After Warlord escaped the Reality Prison, the Reality Warriors hunted him down with help from other villains from the Reality Prison. The team members were Wardrone, Cyborg Wardrone, Ultimate Warrior, Evil Wardrone, Reptoraptor, Unicron, Lord Steinbeck, and Supreme Hunter. After a short battle, Warlord managed to convince Evil Wardrone, Supreme Hunter, Unicron, Reptoraptor, and Lord Steinbeck to join him. They retreated to The Core of all Realities where their main base would be. Warlord made those members leaders but he would still be their Emperor. Warlord declared himself Emperor of all Realities. Warlord had also recruited former Illuminati members from the original Illuminati. Warlord began to expand his empire.


Warlord began to expand his empire to other universes. Many members bagan to be recruited. Warlord used some old warships that he had to start taking over. After he had more universes conquered, new warships were built. A massive triangle shaped warship was built as Warlord's personal warship. It was named Unbroken and it had a death laser. At some point, the Illuminati snuck into Wardrone's universe and recruited Admiral Z. They also recruited the remaining Reptoid forces and took their warships. Reptoraptor's warship Invincible II and Admiral Z's warship, Vengeance were equipped with reality jumpers(also known as multiverse jumpers. It allowed a warship to not only travel between dimensions in a multiverse but also travel to a completely different multiverse) and the rest of the Reptoid warships were given dimension jumpers. At some point, Warlord created the rank of Grand General. At some point, Warlord's warship got damaged in a battle and had to be repaired. By taking over various universes, Warlord created the second War of Realities.

Fighting the Reality Warriors

After a Reptoid warship was in Dimension Zero of Multiverse Zero, Wardrone brought together the Reality Warriors (at this point it was only made up of some of Wardrone's alternate versions) to come up with a plan to stop Warlord. They discovered that the Reality Prison was actually a warship called Harbinger. Warlord sent out a strike team lead by Evil Wardrone to make sure the Reality Warriors never got the warship working. The strike team was defeated and Evil Wardrone got his left hand cut off in a fight but he had killed Sensei Wardrone. The Reality Warriors later got the warship working and began taking out Illuminati bases. Eventually, they attacked The Core. The Illuminati won and locked the Reality Warriors in prison. Repairs on Unbroken were finished and Warlord and all the leading members went on it to invade Dimension Zero of Multiverse Zero. The Reality Warriors managed to escape prison and get inside Warlord's warship. They managed to keep the warship away from Earth by using the portal maker on it to send it to a far away galaxy. Ultimate Warrior detonated charges he had placed in the engine room and the explosion also took out the reality jumper. That created a black hole. The Illuminati leaders retreated. Warlord was sucked up by the black hole. Supreme Hunter created a truce with the Reality Warriors.

Continued conquering

Since Supreme Hunter was now leader and made a truce, he ordered for the invasions of other universes. More members were recruited. Despite the truce, Lord Steinbeck attacked Ultimate Warrior and Sheogorath. He was later punished for the attack.

Warlord's return

Through unknown means, Warlord escaped the black hole and returned to The Core. He took back leadership. Once he learned of the truce, he began plotting to break it. At some point, a major threat rose in another universe. Warlord sent all three of the grand generals to eliminate it. Reptoraptor and Admiral Z were stationed in Dimension Zero of Multiverse Zero to command some Reptoid agents so they could infiltrate Earth. Later, Warlord managed to trick Dragon Warrior into breaking the truce. Warlord later found Illuminati Supreme's sword.

Warlord's defeat

With the truce broken, The Reality Warriors tried to attack The Core but retreated to gather more members. During this time, they recruited Demon, Sheogorath, and Symbiote Warrior. Supreme Hunter even operated an attack on Ultimate Warrior and Sheogorath's universe but it failed. The Reality Warriors returned to the Core. They destroyed Warlord's screen room and this caused Warlord to activate his new warship, Unbroken(even bigger version). All the Illuminati leaders went to their warships to join Warlord for an invasion in Dimension Zero of Multiverse Zero. The Illuminati invasion fleet joined up with the Reptoid fleet and they went to Earth. The Reality Warriors tried to stop Warlord but were later captured. Timeline Master arrived and freed them and then he left. Warlord ordered for his warship's death laser to be fired at Earth. Wardrone managed to kill Warlord with Illuminati Supreme's sword and the death laser was stopped. The Illuminati fleet returned to The Core. A power struggle emerged.

