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The story of the evil Lord of the Pit Zalgo from the webcomic Pastamonsters.


Creation of the Pit

Approximately 200 trillion years ago, a bodiless evil rose to ultimate power and began to eradicate the known multiverse. Before it could succeed in consuming the multiverse, Aton's Elite, the protectors of the multiverse, arrived to exterminate this great evil. Although the nameless ruler managed to eliminate the Elite, it was defeated by the team's divine magic-powered anti-matter bomb. Unfortunately, the Great Lord was not completely destroyed: a fragment of it drifted away from the battle unobserved and crashed into nameless planet where there is no light. The subsequent impact turned the entire planet into a hellish wasteland until it engulfed the entire dimension, creating the Pit.


Little was known about Zalgo's childhood, although there are hints about his past, including the statements made by the comic's creator themselves. Trillions of years prior to the events of the series, Zalgo was born into the Great Leader family, the leaders of the dimension later known as the Pit, which he however despised living there, describing it as "flat minds in a flat world with flat dreams." After gaining demonic powers, Zalgo eventually slaughtered everyone in his family to truly unlock his powers and full potential. He later turned the dimension into a lawless, unstable crawl space stuck between the multiverse and named it the Pit, and became a leader of an entire army of demons, aliens, mystical creatures and monsters who wished to cause pain and misery to mortals across the multiverse.

As Ruler of the Pit

As his reign began, Zalgo sent his army to many planets to invade, enslave and destroy. Over the years he recreated numerous lands into his own image, slaughtering the populace in mass numbers and then enslaving anyone who survived, often forcing them to steal their own valuable resources like water, diamonds, and food.

While traveling across dimensions, Zalgo discovered a world known as the Under Realm, a reality where monsters and serial killers co-existed. Attracted by its evil nature, Zalgo decided to take over the dimension rather than merely destroy it. Beings from all over the multiverse flocked to the dimension in search of employment and residency, having to completely submit to Zalgo's rule.

The Great Monster War

Despite having taken over countless worlds, Zalgo still longed for more power, and he knew the quickest way to gain absolute power was to kill the very God who destroyed his ancestors: Aton. Over a period Zalgo waged war with Aton's forces for years, destroying as many worlds as possible. The war came to an end when Zalgo personally attacked Aton's dimension, defeating his elite soldiers and attempting to corrupt his world. However, Aton easily defeated and mortally wounded Zalgo, sending his army running away. The war resulted in the Monsters long hatred and fear of Zalgo and by extension, his entire family, as the one thing they saw as a god and leader betrayed them.

After the war, Zalgo grew to have a fear of Aton, as he greatly underestimated the power of the God. Refusing to learn from his mistake, Zalgo still continued to attack other worlds.

Cursing Mr. Widemouth

After an unknown period of time, Zalgo and his forces found their way to Earth-20186, an alternate timeline to the primary universe's Earth. They crash-landed on Earth, making an impact that brings about the extinction of the dinosaurs and the start of the Ice Age. In the wake of the impact, the mass has settled into its crater to become a giant pool of an orange, lava-like substance. After absorbing the few surviving dinosaurs, it sprouts several jagged, tree-like spikes as the ground around it cracks, as if the substance within the pool is trying to spread.

Time passes, and many people and animals fall victim to the deadly lava as it continues to expand. By the time Earth's monarchy is established, the "forest" of spikes is encroaching upon civilization, impaling homes and buildings. Seeing the damage being wrought on his lands, Oliver Lamar Aloycious Anthony Felix Ubiquitous III, one of the leaders of the primitive Earth, decides he must destroy the threat at its core. Despite the desperate pleas from his distraught girlfriend, Mona, Oliver tells her that while she is the most important thing to him, the people of the land are also his family; if he doesn't act, the entire land will perish.

After creating an elixir of poison believed to be the key to putting an end to the tar pool once and for all, Oliver, along with a unit of elite cavalry, rides into the forest toward the center where the heart of the pool lies. Before long, spikes start to erupt from the ground as if the forest has come alive, killing all of Oliver's men, including Kind Magnus, but he determinedly rides on to the center of the forest.

