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To vote for the Complete Monster Proposals of the day, see:

  1. Phantom Orb from A Roblox Quest. - Ends May 27

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  1. None at the moment.

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  1. None at the moment.


Villains Fanon Wiki

You must follow all of these rules below.

General Rules

  1. As of the FANDOM Guidelines. You have to be 13 Years of age or older to register a Wikia Account, If you are Under the Limit, You can view the Wikia as a guest.


  1. Respect the wiki staff. If a content moderator or administrator deleted your article, it was for a reason. Do not speak disrespectfully to them, if you want the article back, discuss about it with the admin that deleted it. If you disrespect him, the penalty is three months.
  2. Harassing other users is NOT acceptable. Remember, Nobody likes a bully.
  3. We have no tolerance for trolls, whether it be for humor or for harassment. please be aware that this is not a chan site.
  4. If you see a Troll or A Vandal, report them to a Administrator and leave them alone. Do not engage in any Flame War, you'll be only fueling the desire to cause problems.
  5. We also have no tolerance for vandals, any form of vandalism results in being warned.
  6. Sockpuppeting is forbidden.
    1. If you don't know what that means, sockpuppeting is the act of creating alternate accounts with the intention of deceiving others. For example, after being blocked, a user creates an alternate account. They evade their ban and fabricate a new identity. That is sockpuppeting, and thus a breach of this rule.
  7. Do not request personal information and do not give out the personal information of someone else against their will. This is considered doxxing.
  8. No Cyberbullying, even if it's outside of FANDOM.
  9. If there is something that you want completed especially on pages and other things that you can do, you must do it yourself and don't beg others to it for you.
  10. The same rules applies to the Villains Fanon Wiki Discord server, if you so happened to been blocked from that server you will be blocked from here as well.
  11. Don't bother trying to delete a message you receive from an admin, unless it's a warning or otherwise. Doing shows you refuse to listen to the rules and will lead to a block.
  12. No antagonist fussing. Antagonist fussing often causes edit war. Refusing to follow this rule will occur in a block.
  13. When an admin gives a warning, listen to it and NEVER delete the warning message. Doing so will either lead to a block or another warning.
  14. We also had the Strike Rule:
    1. Strike 1: 2 week ban
    2. Strike 2: 1 month ban
    3. Strike 3: Permanent ban


  1. Do not provide links to pornographic sites (rule 34 counts, just so you know) and do not upload pictures that are overly offensive.
  2. Do not copy, paste and use information written by other users from other sources without permission because doing so is plagiarism.
  3. Ever since this announcement, articles about evil Objects, locations, Villain Songs and other things that would fit better on the Evil Fanon Stuff Wiki are now allowed on this wiki, since they're still related to villains.
  4. There shouldn't be Blank pages, One Line Articles nor Stub Articles on this wiki, however article stubs are a bit more tolerable but still prohibited. If article stubs aren't expanded by one week, they are likely to be deleted. If a blank page or one-line article gets created, it will be deleted right away by a mod or admin who sees it as the rule about one-line articles has changed. so don't make Blank pages, One Line Articles nor Article stubs. In order for a page to not be a one line article, they need at least 6 sentences. However seven, eight or nine sentences would be a stub. Also, never create one-line articles on purpose. However One-Line Blog posts and sandboxes can stay but again normal one-line articles and blank articles will be gone.
  5. Never add any categories that are completely unnecessary like duplicate categories or categories that don't make sense or have no meaning. Continue to add them will result to a warning, ignore these warnings result in a block.
  6. Do not insert real life people here, like real life dictators or people you don't like (Donald Trump for example) unless they are a (fan)fictionalize version of them. Also never add a character that appears in an already canon projects. This is a fanon wiki, meaning we only allow fanfics only.
  7. We have limits on what kind of fanfics we write here, we won't allow fetish works allowed here, nor do we allow controversial pages such as pages based on real life people who are still alive (only exceptions are parodies and self-inserts). We also referred not to make extremely graphic pages that focuses heavily on gore and sex (AKA Porn fics), they will be deleted automatically and will lead to a block. Basically in short, don't make pages that violates the FANDOM Terms of Use.
  8. Don't edit articles that have an original tag without the author's permission unless you're an administrator or content moderator.
    1. In additional, we do restrict on how graphic a villain should be. If said villain is a extremely evil one from a mature then there shouldn't be written in very descriptive and gruesome detail to show how evil they are. Particularly we do not go in very detailed description on what a pedophile or a rapist does to their victims. We do not tolerate those kinds of work. This applies to OCs, if the whole purpose is to make them as edgy as possible and dark then please make sure not to go too detailed on their graphic crimes. Subgjects such as rape, pedophilia, etc are serious sensitive topics FANDOM would take lightly and won't tolerate them, and might end up shutting down the wiki.
    2. We also do not allow porn fics, shock porn, torture porn that goes in graphic detail. Etc. Which is why fanfics from the infamous writer, XanderMartins98, are forbidden and shall not, at all cost, be made on this wiki ever.
  9. To make a gallery, there must be over 20 images/videos and to make a synopsis, there must be over 15,000 bytes on a page.
  10. There should be at least 10 or more categories on a page when it's made. There shouldn't be a page with no categories, it makes finding the page easier. If there's not a single category on a page then the page would get deleted and the user would get a warning.
  11. In making a Complete Monster proposal or removal, you must not plagiarize other pages for your proposal, however self plagiarism if it's an OC of yours then it's exceptional.
  12. A CM proposal or removel must not be too short, it has to be at least detailed and effort put into it.
  13. If a proposal reach five or more votes then it can be automatically approved or rejected. However if say there's a tie then the proposal would have to be delayed.
  14. When a work (or a new season/chapter of it) is released, please wait two weeks after the release to make a proposal on the villain you think is/isn't a Complete Monster, for the sake of not spoiling it for others. If the work is not published but it still has pages on this wiki (e.g. Hazbin Hotel: Journey to the Light), they can be a exception to this rule.

