Mr.Jay 641 Mr.Jay 641 15 days ago

in: Blog posts List of duplicated and unneeded categories that need to have all pages removed from them.

Most of these categories are deleted but pages need to be removed from them. If anyone would like to help with this massive clean up they can. The writing that is in brackets are reasons why these categories must be terminated and gone.

  • Major Antagonists‏‎ (Category:Big Bads)
  • Secondary Antagonists‏‎ (Doubt this is needed due to having Category:Big Bads, I think they would fall under that category.)

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Mr.Jay 641 Mr.Jay 641 28 days ago

Community Page Absence

This page use to exist but it gone and was wondering if it could be recreated. Special:Community and ← I think this is the link that help to recreate it.

Also found this link MediaWiki:Community-to-do-list

If any admin wants to create it but needs help here is the link

I want it back.

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