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Viggo is the leader of the Servants of Chaos and a villain of Multiversal Legends, only appearing as the secondary antagonist of Chaos Gate.

He is an immortal and enigmatic cultist who worship the lord of chaos Nozmodamus who promised him to be immortal and destroy humanity for it's corrupt and unjust way. So he made a deal with the chaos lord and became immortal and to destroy humanity.

Chaos Gate

At the beginning of the series he was communicating with Nozmodamus. He was told that the first key for the Chaos Gate is founded at a small town of New Acre where one of the main protagonist named Matt Greyson is at. He and his fellow cultist went to the town with an small army of monsters but was defeated by the GateKeepers. As a punishment for failing Nozmodamus turned him into a lizard like monster.

Later in the series, He finally gained all the keys and open Chaos Gate releasing Nozmodamus from his imprisonment. Matt defeated Nozmodamus and reopen the Chaos gate which sucked him and Nozmodamus in and sent back to the Chaos realm. It is unknown what happen to him afterwords but it is most likely that he is being punished for his failure.


He is a maniacal leader of the servants of chaos who seek to bring the end of humanity. He is misanthropic, chaotic, short tempered, psychotic, and truly insane individual. He is known for his massive ego and narcissism as well as his cruelty and destructive sadism which led to his fellow members to hate him. It is unknown why he hates humanity so much due to his narcissistic personality it's possible is that they haven't loved him enough.


He is a reptilian dressed in a blue or purple cloak. His skin is green while having sharp claws and yellow eyes.


  • Viggo is one of the only cultists to mutate into a monster along with Baron Navirous.
  • He is one of the few lizard type characters along with Xuriah D'arcmast'r.
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