Werner Von Kranz is a SS officer that appeared in Legends of Captain America. He is a minor antagonist.


Interrupted Meeting

Werner Von Kranz was in a meeting with Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Zemo. Kranz criticized Zemo for Hydra's lack of success. The meeting was interrupted by Siegfried. Siegfried alerted everyone that Captain America was heading to Berlin. Kranz watched Siegfried get kicked out of the room.

Assisting Red Skull

Kranz was with Hitler, Zemo, and Wrawn as they were going to join in the parade. They bumped into Red Skull. After Hitler got angry at Red Skull for failing to get the artifact, Kranz stayed behind with Red Skull. Kranz handed Red Skull a map to the tesseract. Upon being asked why he didn't get it himself, Kranz replied by saying that his SS duties kept him busy.


  • Like many of his fellow officers, Kranz views Siegfried as a paranoid idiot


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