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What’s the matter, Foxy? I thought you wanted an audience!
~ William Afton's most famous quote.
I went up there about four times. Picked the worst kids of the bunch, took them back, and I gave it to them. I couldn't do much, of course, they'd start squealing. So I made it quick enough to be efficient, but long enough to make it last... It was hell for them, but it was heaven for me. And... Then I leave. Without the slightest bit of guilt! So, there you go.
~ William Afton talking about the murders.
I bet they're wondering why they're not up in heaven right now, and they got me so, why aren't they dancing up there with all the angels? we're not going anywhere, because He doesn't care. God doesn't care about "justice", or what's "right" or "wrong"... God, just likes to watch interesting things happen, I would know... I would know... I hope he's treating you better than me, Joseph...
~ William showing his beliefs in his third tape.

William Afton is the main antagonist of the FNaF VHS series by Squimpus McGrimpus, serving as the overarching antagonist of both Season 1 and the non-canon .mp4 videos, and the main antagonist of Season 2. He is the father of Michael and Joseph Afton.

He is implied to be an animatronic technician before Joseph's death in The Incident of '83, after which he periodically revisited Freddy Fazbear's Pizza and murdered a total of five children in the Missing Children Incident, which took place from 1984 to 1985.

Following his death from being mutilated by the Spring Bonnie springlock suit, being revived, and being moved to Fazbear's Fright, he would become even more vengeful and crazy, seeking revenge on Michael for not saving him upon taking the night shift at Freddy's in 1993.

He was voiced by Nolan David, AKA theniftytable.


William Afton was man who had two children - Michael, born in 1969, and Joseph, in 1974. He loved Joseph, but always hated and neglected Michael, viewing him as a failure, which ultimately made Michael torment Joseph. He is implied to be an employee at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.

In 1983, his youngest son, Joseph, would have his birthday party at Fredbear's Family Diner. His older brother, Michael, who still hated Joseph, played a prank on him by picking him up and shoving him in the mouth of the Fredbear animatronic. However, the animatronic malfunctions and bites down on Joseph's skull, killing him and making his head lose parts, much to Michael's horror. While Fredbear's Family Diner would later shut down, Joseph's ghost would later go on to possess Fredbear and become Golden Freddy.

Following the closure of Fredbear's Family Diner, all information about the incident, now (most likely) dubbed The Bite of '83, and the now-abandoned animatronics would be covered up. Later, Fazbear Entertainment would be created, and the diner would reopened and rebranded as Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, introducing four new animatronics: Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie the Bunny, Chica the Chicken, and Foxy the Pirate. The new pizzeria would prove to be popular with children, even spawning a TV show produced by Wondermation Studios.

Mournful of Joseph, William grew to despise Michael even more, wanting to kill him. However, the problem was that he knew he would get caught because of it. Therefore, he managed to find another way to vent his vengeful anger: he would dress up as Spring Bonnie, go to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, lure some troublemaking children similar to Michael into the backrooms, and sadistically murder them, before hiding their corpses in the animatronics. He did this with five children: Lucas and Angie Collins, Nicole Morales, Benjamin Nelson, and Charlie Emily. Everyone except Charlie died in 1985, with Charlie being killed in 1984.

After the murders, Fazbear Entertainment would increase security at their pizzeria, introducing the Toy animatronics, which would identify criminals through their facial recognition features, as an effort to prevent the murders from happening again. Meanwhile, the ghosts of the children would go on to possess all four animatronics, with Lucas possessing Bonnie and his sister possessing Chica, while Charlie would possess the newly-introduced Puppet animatronic. Nicole would possess Freddy, while Benjamin would possess Foxy. Afton would also make a recording about why (and how) he committed the murders, before warning Michael at the end, telling him to simply run.

A few more years later, the pizzeria would shut down due to the animatronics starting to smell bad and secrete blood because of them. Not long afterwards, Afton would return to the pizzeria and destroy the four animatronics. However, this would release the ghosts, who would proceed to terrorize him. William dons the Spring Bonnie suit in an attempt to hide from the ghosts. However, a springlock malfunction occurs, causing William to be mutilated by the animatronic parts, killing him. The bathroom where William died would later be walled up.

However, William would be somehow revived, and once in a while made a tape. The first one was on March 24, 1993. William talks about how he's trapped and possessed the suit. Five days later, on March 29, he notices that the animatronics have been put back together, as they are walking. He notes that the animatronics probably still think he's dead, or they just hate him that much. William swears yet again that they deserved it.

