Hello, it is me MrMagistralMalik known for Malik.

There is a category that is vilifying an opposite side that has nothing to do with villains. This category is "Anti-Hero ". Anti-Heroes known as Antagonist Heroes are characters who are on the good side but don't have the kind motives like Pure Good Heroes. The problem with all of this is that we end up confusing heroes who aren't intended to be bad but are in the Grey Area or an Anti-Hero all the way here. The other way is like that as well. If the villains are on the Grey Area good, but if they are truthfully bad and have no redeeming qualities becoming a mensch to society, it really destroys the purpose of the site being meant for Villains. Again Protagonists (who are seen as heroic for their central focus) could count on villains if they have a bad side, Anti-Heroes could at times be villains if their villainous counterparts are revealed or shown at the same time with them being bad. Perfect examples of characters in the Grey Zone would be characters like Eric Cartman from Southpark, Peter Griffin from Family Guy, Black Hat from Villainous, Rigby from Regular Show, and so on. But Anti-Heroes who are part of the good side but are seen as jerks but are still in the honorable role of good cannot really qualify as actual villains or make it into the villainous side. Examples of this is Bloo from Fosters Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends - who is an Anti-Hero who is rouge and wrathful at times, Gumball - who is melodramatic and an overall insecure jerk who doesn't have the fullest intent of evil, and any other Grey Zone characters who was somehow portrayed with selfish greedy moments that aren't as bad as the actual more serious villains.

So, I give a vote decided whether or not the change for deletion should be made or not.

MalikMagistral (talk) 03:28, July 30, 2019 (UTC)

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