ended up as a laughing stock. Eventually he also became very incompetent probably due to his arrogance and ego, which is another trait that made him nothing more but a played for laughs dimwitted villain. Bas…

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  • BrandonDarkOne47

    Not sure about this character but gonna give him a shot at this. Here's is ML's epitome of human evil (or one of them at least)

    (Just gonna paste the info from his page)

    William Braxxon, formally known as Cain, and known as by his henchmen is one of the major antagonist in Multiversal Legends. He was a gardener who was also the biblical Cain from Christian Era. He killed his brother Abel out of pure jealousy and as a blood sacrifice to Nekrozoth. For that, the gods Cursed Cain to walk the Earth for eternity. 

    He took many aliases during the 10,000 years such as Adolf Hitler, Julius Caesar, and many awful people.

    Braxxon is also the leader of a ominous organization called the Black Pyramid Faction who worships evil inter-dimensional beings such…

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  • BrandonDarkOne47


    July 27, 2020 by BrandonDarkOne47

    So I was discussing something with a friend on discord. Ever since a certain user was kicked out of this wiki, other users were editing on the page and add some info of their own as if they are theirs. So Me and my pals were thinking on working on this type of project where people could make blogpost requesting to own a page and make it as your own. After you make the request, it would take the same 1-2-3 days like how you wait until a CM page to get approved. 

    If nobody else wants it then  you can claim ownership of it, but if someone else wants it then people vote for the one they prefer between the two of them (or more, depending on the situation). 

    'NOTE: These are only for pages that haven't been edited for years either due the author b…

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  • BrandonDarkOne47

    Well here is another proposal on another character, this being an alternate version of Zombros Engar, here is his Manga incarnation.

    Defeatubers Fall is a manga"What If?" series about what if Zombros Engar succeeds in his goal and actually killed Katrine when she was a baby and has successfully killed Sonicphantom47 and Deadskullable.

    In this series, Zombros Engar remains as the power-hungry and cruel dictator of Hell who successfully defeated all of his enemies and turned the World into a hellish state of war and terror. He is also the man antagonist of the manga series too.

    He committed every crime he did in canon, but he also succeeds in exterminating all of the Archangels and Katrine (and she was a baby when that happened... Zombros killed…

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