Four months later, in July 20, 1993, William bets that the animatronics are wondering why are they still trapped. William explains that God doesn't care about right and wrong, and that He just wants to see interesting things happen. William hopes that God is treating Joseph better than him.

Four months later, on November 12th, 1993, William goes insane and screams at Michael to let him out. A day later, he hypocritically asks Michael how could he do that to his own father. William swears he's gonna get out and find and kill Michael.

Nine years later, on June 5th, 2002, William laments that he was left rotting in one room for a long time. He realises he lost track of time, wondering if it was a month or a year. After saying he's alone, he curses out everyone.

In 2008, 15 years after the closure of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza and 6 years after Afton's last tape, Fazbear's Fright, a horror attraction based on the murders at the pizzeria, would be built. On October 6th, Afton would be moved there, activating and lurking its hallways, wanting revenge on Michael. He makes a tape in which he screams that he got out, and reveals that he knows the Puppet will make Michael come here. A few days later, on October 14th, he makes one last tape in which he simply says "I see you", while the face of the destroyed suit, now Springtrap (although it was never called that in the episodes), appears.

The same year, under the Puppet's order's, Michael entered Fazbear's Fright and set it on fire, burning William to death as he screamed in agony. Michael also died in the blaze himself, freeing all the trapped spirits, sending William to Hell, and making Joseph forgive Michael.


William is abusive, psychopathic, egotistical, sadistic, and utterly ruthless. He outright states that he has no remorse for his victims, pointing out that he made their deaths "quick enough to be efficient, but long enough to make it last." He is also extremely petty, only killing the children so as to relieve his enmity towards Michael. He genuinely believes he has done no wrong, and that the children he killed deserved to die.

Despite hating Michael, he loved Joseph dearly. His accidental death at the hands of Michael drove him into grief, and would be the very cause of his infamous bloodlust. Even when being trapped in a room inside Spring Bonnie for at least four months, William hopes God is treating Joseph better than himself, showing he's still human. However, even before the death of Joseph, William thought of Michael as someone not worth his time due to being a troublesome kid, viewing him as a failure. After Joseph's death, William began to emotionally abuse Michael, constantly screaming and shouting at him.

After his "death" in Spring Bonnie, he is shown to be more savage and wrathful, almost animalistic. His violence is far less hidden, and he now wants to flat-out kill Michael. Despite this, he knows Charlie's plan and that she'll make Michael come to Fazbear's Fright.


