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I'm gonna smash that pussy tonight!!
~ Yang to Blake in Get Blake!

Yang Xiao Long is one of the main protagonists from the web adult-series RU🅱️Y, which is part of the TheGamerLover's Mematic Universe connection.


Yang is described as a cheerful, energetic and bright young lady. She, like her canon counterpart, is arguably the most flippant, carefree and adventurous member of her team, frequently making sarcastic comments and jokes even in the heat of battle and often taking combat and hostile situations lightly. Yang is very sociable and extroverted, even in unfamiliar situations. Blake considers Yang the personification of the word "strength".

Sometimes, Yang can be some kind of jerk due to her stupidity, provoking her opponents intentionally to get a "great fight", she can also do something stupid due to the fact she acts before think on the situation like killing someone with no further analysis like when she apparentely killed Gal Incognito thinking that it was Raven Branwen.

Yang has an appetite that ressembles the ones from the Shonen protagonists like Goku, Luffy or Naruto.

Despite those things, Yang has some of maturity within her, mostly shown when she wants to protect her sister and friends when they're in great danger.

Videos Where she Appears as a Villain

  • RU🅱️Y Episode 4 - Yang Xiao Long
  • RU🅱️Y Episode 5 - Get Blake!


Following the "Adult Swim Syndrome" applied in the parodies, Yang died more than twice through the videos but keeps returning like nothing happened; these are the videos on where Yang gets from just "simply killed" to "brutally killed".

  • Then Who Was Grimm?: Killed by Adam after he cuts her arm 3 times, revived at the end of the video.
  • YTP - War of the Slim Henchmens (RWBY Chibi X SMG4 Parody): Brutally killed by a Beowolf thanks to Mercury and Emerald's prank.


Iiiiiiii'm about to whip somebody's aaaassss...
~ Yang preparing herself to kill Raven in Yang Xiao Long.
Donkey Kong is Gay!
~ Yang calling Tifa a big lesbian monkey.
Surprise motherfucker!
~ Yang about to break Tifa's neck.
Blake! Kitty-kitty! I have a present for ya!
~ Yang carrying an axe while looking for Blake to kill her.
Heeere's Johnny! D'oh!
~ Yang parodying The Shining while believing to have found Blake.
Daaaaaavid Letterman! (Port: Hi David, i'm grandpa!) D'oh!
~ Yang having the same result with the 2nd door she destroyed.
Eveybody was Kung Fu Fighting! (A younger Akihiko plays the flute) Those cats were fast as lightning!
~ Yang bullying Jaune while singing Kung Fu Fighting during a flashback sequence of her days on Signal Academy in Get Blake!.
Weiss! What the fuck!?
~ Yang everytime Weiss does something that provokes her anger.
Lemme put this in terms you can understand, Missy! People who lives for body-shaming and/or worries about their own shape and loves to follow those diet announcements from the TV and media in general are complete cowards who don't like themselves; unlike the people like me who don't care about the shape of its body!
~ Yang exposing her point of view of being fat to Weiss in The Day TheGamerLover Becomed a Fat Fetish Channel.





  • It seems Yang care less about the people in danger as she only thinks on the other things around like seen in the film The Legend of Ruby Rose when she said You get away from the vault of money, the ATM, the credit cards and the hostages! In THAT order!; although the movie is not canon for both RU🅱️Y and TheGamerLover's Mematic Universe.

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