Let's say that the Pastamonsters and Multiverse universe crossed over. Who would win in a fight: Aka Manah or Zalgo? And please, don't just write "Fuck the goat Zalgo is litty as fuck KYS". Actually explain who you think would win in a fight and why. Anyway, in case you didn't know, Aka Manah is an all-powerful goat demon with nigh-omnipotent powers while Zalgo's just an all-powerful demon with nigh-omnipotent powers. 

This should be fun :) (I'm not a pedo. No really I'm not.)

The rules of this fight are simple: the battle takes place in a clear, flat area with no obstacles of interactable objects or anyhting. A clear empty void, if you will. They can use whatever ability they want, but cannot finish each other off with simply one attack. They cannot summon in other characters or monsters to fight for them, either. Aka Manah cannot achieve is final form during the battle, and Zalgo is unable to use any of the Multiversal Crystals (or shard, or whatever the hell those things are. I don't read the comic. All this info is coming from the page.)

Oh, and the Zalgo Aka Manah fought and killed is not the same Zalgo as the one in the Pastamonsters universe (just wanted to get that cleared up.)

This battle is bad, my grammar is worse, and just comment who you think would win.

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