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Nothing matters. Nothing you do matters. Nothing you say matters. Nothing matters. Life shouldn't matter if you are going to die. Why care about your family if you know they are all going to die? Why have children if you know that one day, the world will end? Why be good or bad if you know that no matter what, you will always have the same fate. Do you see it? Everything... is meaningless...
~ Zalgo's nihilistic ideology.
He comes...
~ The message of Zalgo's presence.
Zalgo is something beyond understanding. He isn't a demon, nor a devil. He is something far, far worse. Billions may have suffered his wrath, so it is best to stay away from him if you can. There is almost no hope in stopping him.
~ An entry in a journal about Zalgo.

Z͠a̛'l͘ga̶t҉ot̡h, better known as Z̤͂â̢ḷ͊g̹̓ȯ̘ is the overall main antagonist of The Creepypastaverse. He is a mysterious yet nihilistic entity who seeks to end all life on Earth by slowly making it suffer until it is nothing but an apocalyptic wasteland, then consume it in darkness. He cares for no one, believing that nothing truly does matter to him and that everything really does deserve to die.

He is responsible for many of the horrible things that happened within the series, due to his evil presence affecting almost everyone. While not much is truly known about him, it is heavily implied that he is the god of darkness and destruction.


Zalgo wants all things to die. He doesn't want anything to remain alive once he consumes the Earth in darkness. He generally believes that destroying everything in existence is the right thing to do, but here's the thing; Zalgo enjoys getting attention. In fact, he loves being worshipped. If he destroyed everything, what would happen to his followers? Does that make him a hypocrite?
~ Another entry in a journal about Zalgo.

Zalgo is described as a nihilistic entity. He sees no point in existence, so he is completely willing to destroy it, but he wants to destroy it slowly. He wants everyone to suffer first, wanting everyone to feel true pain and death. He is willing to let anyone die in some of the most brutal ways possible, and he wants to watch the entire world become nothing but an apocalyptic wasteland. Once that happens, Zalgo will devour the entire world in darkness, killing everyone and everything, leaving nothing left. Zalgo generally believes that this is the right thing since he sees no point in existence.

However, despite that, he could arguably be a hypocrite. Despite caring for no one, he does love being worshiped. He doesn't realize that if he does destroy the world, he would have no followers, and no one would really be worshiping him. This would most likely make Zalgo furious.

Zalgo is usually very calm and at first, can seem polite. However, in reality, he is cruel and heartless, as he kills many people without a single bit of remorse. Zalgo doesn't even see the point in remorse, as he believes that there is no need to feel bad about something you have already down since you cannot reverse it, even though Zalgo himself can do nearly anything with his strong powers. He usually only acts polite to manipulate people for his evil schemes and he generally enjoys betraying them.

He also loves getting attention. Zalgo will do anything to make people aware of his existence, even if he means through murder, possession, telepathy, or some other ways. Usually, he will make his presence known by saying "He Comes". He loves getting attention and he will do anything to get it, but he doesn't consider the fact that if he destroys Earth, he won't be getting as much attention.

While he knows how they both work, Zalgo doesn't care about right and wrong, not seeing the point to either of them, believing it to be a made up concept. He doesn't care if he kills billions of people, neither does he care if it is wrong. Zalgo, for whatever reason, believes this is right. He also doesn't care if he does the right thing. Zalgo genuinely doesn't believe any kind of rules apply to him.


True Form

Zalgo's true form is described as something not even a god can understand as it is filled with immense power and black & red light. It is described as something horrifying, something that can even drive the sanest person mad, and something even beyond insanity. Looking at it is described as just pure torture, and possibly something worse than that.

Normal Form

In his normal form, Zalgo appears to be some kind of dark form. He has several arms and mouths on his body, including a giant eye on his chest that can see immense power. The eye on Zalgo's forehead can see almost anything; the future, the past, the present, almost anything. However, he doesn't use either eye that much. He also seemingly has red eyes that glow. Dark mist seems to come off his body and it is said to smell like death, and it can kill, or at least damage anyone he breathes it in.


Early Life

Very little is known about Zalgo's past. It is unknown where he came from or what he is. However, despite this, he resides in supposedly the Nightmare Realm, a realm similar to ours but everything has been destroyed and polluted and only the undead and demons reside. Zalgo lived in a palace underneath the ground made from darkness and crystals, a place he usually sits on his throne and eats or tortures the souls of the damned. He usually views life from a dark orb somewhere deep within the castle. Usually from there, he will twist it or corrupt it.

Ancient Times

The first known sighting of Zalgo may have been during the time of ancient Egypt, as there are supposed illustrations of a dark cloud encouraging horrific things to happen in one of the many pyramids. In one illustration, a dark cloud is seen surrounding a pharaoh and his eyes are seen glowing red. It is highly likely that Zalgo may have possessed him at some point and tyrannically ruled for a bit.

The last possible known image of Zalgo during this time period was in a illustration of some Satanic figure seeming committing genocide to the people, killing thousands. This shows that even back then, Zalgo seemed to enjoy killing people.

