Itajira Itajira 18 July

Anyone remember?

if you played Rayman 2 then you know this character 

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Itajira Itajira 28 June


ok guys i need to tell you something.....i'm stepping down from Owner, i'm giving Ownership to BrandonDarkOne47, he has shown me that he is capable to handle this role, i move on now but i will still be active just not as owner anymore though i'm still owner of a few wikis but let's not talk about that. Brandon if you see this you will be the Owner of July 10th.... so be prepared also a word from someone

"we watch"

"we wait"

"we see"

"we know"

"beware master"

"his heads see all"

"his heads devour all"

"we are waiting for someone to find out our mystery" from yours truly the Keepers the Keepers are waiting for you, come to T̶̝̾h̸͉̅é̸̗ ̶̆͝Ṭ̵̛r̵̀̈́i̷̽̎a̶͘͝l̴͂͂s̸̈́͗ ̷̱͑ (coming soon), can you solve their mystery?, they are dying to see you, i will upd…

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