Rules on Discord

  1. You need to have a FANDOM Wiki account to be on the server
  2. No Cyber-Bullying in the server.
  3. You aren't allowed to spam.
  4. Don't disrespect the moderators.
  5. You aren't allowed to write in here, unless you are a moderator.
  6. Respect other people's opinions.
  7. If a moderator is abusing their power, report it to the moderators
  8. You are allowed to call someone out/roast a person if they are being a dick, or a bully.
  9. Don't invite people unless given permission.
  10. No NSFW or ERP allowed in the server.
  11. Don't be racist, sexist, and/or homophobic.
  12. Don't make the fan base or the server cringey or else you will be banned for a day.
  13. Don't act like a Karen on the server.
  14. You must be 13 or older to be on the server.
  15. Breaking the rules will give you a warning, but if you continue to keep break them, there will be major consequences.
  16. No accusing other people unless they actually did something wrong.
  17. No political talk or preaching of religions.
  18. Respect the opinions of others, even if you don't agree with.
  19. Never ban evade by making an alternate account/Sockpuppet.
  20. Don't write on the admin meeting channel.
  21. Never ask another user about their personal info OR reveal their personal info about themselves to others. Doing so will lead to a block.
  22. If there's a conversation already going on, then don't say anything that has no relevance to the conversation. If you want to talk about something else then chat in #chat-2
  23. Do not ghost ping randomly (pinging someone then deleting the ping message just to troll someone), that will lead to a warning. If it continues then you will get banned.
  24. Complete Monster Proposals and Removal can be held on #CM Proposal and can get approved/rejected there.


  1. Do not create absurd/irrelevant sub-categories.
  2. Do not spam categories on the wrong pages. When you add a category add a convincing and logical argument than just mindlessly and pointlessly adding random categories on pages where they don't belong.
  3. Do not use deleted categories (Internet villains and Fanfiction villains for example as they are pointless due to the fact that every villain here came from the internet and are fanfics). Nor add duplicate categories on the pages (like Evil Ruler, due to the fact that we already have tyrants for that).
  4. Never recreate deleted categories. When a category gets deleted and unused at the same time their are always reasons by admins. If you disagree with the termination, you can messages one of the admins or mods and explain why you don't agree with the deletion.
  5. Only Admins and maybe content mods can create categories that aren't based on a franchise. However regular users are allowed to create franchise categories and their own user category about the characters of their own.
  6. Do not add the Complete Monster, Near Pure Evils and Magnificent Baddies categories to pages without doing a proposal, as those categories are too complex to be added without a proper discussion.

Villain-specific rules

  1. No Heroes unless they were villains that had redeemed themselves but still have villainous traits that could be easily spotted.
  2. As this is a villains FANON wiki, only OCs and fanfiction villains are allowed here, villains from official media (such as Star Wars) are not allowed as they are not considered fanon, but villains from fanfiction based on official media are still allowed here.

New Comment Rules

  1. No harassment or bullying, or making fun of disorders.
  2. Reasons for deleted comments are: bullying and harassing users, drastic and offensive content, pornography, doxxing, the comment being nonsensical and irrelevant or containing politically motivated propaganda.
  3. Swearing in the comment section, however is allowed as long as it's not used to offend other users.
  4. In order to vote on CM proposals, users need to have 300 edits.

Administrator Rules

  1. Only Protect pages for good reasons, see for more
  2. Do not abuse your power, if this happens then you have to be demoted
  3. Don't be inactive, if you stay inactive for 2 weeks then you will be demoted
  4. Do not copy anything from other wikis, if you go to far this might be considered plagiarizing and will have to be demoted.
  5. always listen to the owner, what ever they say it's final
  6. Never unfairly delete a page because you don't like it, and/or because it sucks. It's unfair for the author and is abuse of power. Doing so leads to demotion, we don't delete pages because we like or not, that's not how we do our jobs.