The Grand Generals return

The grand generals returned to The Core. Grand general Jered claimed leadership of the Illuminati. He later organized attacks on the Reality Warriors. Evil Wardrone recruited Demon into the Illuminati. Supreme Hunter and Grand General Steve attacked the universe of Ultimate Warrior and Sheogorath. Supreme Hunter failed. He killed Grand General Steve and promoted General Tony to the rank of grand general. Jered personally fought Wardrone but retreated. Jered maintained power but Supreme Hunter was also his equal.

The Empire of Eternal Darkness

When The Empire of Eternal Darkness attacked The Core, the Illuminati put up a fight. Only the soldiers, commanders, and generals fought at first. The Illuminati orbital defense fleet attempted to shoot down Marlus's warship. However, they were unable to do so. It was also revealed that Unicron joined Marlus. The ground forces didn't have much luck either because Marlus's forces had better weapons. The leaders were in a bunker and tried to contact the Reality Warriors for help. The call was rejected. The leaders later joined the fight. Grand General Jered later attacked Lord Marlus. Marlus defeated Jered. The Reality Warriors later arrived because someone sent a second message. With help from the Reality Warriors, the Illuminati was able to drive back The Empire of Eternal Darkness. After Supreme Hunter wounded Marlus, Marlus and all his forces retreated. Supreme Hunter allowed the Reality Warriors to leave.

The Alignment

When The Alignment approached, Jered summoned all of The Warlord Cult members. Jered later went to his office in Illuminati city. He was confronted by Lord Steinbeck. Steinbeck accused Jered of being a cultist. After a short battle, Jered tricked Steinbeck into getting electrocuted. Jered left Steinbeck for dead and went to the worship temple. When the Reality Warriors arrived to prevent Jered from doing any resurrection rituals, All the Illuminati forces in the Core went to meet up with Supreme Hunter outside of Harbinger II. Wardrone and his team told the illuminati why they were there. The leading members didn't like Jered. However, Jered arrived. He declared those who wouldn't join him as traitors. Supreme Hunter then declared Jered a traitor and those who followed him as traitors. The Illuminati army was split between its two leaders. The other Illuminati leaders joined Supreme Hunter. Jered retreated to his base while the soldiers who were loyal to him fought the Reality Warriors and Supreme Hunter's forces. After Sheogorath knocked out the forces loyal to Jered, Supreme Hunter and his forces went to the volcano base to exterminate the Warlord Cult. However, all the cult members had already been killed by Wardrone and Ultimate Warrior. Supreme Hunter then lead his forces to Evil Wardrone's building but arrived after Jered had been killed by Evil Wardrone. The members who had sided with Jered went back to serving Supreme Hunter.

Later, a party was held at the center of Illuminati City. Supreme Hunter declared that the Illuminati and Reality Warriors would join forces. He also declared that the Illuminati would become a force of good and would help the omniverse. When Grand General Dracula protested against the new way of leading, Lord Steinbeck disintegrated Dracula. Steinbeck had survived being electrocuted earlier and supported Supreme Hunter's decision. Reptoraptor was ordered to remove his forces from Dimension Zero of Multiverse Zero. Despite Supreme Hunter's official decision, many Illuminati members disliked the new way of running the Illuminati empire.


When Reptoraptor and the Reptoids continued a plan that involved Dimension Zero of Multiverse Zero, Demon and Evil Wardrone went to stop them. Supreme Hunter later got involved. All the Reptoids were supposedly removed from that dimension. Reptoraptor was arrested. He later revealed there was a contingency should that plan fail. He hinted that Supreme Hunter was aware of it and following his part (Supreme Hunter also hadn't made the Illuminati a force of good yet and was still supporting secret invasions and projects).


