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This is my CM proposal for the fanmade main antagonist of the Jurassic World trilogy. Behold, Professor Harry Houser from Jurassic World: Reunion.

He is a sociopathic monster who terrorizes dinosaurs even if they are babies and he would kill anyone who stands in his way. Therefore, he could be considered as one of the most ruthless and ultimately evil Jurassic Park villains.

What is the work?

This final fanfilm of the Jurassic World trilogy focuses on how Claire, Owen and Masie Lockwood have to save Blue and his lover / mate, Albina the female white raptor, from the dangerous industry of terror called Byosin. Byosin attempt to kidnap Albina and use it's DNA for activating a weapon against all of the dinosaurs which could even endanger humanity. The most prominent leader of Byosin Incorperated is Harry Houser.

Who is he?

Harry Houser is the chief lieutenant, dinosaur researcher and top scientist of the company of Byosin Inc., with the ambition of wiping out all of the dinosaurs which Byosin and InGen have created for any purpose. He only answers to Lewis Dodgson, and was shown to not even be loyal to his superior as he betrayed and killed Lewis during the film's final moments.

He is bent on killing many dinosaurs by using Albina's DNA for activating a monstrous machine called The Indorobot. However, he is careless of the human casualties it shall cause. Knowing that humanity is at risk from this machine as well, Houser doesn't give up on completing his work.

What has he done?

Houser was firstly seen ordering his guards to burn lots of dinosaurs alive, and he even gave the order to kill the babies. As soon as that scene was finished, he took Ian Malcolm to his facility and imprisoned him for a while. While he discussed issues with his secretary Dinah Lakes, it was revealed that he starved many of his workers as he told them to work with no food or water and only two hours of rest. Therefore, lots of them died in order to finish their task. Houser wasn't interested of them or their lives and he immediately called Lewis to see how he tests his weapon.

Harry Houser realizes that he needs to use Albina's DNA for activating the weapon. Ready to kill Owen and his allies, and also Blue, he drove a helicopter to the forests and he kidnapped Albina. Luckily, before he harmed her, Blue came to the rescue. After Albina and Blue have reunited and escaped, Houser killed Dodgson before attempting to kill the other protagonists on their way out of the facility. Luckily, he was defeated.

His Indorobot might have been designed to kill only dinosaurs, but when it became a risk to humans, Harry did not care about this either and he still continued personally working on his weapon and making sure that dinosaurs are eradicated.

Mitigating Factors

None at all. Houser might have intended to kill only dinosaurs, but he was still careless about human cassualties. Therefore, this monstrous scientist had no mercy or empathy at all towards any dinosaur, human or other race. He was ultimately trying to capture Albina and finish his hard work which could cause total genocide.

Heinous Standards

With no redeeming qualities or remorse being showed, this megalomaniac was truly the ultimate evil of the Jurassic World movies and was behind many dinosaur deaths, and also a certain quantity of human deaths. He enjoyed doing his work and was not loyal to anyone including his own superior Lewis Dodgson, the CEO of the company. He only used Dodgson for his own purposes, before killing him and becoming incharge of the operation. He is a sadist who would even go as far as remorselessly killing lots of dinosaur babies or releasing a monster which would consume both humans and dinosaurs.

Final verdict

Well this person is certainly a foremost enemy of the protagonists in the Jurassic World fanfilm, and he is by far the most evil.. but it's all up to you guys.