The hidden room in the bathroom hallway. The boards. Break them. I'm in there. I'm in there. Michael. Your father. I'm your father. I want to talk to you. I only want to see my boy.
~ William Afton, trying to manipulate Michael into letting him out of the safe room.
~ Afton screaming in Night Security Training Video.
Hello, whoever you are. You just found a cassette tape hidden in my bedroom. Isn't that strange? A man like William Afton, someone so simple and plain, hiding a cassette tape. Why would he be hiding anything? I’m sure that, if you’re from around here, you’ve heard of the somewhat recent happenings with Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. Three cases of one, one case of two. All of that adding up to the "five missing children of Freddy's." That was me. I'll elaborate on that later. And, y'know, I wouldn't call myself plain, either. I mean, people may think I’m plain when they first meet me. Just a father taking care of himself and his kids, who tragically lost his youngest in '83, and supposedly just got over it, right? Wrong. I'll never get over it... and... the fact that he died isn't the only reason. You see, Michael did it. Not a surprise, most people know that, but it wasn't an accident. He keeps saying it was but he's a liar. He hates me. And he hated Joseph. You see, Michael wasn't settled with being a failure, and how I loved Joseph just so much more. So he tormented him. Eventually, killing him. And y'know, that's why I didn't love him in the first place, he was always a terrible kid, not worth my time. But now I hate him more than I ever have. He's done so much to hurt my soul in one day alone. My God, Joseph... Ever since he killed him, I’ve wanted to put my hands around his neck and just squeeze the life out of his lungs, but of course, if I ever did that, I'd get caught. I couldn't work because I was thinking too much about Mike. I couldn't concentrate on anything. The papers started piling up, and it kept fogging up my mind, and I needed a release. Then I had an idea. Hey... Maybe it doesn't necessarily have to be Michael. It could be any other brat as long as they're like him. Now. Where do all of those children go? Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. And hey, if they're like Michael, they deserve it. I went up there about four times. Picked the worst kids of the bunch, took them back, and I gave it to them. I couldn't do much, of course, they'd start squealing. So I made it quick enough to be efficient, but long enough to make it last... It was hell for them, but it was heaven for me. And... Then I leave. Without the slightest bit of guilt! So, there you go. And, now that you've heard this, you should know... That I check this spot every day, to see if this tape has moved. I've seen it so many times, I'll be able to notice even the slightest difference. I will know. So you'd better put it back, Michael. As neatly as you can. And start running.
~ William Afton's monologue in Memories.
I'm trapped... The locks went off, while I was wearing it... Somehow, I thought that thing would protect me... After all, I'm not good with thinking on my feet... Now I'm awake... My heart stopped beating, and they put the boards back up, so there goes my only way out... Either way, it hurts too much for me to get up... I guess it works the same for me as it did for them... I died, and end up as one of these... I just wish I knew about that part earlier... I don't know how long I'm gonna be in here...
~ Afton's first tape in Finale, on March 24, 1993.
They're still alive... I can hear them moving around outside, someone must have put them back together... I always thought this place was closed down, it looked dirty enough... and they probably think I'm still dead... Or they just hate me that much... They really are just like him... They deserved it... It shows...
~ Afton's second tape on March 29, 1993.
I bet they're wondering why they're not up in Heaven right now... They got me, so... why aren't they dancing up there with all the Angels? We're not going anywhere, because He doesn't care. God doesn't care about "justice", or what's "right" or "wrong"... God, just likes to watch interesting things happen, I would know... I would know... I hope He's treating you better than me, Joseph...
~ Afton's third tape in July 20, 1993, showing his beliefs and love for Joseph.
MICHAEL!!! DON'T LEAVE ME HERE!!! (cough) MI- (cough) -CHAEL!!! MICHAEL!!!!! (bangs on door) HELP ME-
~ Afton's fourth tape on November 12, 1993.
How could you do that, to your own father?! I hate you. I've ALWAYS hated you. I'm going to kill you, and I'm going to make it HURT. Oh, how I miss the way you used to cry when I screamed at you. It's going to get SO MUCH worse. I'm going to get out and I'm going to find you, and I'll give you a REAL reason to cry...
~ Afton's fifth tape on November 13, 1993.
How could you just go without me and leave me rotting in a room for God knows how long? It could be a month, or a year, I don't know, I've lost track of time, I can't... I don't know... I'm alone... Damn you, GOD DAMN ALL OF YOU L-
~ Afton's sixth tape on June 5, 2002.
(breath) I GOT OUT-I GOT OUT, I GOT OUT! I don't know where they took me but somewhere new... so much more room to breathe... There's so many things in here. I remember every single one of them... They have your mask, Michael, the fox... hehehehe-I HATE looking at it, it makes me feel so alive... Come on, Michael, come visit me... I know you'll do it, she'll make you do it... I'll give you the warmest welcome you can imagine...
~ Afton's seventh tape on October 6, 2008.
I see you.
~ Afton's eight tape on October 14, 2008. Note that his grey face as Springtrap suddenly appears.
~ William Afton's last words besides screaming, and the last words in the series as a whole.


List Of Appearence

Season 1

  • Pirate Cove Pre-Show (debut/cameo)
  • Nonexistent Video

Season 2

  • Night Security Training Video
  • Facial Recognition Testing
  • Security Footage (mentioned)
  • Memories
  • Finale (death)

.mp4's (NON-CANON)

  • sadgirl.mp4 (mentioned)
  • father.mp4



  • Due to the non-canonical nature of the .mp4 videos, and not being mentioned in Memories, it is unknown if William's only daughter Elizabeth exists in the series. She most likely doesn't.
  • When he murdered his victims, William killed three children at first, before later killing two more. It's likely that the two later victims were Lucas and his sister.
  • As revealed in Facial Recognition Testing, if Afton is sighted by the Toy Animatronics, instead of making a beep, they will outright attack him.
  • Afton has an American accent, as revealed in Pirate Cove Pre-Show, as opposed to his British accent in the main series.
  • Afton's portrait is a highly edited version of Former U.S. Representative Tom DeLay's mugshot.


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