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Normally a heroic character. This version of Izuku Midoriya is one where he turns to the dark side after both overbearing bullying and discrimination from his peers, as well as being rejected by All Might. In a way similar to Tomura Shigaraki, Izuku is found by the League of Villains and ends up joining their cause.

Villain Deku has many different variations, but the most common usually range between a tragic villain who still retains some of his kind and redeemable qualities. To a psychotic outcast who has completely forsaken the desire of becoming a hero after being turned down by his idol.

Despite not being canon to the original series, Villain Deku has become highly popular amongst the My Hero fanbase, with many speculating Deku's backstory and his potential as a villain if he never received One For All. He integrates within the League of Villains and begins to fight against the crippling injustice that he received just for being born Quirkless.


Izuku's backstory usually depends on version. However the most common follows the start to the original story, with Izuku being born Quirkless and being bullied and discriminated because of it. Katsuki Bakugou also contributes to this with his bullying, as well as nicknaming him Deku. This leads on until Deku meets All Might like he did originally. However, instead of the Symbol of Peace seeing Deku's potential and raising him to be his successor. All Might instead rejects Deku's plight, saying that he just cannot be a hero, either out of cruel pragmatism or concern for the boy's safety. Either way, this completely destroys Deku's self-confidence and causes him to descend into villainy.

Powers & Abilities

Depends on each variations of Villain Deku. But almost all of them maintains Izuku's intelligence, and the ability to appear as his friendly self, mostly when 'infiltrating' UA High.

Villain Deku's powers depends on each AU, with the following AUs being the most popular.

  • Qurikless Villain Deku: Izuku dosen't get any quirk, and uses his intelligence instead to obtain information from other heroes. He also can be proficient in martial arts, and/or carrying a support weapon.
  • Quiriked Villain Deku: Izuku is awarded a quirk or even more, usually by All For One. Each quirk depends on each AU, mostly to carry out the story.
  • OFA Villain Deku: Izuku gets One For All from All Might, with the outcomes depending on each story.
  • AFO Villain Deku: Possening All For One's quirk, Izuku can siphon quirks from heroes, just like All For One himself, with the possibilities of using the quirk being endless.


  • Villain Deku is shown to be a dark parallel of Izuku Midoriya. Villain Deku was actually based on Izuku's backstory and what happened to him but occurred differently. While Izuku finally got the One for All quirk from All Might and was accepted into U.A.. Villain Deku was rejected by All Might and was accepted into the League of Villains. If Izuku wasn't accepted by All Might as his successor, he could have turned out like Villain Deku.
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