With the Pit before him continuing to slowly expand, Oliver takes an arrow and laces it with the poison. Uttering a mystical chant, he fires the arrow into the sky, where it catches fire from the sun before landing directly into the center of the Pit. At first, the plan seems to have worked, as the spikes start to retreat back into the pool of hellish lava. However, it is soon revealed that the plan has backfired completely: instead of destroying the pool of blackness, the elixir gave it power. Oliver's horse flees in terror as a truly colossal spike erupts from the pool, quickly mutating into a massive creature with giant horns, flaming yellow eyes, giant teeth on his abdomen, and a body made from a black void of emptiness. Z'algatoth had entered his world.

After a moment to accustom himself to his new form, Zalgo creates a gigantic black portal in the sky before he notices Oliver on the ground and thanks him for releasing him. Furiously yelling that his intention was to destroy him, Oliver tries to kill Zalgo, but his efforts are in vain; the monster absorbs his arrows into his body, and an attempt to slash Zalgo with his sword only serves to melt his own weapon. Zalgo thunderously declares that he is immune to mortal weapons before punishing the brave archaeologist for his defiance; he fires a pool of lava at the man, slowly melting his skin off. Instead of killing him, Zalgo cursed him by turning him in a hairy, feral beast beyond all human perception and imprisoned Oliver (now Mr. Widemouth) in an empty void in the Pit. With that, Zalgo created an image of Widemouth's home in his prison, leaving him to watch as Zalgo destroyed his planet and slaughtered everyone he loved, including Mona and the two young children Oliver had met on Earth. 

Search for a Purpose/Finding Akira

Afterward, Zalgo wondered about the purpose of his existence. To search for purpose and meaning, Zalgo explored the cosmos in a humanoid form and dwell among galactic civilizations to learn and experience all of the galactic civilizations he encountered.

During his exploration into the cosmos, he found his discoveries "boring" when it came to dwelling among civilizations in all of the thousands of planets he explored. Upon reaching a profound realization, Zalgo decided once again that truly should be the ruler of the omniverse. There was only one problem, It would take the combined power of two Zalgos to defeat one Aton, if even that. Therefore, he enslaved many women and impregnated them in hopes of bearing a child who carried his godly genes. As many years passed, he impregnated thousands of female alien species; on the other hand, the children all failed to inherit the godly gene so Zalgo killed them and placed his throne on top of their skeletal remains.

Through his searches, Zalgo met Akira, a female of an unknown alien race. Zalgo was infatuated with her and desired her as a wife. To do this, Zalgo has his men slaughter her entire family and took her aside as his army began the massacre. She was horrified with Zalgo's cold-heartedness and refused his love.

Zalgo seemed to let her go, only to send one of his minions to her, inviting her to Zalgo's home in promise of her families' safety. When Akira arrived, many of Zalgo's minions were there, partying and seemingly waiting for her. Akira was given a drink that eventually made her feel dizzy and sick from drinking, with her eventually needing to take a rest. While she was disoriented, Zalgo approached her and, taking advantage of her weak state, raped her in front of his minions. None of the other demons came to her aid. Instead, they crowded around her and began laughing hysterically as she screamed for help.

Following this, Zalgo and Akira conceived two children, the oldest named Slenderman and the other "Splendorman". While Splendorman was born with great power, he failed to inherit the demonic powers of Zalgo. Slenderman however, would successfully inherit Zalgo's DNA, becoming his first offspring to grant the power of the gods. Upon Slenderman's birth, the multiverse was distorted and ruptures were felt by even Aton and the other gods. Volcanoes erupted, severe solar storms fired across the universes, and suns were even blocked from other planets.

Raising his sons

Over a course of two decades, Zalgo would subject his young sons to horrific abuse, both of the physical and psychological kind. Not long after they were born, Zalgo, in order to put his new initiation to the test, strips his terrified children naked and then dumps them into a pit of hellfire from the Pit, causing them nightmarish agony, searing their skin black and giving them magical tentacles (which we're actually the children's rotten flesh). From this point onward and for years on for every day of Slenderman's life, Zalgo puts the child through brutal life-or-death training routines, where the slightest deviation means beatings and torture. Zalgo also regularly had Splendorman spar with Slenderman to test their strengths with Slenderman winning every match. Every time Splendorman lost, Zalgo would mutilate him in horrific ways as a twisted way of encouraging him to fight better.

