While Willy Wonka, the owner of the Chocolate Factory from Roald Dahl's classic novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, is already a slightly disturbing character, many fan theories have only managed to increase his already creepy factor. Be warned, if you don't want your opinion of the book and the films to be changed, please turn away now.

Willy Wonka the Child Murderer

The first theory states the possibility of Wonka being a prolific child murderer. It talks about how Wonka immediately fired many of his employees because he was afraid that they were spies who tried to discover his secret recipe for his various candies. You may ask yourself why the secret recipe was so crucial that it was worth firing all his employees for. This theory believes that Wonka lures children to his factory, and then sets up traps in which they would be killed. He would then take the corpses of the slain children, and he would then mix them with his candy. He would then sell the candy to unsuspecting customers, and the cycle of murders would begin anew.

Willy Wonka is also believed to be a master strategist who would exploit peoples' weaknesses. For example, the overweight child, Augustus Gloop, couldn't control his gluttony. He then proceeds to the Chocolate Room, and he falls into the Chocolate River, and is taken away through a pipe. It is assumed that it led to an incinerator, and that the poor boy burned to death. The theory also noted about how eerily wide the pipes were in the factory, almost as if Wonka anticipated that a child would so happen to end up being sucked into a pipe. It's also believed that Wonka intentionally fed children gum which had side effects that involved turning children into fruits. He would then send those children to the Juice Room to be juiced. The theory also states that during the boat scene, the boat had two vacant seats, which is of course peculiar, almost as if Willy had the knowledge that some of his visitors would vanish from the boat.

What makes this theory even more disturbing is the fact that when Wonka was asking for his visitors to sign some waivers in case of accidents, he only asks the children to sign the waivers, almost as if he was specifically targeting them in his attempt at making them into candy.

Another creepy factor to this theory is that, if it is indeed true, then that means that the Oompa Loompas are fully aware of what their boss is doing to the children, and they take great delight in it. This is shown whenever they broke out in song, and the theory also noted that cannibalism in African countries wasn't too uncommon, which may or may not further support this theory.