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    Manah vs. Zalgo

    March 1, 2019 by HeresJosh

    Let's say that the Pastamonsters and Multiverse universe crossed over. Who would win in a fight: Aka Manah or Zalgo? And please, don't just write "Fuck the goat Zalgo is litty as fuck KYS". Actually explain who you think would win in a fight and why. Anyway, in case you didn't know, Aka Manah is an all-powerful goat demon with nigh-omnipotent powers while Zalgo's just an all-powerful demon with nigh-omnipotent powers. 

    This should be fun :) (I'm not a pedo. No really I'm not.)

    The rules of this fight are simple: the battle takes place in a clear, flat area with no obstacles of interactable objects or anyhting. A clear empty void, if you will. They can use whatever ability they want, but cannot finish each other off with simply one attack. Theā€¦

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