Despite Zalgo refusing to grant his sons any merit of love, Akira seemed to love the two very much, although her fear of Zalgo prevented her from stopping the abuse.

One exemplary instance of this was when Zalgo forced the boy to fight a hulking demon henchman whilst he was still a young child, leading to him to be beaten senseless in his ineffectual attempt to attack the demon. In the midst of this routine, the young, inquisitive Slenderman, sneaks away from the battle in tears of pain and finds a portal to the human world. Slenderman stared out into the outside world (which should be noted Zalgo has never let Slenderman venture into). Zalgo sees him gazing longingly outside and seems to comfort him... before grabbing Slenderman by the neck and tossing him to the brutish demon and ordering that Slenderman be brutalized for his brief distraction, watching without a hint of emotion as the demon brutally beats the young boy.

Over the years leading to Slenderman's coronation, Zalgo discussed to Slenderman his desire to execute Splendorman for his constant failure. Slenderman actually agreed to this, not realizing Splendorman had been eavesdropping on the conversation. When Splendorman confronted Slenderman about it earlier, Slenderman tried to justify it by saying he had to agree with his father under the threat of death if he didn't, but Splendorman is still horrified and sickened and strikes his brother before running off. Zalgo instructed his half-brother, Sexual Offenderman, to deliver his son Splendorman to him for execution. Horrified and guilt-ridden, Offenderman decided not to deliver the boy. Instead, Offenderman escaped the Pit with the boy, raising him from within the dark regions of the Under Realm.

First Defeat and Banishment

During his teenage years, Slenderman wandered around the Pit, seeing all the enslaved humans and monsters from different worlds forced to Zalgo. The Dark World was riddled with likenesses of Zalgo, and his demonic minions swarm the lands. During this, Slenderman unexpectedly finds that his long-lost mother, Akira, have been put to work in the mines, though she is being tormented by Zalgo's evil minions far more than anyone else. Before the woman is about to be punished via whipping, Slenderman arrives and battles Zalgo's minions. He easily defeats them and frees his mother from his shackles. She tries to speak, but before she can, Akira dies due to starvation.

As an angry Slenderman appeared before Zalgo, demanding an explanation, Zalgo revealed his plans to Slenderman, during which he empowered Slenderman, unlocking a divine state inside Slenderman that was willing to help him take over the multiverse. Zalgo then notices Slenderman starting to fight off his control, as Slenderman was still able to maintain control over his senses due to the bond he has with his mother. Zalgo tries get Slenderman back under his control by tricking him, and it almost works until Slenderman asks Zalgo about his mother. As Slenderman wonders, if Zalgo really did love Akira, his father reveals the truth: Zalgo realized that he was genuinely infatuated with Akira in a lustful manner and that his feelings for her could put him off-task to settle with her instead of forwarding his plans to conquer the cosmos. Because of this distraction, Zalgo sent her to work in the mines for the rest of her life, leading to her death.

