Yanko Shikara Swords

Yanko Shikara also known as Yanko the Collector is a Villain in Margra Batto And Kyra Verbeten, And Miracle Loving Fortune. She is a villainous, supernatural demon. Thus, She can steal powers from enemies she encounter. 


Mei somehow described her as "a big bitch and has always want to become better than others...", proving that she is a narcissistic demon who is willing to appeal to her own ego by any means necessary.

After her previous defeat, Yanko became obsessed with the desire to prove her enemies wrong about being weak. She wants nothing more than to be the strongest until she is never defeated again. She is also extremely overconfident, megalomaniacal and arrogant. The powers that she steals from others make her confident in herself, stating herself to be the most powerful demon on earth. She also harasses weaker, less powerful people like Margra and Megumi.

Kisekae Code






  • Spyro Doomfire (formerly)
  • Pepper Satanica
  • Dark Kendra Moonie


  • Margra Batto
  • Kyra Verbeten
  • Spyro Doomfire
  • Megumi Fukushira



  • After her defeat as an A.I., A.I. Yanko fades away and vanishes, against her own will. It is unknown whether Pepper forcefully teleported her away or if her power theft source deemed her unworthy and possibly erased her from existence.


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