Mid Nineteenth Century

While not very many known sightings of Zalgo were known for thousands of years, Zalgo began appearing again sometime in the nineteenth century. According to some soldiers in the Civil War, there was a man who went insane one day after seeing something they couldn't describe. They kept on claiming that "He Comes!" or that Zalgo was about to kill them all. The man would later kill themself, while the soldiers who said this would soon disappear right after.

In some photos taken during the Civil War, a demonic figure may be seen lurking around in the background, usually this is only if the photo shows tragedy or death, or even something worse. Around this time, Zalgo's presence began to become known. While most people didn't think he really existed, some people began questioning if he was a devil or a god. Cults began worshiping Zalgo as if he was some kind of god and tried summoning him many times. A few times, Zalgo would actually appear. Usually, they would ask Zalgo for power, wealth, or destruction. Zalgo would give them this, but only to usually back stab them, as he would usually take away the power and wealth he had given others and replace it with the exact opposite. This would also usually cost the person their lives, but sometimes, Zalgo would give them a fate worse than death.

Around this time too, Zalgo would impregnate several people in his cults, having children he would use to kill others for him. Throughout the years, Zalgo's children would do many horrible things for him, even killing children just to please him.

Early 1900s

In the early 1900s, Zalgo seemed to have been some kind of influence during the first World War. During that war, he corrupted Germany into doing many horrible things, killing millions. When Germany began to lose the war, Zalgo made sure he kept one soldier alive since he saw potential for him. He would later offer that same soldier power, and he got exactly that, and years later, he would become Germany's leader and kill millions and begin the second World War.

Not too long after the war, Zalgo would create a deadly virus that killed even more people. At least 500 million people had it, and at least fifty million people died from it. The pandemic would last for about two years. Zalgo also helped Russia become the Soviet Union in the the 1920s, helping them form a strong military and strong leaders who would end up killing millions. He corrupted them into doing these things and later ended up helping them with one horrific experiment they did.

The Experiment

After World War II, Zalgo influenced the idea of a experiment to happen in Russia. The idea was to experiment on prisoners from World War II to see if they could keep them awake for at least an entire month via gas that the Russians had, and that maybe they could use this in the military. However, the experiment went horrible wrong. The experiment made the prisoners go insane, tearing themselves apart and eating themselves, and they even killed a few of the Russian scientists.

Toward the end, Zalgo possessed one of the prisoners who had a near skeletal appearance and told them exactly what he really is; the madness that lurks in everyone, what lurks and watches people, something horrific. While the body Zalgo possessed was shot and killed, he later decided to burn down the lab. This was Zalgo's last known action in Russia.

Bringing Fourth Chaos

As Zalgo continued to do many other horrible things throughout the years, including multiple mass murders and several accounts of terrorism, Zalgo's presence awakened other beings to come out and do many horrible things. Zalgo had some of them serve as his pawns, but there were still others who did not do the same. There were some that even wanted to kill Zalgo just for his powers.

Even if they were not serving Zalgo, Zalgo is still responsible for many monsters doing many horrible things, being responsible for dozens of murders and atrocities.


Zalgo's presence slowly began to become known again in the early 2000s. Early in December of 2002, a train crashed. When the wreckage was found, everything was covered in what seemed to be a dark substance, and in the front of the train, "HE COMES" was written on the window. Passengers who survived the crash claim to have seen a dark form right before the train crash.

Zalgo's presence began to affect other things too, such as comics. Some people believed that Zalgo really was just Satan himself, but this was not the case. Some people began to become trapped in the Nightmare Realm if Zalgo found them. What Zalgo did to them could only be described as torture.

Powers & Abilities

Zalgo is described as a powerful and dangerous being who is nearly omnipotent. He seemingly has control over both fire and darkness, using them to kill people whenever he feels like it or necessary. Just looking into the eye on his forehead is already damaging to the human eye, as it is filled with immense power that can drive anyone to edge of insanity. Zalgo can travel to other realities and other periods in time, usually only using the ability to go to another realities to return to his home one, the Nightmare Realm. He also has immense power over dark magic and knows a many dark spells. It is also said that his candle, which may be a source to his life, contains many, many souls and dark energy.

Zalgo also can twist reality in anyway imaginable, being able to corrupt anyone or anything, even books. There have been reports that when he is near, comics and books will change to something twisted, usually it will have something related to Zalgo written or have the message "He Comes". The images will also become more twisted. Zalgo's weaknesses aren't truly known, but it is said that if his candle which he keeps in his palace was ever destroyed, he would simply fade from existence. However, whoever kills him would then gain Zalgo's abilities and lose almost any form of sanity.


  • This version of Zalgo isn't a demon, but something far far worse.
  • It is highly likely that the Nightmare Realm once used to be another dimension filled with life similar to Earth. If this is the case, this most likely means that Zalgo has actually committed omnicide before.
  • Almost all of the main villains in the Creepypastaverse represent something; for Zalgo, he represents evil and darkness itself.
  • Unlike the original version of Zalgo, Za'lgatoth isn't even his real name. Whether or not his real name will be confirmed eventually is unknown.
  • It is heavily implied that Zalgo is a god of some sort, mainly evil and destruction.
  • Zalgo supposedly kills his children whenever he feels that he no longer needs them. He has supposedly killed hundreds of them.
  • Zalgo's origins will be expanded upon later in the series.


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