This admission snaps Slenderman out of the trance and he blasts Zalgo's body apart by shooting him repeatedly with energy projectiles, Zalgo then reformed himself, briefly taking the form of Akira just to mock him. Realizing that Slenderman remains firmly against him, he attacked Slenderman with tentacles of red energy from the floor to restrain him, one of them phasing through Slenderman's torso. Zalgo began to draw power from Slenderman in order to double his already incredible power. Zalgo then furiously demands that Slenderman is on his side since because they are both gods, they are the only beings that matter. Remembering his mother's words, Slenderman discovers his power and breaks out of Zalgo's magic. A fight ensues as Zalgo shape-shifts into the form of a large gorilla. Zalgo attacks Slenderman with furious claw swipes and powerful punches, managing to harm the Slenderman's back. But soon enough, Slenderman manages to catch Zalgo's arms with his tentacles, ripping his arms and legs off, forcing Zalgo to morph into a spider. Slenderman states that Zalgo will never be able to defeat one of his own, no matter what form he takes. Zalgo continues to attack with his teeth and sharp arms, but is cut down by Slenderman once again, and is sent tumbling in the darkness of his lair. Zalgo then emerges in the form of a giant squid. He tries to attack with his tentacles, but Slenderman cut his tentacles one by one, eventually taking to higher ground. Zalgo then shape-shifts into the form of a hydra and charges at the prince, who dodges and cuts Zalgo in half with a magical beam, forcing him to shape-shift into a dragon. Slenderman then prepares to finish Zalgo and morphs him tentacles into a sword and pierces Zalgo through the head. Zalgo tumbled to his lair's floor, reduced to the helpless, cowardly shadow he truly is. He looked up at his son and declared, "You might have beaten me now, but I will return in the future stronger than ever". Slenderman exclaims that there is no future for Zalgo, but he disagrees. Zalgo tears a portal to the Under Realm through which Slenderman is flung into the distant future, where Zalgo promises they will meet again, but next time he will destroy Slenderman once and for all. However, this inadvertently made Zalgo's predicament worse, as the Monsters, who had been killed and tortured by Zalgo for years, finally found a leader: Slenderman, and the Under Realm once again became a world of freedom for all monsters, Zalgo free, with Slenderman eventually casting a spell that trapped Zalgo in the Pit forever.


Several years after Zalgo's imprisonment, a young monster by the name of |the Unwanted House Guest, who had spent the past years investigating the Under Realm's plethora of unnatural creatures and oddities, hit a roadblock in his research and was left without answers as to how the improbabilities of the "weirdness" of the multiverse had come to be. During the roadblock, he uncovered the ancient cave containing the ancients' stories of Lord Zalgo, one of which was the Zalgo Zodiac. Heedless of the warnings, the Unwanted House Guest repeated the incantation aloud, but nothing happened, to his disappointment. Little did the Unwanted House Guest known, the incantation broke Slenderman's spell and summoned Zalgo into his mindscape. While the Unwanted House Guest took a rest under a tree, Zalgo entered his dreams. Zalgo recognized Unwanted House Guest's brilliant but cocky and insecure nature and his near-friendlessness as ideal conditions for manipulation, choosing to introduce himself to the Unwanted House Guest as a muse who chose one brilliant mind every century to inspire.

During a trip in the forest, the Unwanted House Guest got some mosquito bites that spelled out an ominous message. Unfortunately, the "Soothquitos" messages are always incorrectly spelled and almost unreadable, and he wrote off "BATCH OUT FOR ZOLAG" as gibberish. Of course, years later Unwanted House Guest would discover the messages true meaning: "WATCH OUT FOR ZALGO", a full year after Zalgo betrayed him.

It was Zalgo who revealed to the Unwanted House Guest that the multiverse's weirdness was caused by a rift between dimensions, through which the other side's weirdness leaked through. With Zalgo's assistance, the Unwanted House Guest drafted blueprints to create an inter-dimensional gateway beneath his home, and recruited Zalgo's son Splendorman for assistance. As Zalgo and the Unwanted House Guest's partnership seemingly grew to friendship, the Unwanted House Guest seemed to develop an obsession with Zalgo's powers, collecting demonic memorabilia such as rugs and statues, modeling his home's architecture in his image, converting his private study into a place of worship. He even allowed the demon to enter his mind; this, along with the amount of information he seemed to simply produce on the spot, made Splendorman increasingly uneasy of the portal and of the Unwanted House Guest's mysterious collaborator, as he never mentioned Zalgo's identity to his partner.

Months later, Splendorman and the Unwanted House Guest performed their first trial with the Multiverse Portal, which quickly went awry, as the rope that was attached to the dummy they intended to send through the portal became tangled with Splendorman, sending him briefly through the portal head-first. Upon his return, an alienated Splendorman muttered incoherencies before uttering a prediction about "the beast with four mouths." He promptly abandoned the project.