It was later revealed that there was a remaining Reptoraptor clone in Dimension Zero of Multiverse Zero. While Ultimate Warrior and Demogoblin went to kill the clone, Grand Admiral looked through all the records created to find evidence that Supreme Hunter was truly evil. Grand Admiral succeeded and in a court case, exposed all of Supreme Hunter's true intentions. Despite the evidence, Supreme Hunter was able to get away with it because of his high authority. Evil Wardrone and Demon went to another universe to live together.

Sins of the Past

Supreme Hunter had Reptoraptor freed from prison. Supreme Hunter then sent Reptoraptor and Steinbeck on missions. Reptoraptor and Grand Admiral Z were sent to kill Wardrone. Steinbeck, Grand General Dracula, and Grand General Tony were sent to kill the members of Team C.R.A.Z.Y.. Lord Reptoraptor was killed by Wardrone. Grand General Tony was killed by Ultimate Warrior. Lord Steinbeck got killed by Sheogorath. Supreme Hunter was informed of the deaths and failures by Z and Dracula.

Time of Reckoning Prelude

With the loss of all the Lords in the Illuminati, Supreme Hunter went into depression. During this time, Evil Wardrone declared he quit the Illuminati. This didn't help Supreme Hunter's depression. Supreme Hunter stayed on his warship while depressed for over 10 years. During this time, the leading members of the Illuminati tried claiming leadership. Many generals lead their own branches. Assassination attempts on other generals by generals became common. Even though Grand General Dracula and Grand Admiral Z were the highest ranking members, they were unable to control all the generals from running things their own way. After Supreme Hunter got out of depression, he quickly reclaimed leadership. Supreme Hunter then continued with conquering the omniverse. Supreme Hunter would later declare himself Emperor of the Omniverse. Supreme Hunter became a ruthless leader.

Time of Reckoning

When Warlord returned to The Core, he reclaimed leadership. Warlord then merged The Collective Powers with the Illuminati. All the members were given leadership of the Illuminati. After that point, the Illuminati became more known as The New Order. Warlord continued the conquest of the Omniverse. This eventually brought them into conflict with the Reality Warriors. The Reality Warriors eventually gained a large army and launched a full scale attack on The Core. However, The New Order greatly outnumbered the Reality Warriors.



Warlord was a member of the original Illuminati. Warlord would eventually start his own Illuminati. Warlord wanted to conquer the Omniverse.

Supreme Hunter

Supreme Hunter was one of the original members of Warlord's Illuminati. He was Warlord's second in command. However, he took leadership when Warlord died.


Unicron was one of the original members. He held the title of lord but he would later defect from the Illuminati and join The Empire of Eternal Darkness.


Steinbeck was one of the original members of Warlord's Illuminati. Steinbeck held the title of lord.


Reptoraptor was one of the original members of Warlord's Illuminati. He held the title of lord. After joining, he recruited the rest of the Reptoids from the former Reptoid Empire into the Illuminati.

Evil Wardrone

Evil Wardrone was one of the original members of Warlord's Illuminati. He held the title of lord. Evil Wardrone would remain a faithful member until he fell in love with Demon. Evil Wardrone would later defect from the Illuminati so he could live with Demon.


This version of Snoke is a Sith Lord that was recruited into Warlord's Illuminati. Snoke would later gain the title of lord.


Taluk was a general in the Illuminati. He was an expert tactician, strategist, and deductive/ abductive reasoning. He was also a charismatic leader. Taluk would eventually declare himself a Grand General. He would eventually get the rank of lord.

Grand Admiral Z

Z was recruited into Warlord's Illuminati by Reptoraptor. Z held the rank of Grand Admiral

Grand General Jered

Jered was recruited into Warlord's Illuminati by Warlord himself. Jered held the title of Grand General and believed he was better than the other members of the Illuminati.

