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"May the best one play the right cards..." -Wicked in the April Fool's Special Ballistic

Wicked is a fanmade boss character in Just Shapes and Beats. He was created by animator KofiKrumble and is a re-occuring character on the Youtube channel.


Wicked resembles a circle with four bars resembling a cheeky grin. His body is made of a singular trapezium with a cross in the center, which is likely a bow tie. He has no limbs and has two circle for hands as well as two semi circles for feet. He is always seen with his top hat

In the VIP level he retains this look, however his feet are now boots and he appears to be slightly taller.

In Ballistic he is blue instead of pink, having a proper bow tie and a jacket.

In his concept art he had more teeth and a witch hat instead.


Wicked makes his debut in Kofi's fanmade 'What if Wicked was a Boss Level?' animation. Wicked starts of as a circle in the middle of the screen with his hat rotating around him. His smile then appears on the circle and his full body appears during the build up. After the beat drop, he attacks the player with tons of magic tricks, often involving flying cards, projectiles spewed from top hats and laser beams. Before the fight ends a blue triangle falls on his head, turning him blue and causing him to collapse, with only his purified hat remaining.

In the Wicked VIP level, his hat is seen again, but then four large pink cards appear and turn it back to pink. Wicked crawls out of the hat in his new appearance and throughout the song attacks the player with a variety of new attacks. These included exploding dice, switching cups, flying on a magic wand like a hoverboard, turning his magic wand into a gun, turning said magic wand into a hammer and additional laser beams. However, as he throws his hammer into the air, it comes back down blue, crushing him and turning him blue once again.

In Ballistic, he is seen once again, this time he is blue and not aggressive to the player. Here, he engages in dialogue with Whitty, often making cheeky comments causing Whitty to become more angry. When the song ends, a long pink arrow is destroyed by Wicked's blue hat, which may mean Wicked has defeated Whitty.

In Creatures Ov Deception, Wicked makes a brief cameo at the end of the level where the boss of the level turns into a card and Wicked picks them up. This means that the boss seen in Creatures Ov Deception is Wicked's joker card.


Although Wicked only has dialogue in Ballistic, he consistently appears as a polite yet sarcastic trickster. He often makes little gestures to the player during his boss battles, such as waving to the player at certain points. He addresses even his opponents as 'my friend' or 'comrade' and seems to enjoy fighting. However, it is shown he can break character, such as when faced by a threat from Whitty, he immediately replied with another threat.



  • Wicked is the only one of KofiKrumble's bosses to appear in more than one level.
  • It is unknown how Wicked is still alive in Ballistic despite not being pink. It is possible Wicked gave up trying to kill the player and became an ally.
  • Wicked is so far the most popular fan-made boss in Just Shapes and Beats, spawning numerous fan arts and fan animations.
  • The tank Wicked uses in the VIP level is a reference to another fanmade boss, Commando Steve.
  • The way Wicked uses a hammer in the VIP level is a reference to the hammer item in Super Smash Bros.
  • Wicked has been confirmed by KofiKrumble to be bisexual and dating Try This (another one of Kofi's JSAB fan-made bosses)
  • Wicked is one of the only two of Kofi's fan-bosses to be themed around cards, the other is the Jester in Creatures Ov Deception who uses card suits such as spades and clovers to attack.
    • Additionally, it is revealed that the Jester is infact Wicked's joker card in the new revamped boss battle.