The suspicion planted in him by Splendorman led to a confrontation between the Unwanted House Guest and Zalgo, during which the Unwanted House Guest learned that Zalgo had tricked him, as the portal was meant to act as a gateway to the Pit, allowing the demon to bring chaos and destruction into the multiverse. Horrified and betrayed, the Unwanted House Guest destroyed the Pit's crystal and used an incantation to send Zalgo back to the Pit. From that point on, the Unwanted House Guest dedicated his life to righting his wrongs and defeating Zalgo for good to prevent him from causing the apocalypse.

Revenge on Slenderman/Creating Shadowlurker

Now freed from his prison, Zalgo decided to target and get revenge on Slenderman. After Zalgo's defeat, Slenderman had gained a close friend, the Shadowlurker, and together the two formed a close bond. After hearing this, Zalgo devised a short-term plan of vengeance against his son. 

As step one in his plan of revenge, Zalgo had his men kidnap a number of Proxy children from Proxy High, eventually returning them to the school, but as horribly parodies of themselves; Zalgo had dismembered them and sown their body parts together at random. As the teachers at said school wept and struggled to identify the children, Zalgo continued to taunt them with a recording of himself singing nursery rhymes.

Enraged, Shadowlurker, a friend of one of the victims, went to kill Zalgo himself. He was determined to hunt down the dark lord and kill him. His search led him to the fiery corrupted imperfection known as the Pit. Infiltrating Zalgo's castle by killing one of his guards, Shadowlurker snuck into the throne room and prepared his vengeance. Tales of how Shadowlurker's attempt went vary; some say he very nearly succeeded in killing the demon, while some say he never stood a chance against Zalgo. Regardless, Shadowlurker was trapped by Zalgo and a far worse fate than death was before him.

For an unspecified period of time, Zalgo held Shadowlurker captive in his torture chamber, abusing and torturing him almost non-stop. Though Shadowlurker initially stayed glib, confident that Slenderman would rescue him, Zalgo's torture began to physically and mentally wear him down to the point that Zalgo was even able to learn his name from his constant pleas for rescue. One of the greatest blows to his psyche came when Zalgo gave Shadowlurker immortality, only to then brutally and slowly rip Shadowlurker's arms off of his body, leaving Shadowlurker in a permanent state of agony.

Time passed and still Slenderman failed to come for him. In reality, Slenderman was frantically searching the entire universe for his partner each night, but Zalgo began to take advantage of Shadowlurker's despair, constantly telling him that Slenderman had simply abandoned him. He even showed Shadowlurker an image of Slenderman with his newest student Mr. X, telling him Slenderman had found a new "friend". It was not remotely beyond Zalgo's ability to forge the image simply for the purposes of tormenting Shadowlurker. After this, Zalgo switched tactics, suggesting that perhaps Shadowlurker should become his new right-hand man. Despite his new friendly and even somewhat fatherly persona, the torture and mind games never stopped.

The suggestions and constant torture finally broke Shadowlurker, leaving him in a drone like state where he believed he was loyal to Zalgo alone. Nearing the end of his routine, Zalgo finally removed Shadowlurker's face from his body, and gifted him with extraordinary powers. To ensure loyalty, Zalgo also cursed Shadowlurker with a spell that kept him in a state of constant agony and pain which amplified if he disobeyed. The pain is compared to being stabbed with pins and needles and also kept Shadowlurker sleepless, incredibly paranoid, and aggravated. Shadowlurker was now completely under Zalgo's control, and Zalgo succeeded in turning the one person Slenderman cared about against him.

Brief Partnership with Malitch/Invasion and Brief Rule over Arcosia

Sometime after being freed from banishment, Zalgo became partners with another galactic overlord named Malitch. However, Malitch grew power hungry and eventually attempted to betray him by killing him and taking over his army. His plan backfired when he was driven insane by the mere sight of Zalgo. Zalgo laughed in victory as Shadowlurker asks Zalgo if he wants to have Malitch killed, but Zalgo decided to let Malitch live, as seeing him lose his sanity was satisfying enough. From that day forward, Malitch lost all memory of who he was and his powers, and ended up living in a swamp.

