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  • BrandonDarkOne47

    Okay, this character needs to be removed as a Complete Monsters and here is the reasons why.

    The Hitlerchu Saga: Part Yellow is a epic Creepypasta franchise about Pokemon, but with NAZIS. The main character finds a game cartridge of Pokemon Yellow, which is actually possesed by the ghost of Adolf Hitler himself. 

    Adolf Hitler himself in the form of the titular Hitlerchu.3rdReich, is the main antagonists of Hitlerchu.3rdReich series. Hitler as a vengeful spirit possessed Pokemon Yellow cartridge and warped it with his demonic powers. Hitler became a demonic spirit when his scientists when they performed a satanic ritual after the end of World War II

    Have you read the article? It was obvious that it was made to be both shock value and a parody. …

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  • BrandonDarkOne47

    Here is another proposal on another villain from Multiversal Legends. But it is not a villain that I created This is a villain created by one of my friends, Adie98.

    Grand Malum Zoren'Zoth, known omniversally as Vekkisul the Deranged is one of the two overarching antagonists of the Multiversal Legends franchise (along with Xorin). Vekkisul was originally a near all-powerful, omnipresent Malum who has since became the center of the Zoren'zoth hive mind and, according to soe sources, the hivemind itself. His true main intentions are incomprehensible to both mortal and godly minds, but throughout the series hs apperant goals are to track down and kill the remaining Elder Malums and plunge the omniverse in everlasting hatred.

    He was the first Malum,…

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  • BrandonDarkOne47

    I was wondering if this villain might be a CM, so I decided to make this proposal to find out.

    Multiversal Champions is a sequel series to Champions of the Multiverse, which is the main storyline of the Multiversal Legends universe. Taking place a few years after the last series, Jack Spark now has a son and now is the new leader of the Champions. The heroes invistigate a series of murders run by a mad cultist named Mavros. But it turns out Mavros is working for another dark entity....

    Malsumis, who's real name is Miles Drekken, was an egotistical director of the Ascension Program hired by Nekrozoth himself as a means to make him into a god. He is Daevas's true archenemy and was the main antagonist of Multiversal Champions until Xorin returns …

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  • BrandonDarkOne47

    This is my first removal proposal on a villain of mine who was suppose to be a CM, but now I fail to see him that way.

    Umbra Mythos is a Spin-Off series of Multiversal Legends created by Armored Studios. It's about two wizards named Alan Merlin and Own Pendragon travelling across the time and space to prevent Malum from freeing the evil shadow god Tenebris and plunging the omniverse in darkness.

    Tenebris is the main antagonist of the series despite his few appearances, he orchestrated the events in the series and is trapped in his own realm known as the Umbra Universe. Malum Darkstein is his servant, or at least he was formally, and carry out his plans on destroying the multiverse to secure his own existence. After the events of series, he r…

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  • BrandonDarkOne47

    Back again with another proposal for another villain of mine, because I got nothing better to do. Here is one for Niklovich.

    Vampiric was originally a Netflex's Castlevania fanfic, but soon became its own thing. It's apart of the Multiversal Legends universe and is about Vlad Dracula himself, who is actually Leviathan, going on adventures across time and space. Basically he is the Doctor Who of ML, while the villain we are about to discuss is ML's homage to The Master.  

    Being Nyarlathotep himself, Niklovich is a Leviathan-Prime Omega hybrid who took the guise of a vampire whose crimes even disgusted the Vampires and Leviathans alike. Being a world ending horror of a villain, Niklovich lands on Earth under the name of Ha’Kesh and causes the exti…

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