Grand General Dracula

Dracula held the title of Grand General. He is one of the toughest members in the Illuminati that had no powers.

Grand General Steve

Steve held the title of Grand General. He was the least influential Grand General.

Grand General Tony

Tony betrayed Team C.R.A.Z.Y. before becoming a general in the Illuminati. Tony was eventually promoted to grand general by Supreme Hunter.


Red was a Praetorian guard. he would later defect from the Illuminati and join the Reality Warriors.


This version of the carnage symbiote is extremely violent. He is an agent of the Illuminati that takes no prisoners.

Darth Vader (Illuminati)

This version of Darth Vader joined the Illuminati. He was an agent but would later defect.

Krampus (Illuminati)

Krampus was an Illuminati agent tasked with kidnapping children to be brainwashed for the Illuminati army.


Demon was part of the Reality Warriors. She was later forced to join the Illuminati by Evil Wardrone. She would later fall in love with Evil Wardrone. They would both eventually defect from the Illuminati.


Mothman was an Illuminati agent who was primarily tasked with scouting out universes to conquer. Despite his main task being to scout, Mothman would also cause chaos.



Emperor is the highest rank in the Illuminati. The Emperor controls the entire Illuminati.


Lords are the next highest rank. They help The Illuminati Emperor run the Illuminati.

Grand General

Grand Generals are the highest rank in the Illuminati Army. They are usually placed in charge of ground assaults. Grand Generals only answer to The Illuminati Emperor and Illuminati Lords. There are only a max of three Grand Generals at a time.

Grand Admiral

Grand Admirals are the highest rank in the Illuminati Navy. They are usually placed in charge of space/air battles. Grand Admirals only answer to The Illuminati Emperor and Illuminati Lords.


Generals are the second highest rank in the Illuminati Army. They are usually placed in charge of ground assaults. All generals wear robes(same color as Illuminati Supreme's but a different design) to hide their identity.


Admirals are the second highest rank in the Illuminati Navy. They are usually placed in charge of space/air battles. All admirals wear green robes to hide their identity.


Commanders are placed in charge of a platoon of troopers. They lead their platoons but get their orders from a high ranking member.


An agent is some one who works by themselves for the Illuminati. They have the same authority as a general or admiral.


Troopers are the lowest rank in the Illuminati Army/Navy. They are trained to follow orders and put the New Order before themselves. They will die for the Illuminati cause.


Henchmen are the lowest rank in the entire Illuminati. They answer to any rank. They usually stand around and do nothing. They are official members but most have no combat training. They will still die for the Illuminati cause. The rank of henchman is applied to any member who holds no rank.


Illuminati Army

The Illuminati army is commanded by grand generals and generals. The army fights in ground battles.

Illuminati Navy

The Illuminati Navy is commanded by grand admirals and admirals. The navy fights in space/air battles.

The Warlord Cult

The Warlord cult was lead by Jered. The cult was formed after Warlord's death. All the members worshipped Warlord. The cult would eventually become eliminated after every member was killed.

Various groups lead by high ranking members

During Supreme Hunter's depression, most of the high ranking members ran the Illuminati how they wanted.

Foundation/ goals

Warlord created his new Illuminati with the goal of taking over the omniverse. Even though he had declared himself the Emperor of all Realities, he still wanted to spread the Illuminati influence throughout more universes. Any worlds that opposed the Illuminati regime were destroyed. When Warlord realized that he was destined to die, he became obsessed with destroying everything. Warlord was determined to destroy Dimension Zero of Multiverse Zero because without it, everything would cease to exist. The Illuminati was dedicated to ruling the omniverse.

After Supreme Hunter officially gained control after the death of Grand General Jered, Supreme Hunter made the Illuminati a force of good. The new goal was to help the Omniverse and eliminate major threats. However, this was later revealed to be a false front. Supreme Hunter was still running with the goal of conquering the Omniverse.


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