Over the years, Zalgo established the Pit and his other planets as a space-faring world, opening his ports to surrounding worlds in order to plunder and conquer worlds beyond as well. The influx of aliens and interdimensional demons, ranging from enslaved species to rough immigrants, have made Zalgo's territory a hodge-podge of a dystopian society primarily run by tyrants and gangs. The few bastions of peace and hope typically remain out of Zalgo's wide field of vision. Monsters and criminals alike are welcomed into Zalgo's army, which has made the Pit a safe haven for some of the worst scum in existence. They, in some cases, have decimated occupied settlements inhabited by innocent, helpless residents without any scruples. Corrupted agents have also made the lives of countless innocents worthless under Zalgo's regime. Unsavory establishments such as the Lava of Unending Suffering and the Tar Pit of Melted Flesh are common in the world under Zalgo.

At some point in time, Zalgo caught wind of the planet Arcosia and his many riches. Lusting for power, Zalgo and his minions promptly invaded the planet, looting it's treasures and massacring many people. However, Zalgo let the royal family live, finding humor in the fact that they now answered to him.

Over the course of a year, Zalgo would loom over the royal family as his minions ran rampant through Arcosia, forcing them to hand over their most valuable and powerful treasure under the threat of having their then sixteen year old daughter, Princess Atta, killed. One day, the King of Arcosia treated Zalgo and the Shadowlurker to a private feast in his palace and Zalgo used the Arcosian King as a footrest while he was eating to humiliate him. Zalgo and the King then entered the throne room, where Zalgo had his Minions bring in starved Arcosian warriors before them. Zalgo then told the warriors that they must fight to the death and whoever won got to live as live as they submitted to Zalgo's rule.

Some time later, the King allowed Atta to go off into the city with two guards. When she first saw the city, Atta was disgusted by what the Minions of Zalgo did to the once beautiful city of Arcosia. What was originally a paradise was now destroyed buildings, barely breathable air, and families being dragged from their homes and enslaved. Princess Atta then witnesses a humanoid man being assaulted by two demons for stealing food for his starving family. When she tried to intervene on his behalf, the demons nearly attacked her as well before her guards talked them down.

Back at the palace, Atta fumes to her father, and says that she'll bring it up to Zalgo himself when she meets him at a reception being held at the Arcosian Palace that night. The King tries to dissuade her, saying that doing so now would jeopardize Arcosia when, once she is a senator, she will have the ability and power to try to make changes. Atta refuses to be deterred.

After an assignment to wipe out the planet Shikk alongside his soldiers, the King reported back to Zalgo, X and Shadowlurker that they conquered the planet in three days. Zalgo mocks the King and his men, telling them he was surprised it took so long. One of the King's soldiers, yells at Zalgo for not thanking them for their effort, but Zalgo merely asks X, who was beside him, how long he thought it would take for him to conquer a small planet like Shikk, to which X replied he could have done it in an hour. The King restrained the soldier when the latter attempted to brashly attack Zalgo and X for mocking the manner in which they took out the planet as he realized that his group did not stand a chance against Zalgo's men. As the King and his men walked away, X mocked the Arcosian's amphibian heritage as they left by calling them "frogs". The King was visibly angry and had to restrain himself from attacking X before walking away.

At the Palace, Atta is appalled at how deferential and pandering everyone is to Zalgo, which only hardens her resolve to bring up the issue to him. The King tells Atta in secret that they are only acting that way out of fear, and Zalgo knows this and enjoys it. When Atta finally meets Zalgo face to face, she is almost frozen by fear from the pure evil radiating from him. Zalgo only compliment her on her appearance, saying she has "her father's fire". Atta is unable to do anything more than mumble thanks to his compliments as X and Shadowlurker watched.

Months later, Princess Atta, with the help of the Unwanted House Guest, discovered that Zalgo and his minions had an apparent weakness against the color green. Using this information to her advantage, Atta, the House Guest, and a task force of other people went into Arcosia's mines and released the wave of green slime that was trapped beneath it, sending the Minions of Zalgo running away as the Arcosians pushed the fight to them, freeing Arcosia from Zalgo's rule.

