"Kill the demon!" - His villainous quote and song.

William Boone, formerly Colonel Boone, is the main antagonist of The Jungle Book 2. He is a handsome soldier and hunter. He is played by Aaron Eckhart (in his second villainous role) who also played Willard Stiles from the Rat King's Tales and Mark Hoffman in the Saw Reboot Series. He is the colonel of the British Red Coats.

Early Life

Him and a girl named Shanti were once engaged to be married but he had an affair behind her back. When she found out, she called off the wedding and dumped him.

The Jungle Book 2

He fist appears with his sidekick Buldeo returning from a hunting trip. When they see Shanti, Boone claims she is the best because she's the most beautiful rich girl in the village. He ignores Buldeo warning and comes into town singing about her. He also announces his plan to woo and marry her but actually wants to be rich like her family. When he sees three girls crushing on him, he rejects them by having his horse kick mud at them. During the song, he gets flowers and ends up singing along. When the song ends, he approaches Shanti and tries woo her but she rejects him because she still dislikes him for cheating on her. Buldeo appears and asks Boone if he should move on but Boone refuses to and claims she's interesting for being so feisty. When Shanti's laundry is being dumped by arrogant villagers, he is seen talking to his reflection until Buldeo warns him about the situation. When he claims he's not done with his reflection yet before he leaves, Buldeo does the same. Boone tries to comfort Shanti but she rejects him again and still refuses to marry him. Boone gets the hint and leaves.

At his tavern, Boone is saddened from being rejected but Buldeo and the others cheer him up by singing a song about him, which makes him sing along. When Geoffrey enters claiming Shanti has been captured by talking animals, Boone and Buldeo are the only ones not laughing. However, Boone actually pretends to help Geoffrey but first demands an arrangement to marry Shanti in return. Geoffrey agrees but Boone secretly bribes Tabaqui to accuse Geoffrey of being crazy and have him locked up in a mental asylum if this plan starts to fail, Tabaqui evily agrees to this.

In the jungle, Boone grows tired of Geoffrey and reveals his trick but this causes Geoffrey to angrily forbid Boone from ever marrying Shanti. However, a furious Boone knocks him out and leaves him to die, despite Buldeo's protest.

In town, Buldeo starts feeling guilty but Boone tries convincing to forget about it. When they enter the tavern, they are shocked to find Geoffrey alive and accusing Boone of attempted murder. However, Boone convinces the others that Geoffrey is crazy and has Tabaqui order John Wilkins and Sergeant Harley to lock Geoffrey in the asylum carriage.

Outside the tavern, Boone claims he will let Geoffrey go if he allows a wedding but Geoffrey still refuses to allow it, causing Boone to let them take Geoffrey away. However, Shanti arrives and proves her father's sanity by showing a talking horse, causing everyone to realize that Geoffrey was telling the truth. However, Boone thinks that Shanti has feelings for Mowgli, who he calls a demon and monster but Shanti claims that Mowgli is not a monster nor a demon and says Boone is the one who is a monster. Angered by the rejection, realizing that Shanti has feelings for Mowgli, and afraid that his crime will be exposed, Boone snaps by accusing Mowgli of being a demon and having Shanti locked up too so she warn Mowgli. Buldeo tries to stop this but Boone threatens lock him up if he tries to intervene. Then Boone suggests that they kill Mowgli, much to Shanti, Geoffrey, Buldeo, and the talking horse's horror. Him and them also start making a song about it.

In the jungle, a fight between the animals and the soldiers starts. During the fight, Boone uses Buldeo as a human shield and gets him crushed by a elephant. Buldeo begs for help but Boone betrays him by leaving him behind. However, this later convinces Buldeo to switch sides and help fight the angry mob.

On a mountain, Boone encounters Mowgli and claiming that Shanti sent him, using this lie to make Mowgli lose courage to fight. Boone even mocks Mowgli's love for Shanti before attacking him. However, Shanti arrives and tries to stop Boone, even breaking his bow and arrow in the process. Boone angrily claims that Mowgli's head will be mounted on their wall but Shanti refuses to let that happen. Mowgli, who realizes Shanti did care for him and what Boone said was a lie, fights back against his arch-rival and threatens to throw him into a river below. Boone pretends to beg for mercy which Mowgli buys it and just angrily tells him to get out. When Mowgli shares a happy reunion with Shanti, Boone scares them by shooting a tree. Before they can escape, Boone manages to shoot and injure Mowgli. However before Boone can deliver the final shot, the bridge he is standing on collapses and he falls to his death screaming. Despite shooting Mowgli, Boone's death is later in vain when Shanti's love for Mowgli convinces the Enchantress (a character from the beginning) to revive Mowgli and turn the animals into humans. This also saves the jungle and causes Boone's plan to have failed.


In his civilian appearance, he wears a suit with a red jacket


At first, William starts off as a random selfish, abusive, sexist, two-timing, and greedy jerk who even abuses his sidekick Buldeo. Later as the movie progresses, William becomes an evil, deranged, sadistic, murderous, manipulative, jealous, cold-blooded, and sociopathic monster who even goes as far as to kill both people and animals who stand in his way. He also threatens to lock Buldeo up if he doesn't help. He even becomes cruel when he betrays Buldeo and the soldiers by leaving them to die and not being sad by their deaths. He also has became a con artist when he pretends to beg for mercy but still tries to kill Mowgli.


  • This is Eckhart's second portrayal as a villain. In this fanon timeline, The Dark Knight movie doesn't exist so Eckhart never plays Two-Face. Instead in Tim Burton's Batman, the role was given to Thomas Haden Church while Eckhart's counterpart Nicolas D'Agosto plays a younger Harvey Dent. However unlike Two-Face, William Boone is a Complete Monster.
  • He is based on Gaston from Beauty and the Beast but much more horrible than him.