When Zalgo was informed that he had lost control over one of the most valuable and resourceful planets in the universe, he was absolutely furious and enraged by this news. When Shadowlurker and several other guards came to him with the news, Zalgo killed two of his guards with red lightning, tortured Shadowlurker and X by ribbing Shadowlurker's limbs off and crushed X's head so hard that his eyes popped out, and demoted Shadowlurker and X. Zalgo then tracked down Korso, the demon in charge of Zalgo's army on Arcosia and the one who failed to stop Atta and the others. The dark lord was greatly disappointed with the failure of the general, and chose to use Korso as an example to others who would fail him.

When Zalgo finally found him, Korso was dragged in front of a crowd of Zalgo's slaves and minions for a public execution. The point of the public display was a way of showing what would happen to others if they failed Zalgo. As everyone watched, Zalgo shape-shifted into a swarm of flesh-eating piranha beetles and bit the chained Korso. As soon as one of them bit the architect, all of them began to eat him, slowly tearing away at his flesh. They entered his ears and slashed his eyes, blinding him and putting him in excruciating pain for an hour. As Korso screamed in excruciating pain, the crowd around him was met with mixed reactions; some people were horrified that Zalgo would do this to his own henchman while other people in the crowed laughed hysterically and cheered Zalgo on. After hours of sadistic torture, Korso died and Zalgo had his minions mount his mangled corpse above Zalgo's throne.

Following his brief rule over Arcosia, Zalgo continued quietly lurking in the Pit, not even showing himself to the public in years. He waited for the right moment to strike and enact his plans of destroying reality. Despite his inactivity, Zalgo remained driven by a lust to create social disorder and desired nothing but anarchy to feed his sadistic appetites and morbid, dark sense of humor. Now motivated by his hatred for Slenderman himself, having blamed him for defeating him in combat (something that was considered laughable by nearly everyone), and a hunger for revenge against him, Zalgo sat and waited for eons, waiting for Slenderman to make a false move, or, perhaps, one of his enemies or students.

Events of Pastamonsters

Season Two

Over a trillion years later in modern time, Enderman summons Zalgo in Zalgo's debut appearance of "The Dream World". Enderman performs a ritual to summon Zalgo after stealing Ms. P's spellbook. During the ritual, Enderman becomes possessed and repeats a backwards message as reality around him begins to shift, time stops, all water turns to blood, everything becomes red and a huge portal appears in the sky. Out the portal steps Zalgo himself, who engages in various antics before making a deal with Enderman: he will invade Slenderman's mind, and Enderman is to help Zalgo with an unknown favor later on. Unbeknownst to Enderman, BEN DROWNED, Ms. Pencil Neck, and Sally witnessed the entire occurrence while hiding behind a bush. Ms. P uses telekinesis to secretly take her book back before the three rush back to the mansion to tell Jeff. Zalgo later enters Slenderman's mind, but is pursued by BEN, Ms. P, Jeff and Sally.

Inside Slenderman's mindscape, Zalgo finally meets Slenderman's Proxies, and claims to have been expecting them. Jeff tries to tackle him but Zalgo turns intangible and Jeff goes right through him. Ms. P fires a magical blast at Zalgo, who catches it using one of the mouths on his chest, and then uses the mouth to send the blast back at her. Zalgo then spots BEN preparing to throw a rock at him, but BEN nervously drops the rock and hides behind Jeff. Zalgo then expresses his deal with Enderman and his power over the mind of Slenderman. Sally remained skeptical, saying that he couldn't figure out what she is thinking, but is overjoyed when Zalgo brings her stuffed animals to life. After warning them to leave before things get dangerous, Zalgo enters the mansion in Slenderman's head in search of his sought out memory.

Zalgo manages to steal the memory door by disguising himself as BEN. Pretending to have died after being crushed by a couch, Zalgo tricked them into handing them the combination before revealing himself. He teases Sally and Ms. P, and runs off with the memory, and when Jeff arrives shortly after, he expresses rage about Slenderman supposedly hating him.  Zalgo runs off and is about to give Enderman the code, Ms. P blasts the memory of the code out of Zalgo's hand and into the bottomless pit. This sends Zalgo into a fit of extreme anger, in which he turns the entire mindscape in his domain, the Pit. Zalgo then begins to torture the Proxies with their worst fears (an angry Slenderman for Ms. P, vampires for Sally, and a pool of water for BEN) and prepares to finish them off once and for all, Jeff arrives with the news of being able to make dreams reality and demonstrates the ability to his comrades via laser vision. Sally decides to give herself the ability to shoot kitten heads from her arms, BEN turns his bong into a laser firing gun, and so forth. Just as Ms. P, Jeff, BEN, Sally and the teddy bears are about to send Zalgo out of Slenderman's head, he stops the battle. Impressed, he decides to let them go, and after warning them of a mysterious darkness that will change everything they care about, and then he tells them that he'll be watching them. He leaves in a representation of the zodiac, almost identical to the one that appears in the series' intro and the Unwanted House Guest's notes.

Zalgo has two cameos in "Valentines Day in the Under Realm"; one in the special intro, and the other one where he is seen in a imaginary scenario in Jeff's head, celebrating the conquering of a planet with a victory dance.

Zalgo has a cameo during a flashback sequence in "The Chain Mail" during the retelling of his partnership with Malitch.

Season Three

Zalgo does not personally appear in "Jeff Man", but he is alluded to when Jeff watches a TV show showing the Unwanted House Guest defeating a monster in a Zalgo costume.

Zalgo has a cameo appearance in "The Gauntlet" where his face can be seen on Death's smartphone on the list of people offering a bounty for Jeff's death. It is also implied in the episode that Death is part of Zalgo's family in a scene where he calls himself Slenderman's uncle. However, it is unknown if he's a relative or close acquaintance of Zalgo.

Zalgo has another appearance in "Trapped", where he appears as a hallucination during Jeff's hallucinogenic trip to cast Jeff into the Pit. 

Zalgo finally reappears in "Arcosia". After Princess Atta and her brother are captured after accidentally entering Pit territory, they are brought to Zalgo's fortress by the Shadowlurker. After being summoned by Shadowlurker, Zalgo rises from the depths of his castle and demands to know what the alien siblings have to say for themselves. Princess Atta respectfully introduces herself, her brother and their robot assistant, T-41, to Zalgo. She tells Zalgo that their planet is under attack and they need reinforcements. Atta says her closest friends are being murdered or enslaved as they speak, and politely asks Zalgo to release them and give them equipment so they can repair their ships. After hearing this, Zalgo pretends to have sympathy for the prince and princess's plight before he has their ship confiscated and has them put in irons to be taken into the mines. T-41 futilely tries to reason with Zalgo by telling him he cannot do this to them, but Zalgo casually crushes the robot under his thumb and tells him he can do anything because he is a god and has grounds to do whatever he wants. He then tells Shadowlurker to take them away before laughing evilly at their misfortune. Unbeknownst to Zalgo, Jeff had later rescued the princess and saved her homeland.

In "Wild Hunt", the Unwanted House Guest has summoned a green surge to combat Zalgo and his forces. In response, Zalgo finally summons his royal advisor, the Shadowlurker, who possesses the power to steal the essence of powerful beings and use them as pawns to battle his other enemies. He tells the Shadowlurker to destroy the green surge and kill Jeff, threatening to send the Shadowlurker into the Pit of Despair if he fails. Despite this, Shadowlurker is defeated by both Jeff and the Unwanted House Guest and banished back to the Pit. Later, Zalgo is seen holding the defeated Shadowlurker over the Pit of Despair, berating him for his failure. Shadowlurker pitifully begs Zalgo for forgiveness. Zalgo seems to consider it, but then drops Shadowlurker into the Pit of Despair anyway.

Zalgo then returns in "The Past", where he confronts Jeff about his past and the deaths of his parents, which Jeff has became depressed over. After finding out Jeff had begun to miss his old life and family, Zalgo claims that he possesses the souls of Jeff's parents and his beloved brother, Liu (in the form of a blue box). Zalgo states in order to get them back along with his old life, Jeff has to complete of dangerous obstacles around the Pit in order to destroy an object known as "The Oculus", which is supposedly an object capable of defeating Zalgo. Although reluctant at first, Jeff eventually makes the deal with Zalgo and continues his journey. 

After Jeff eventually completes the trials and destroys the "Oculus", Zalgo teleports in and congratulates Jeff on his success. Jeff, however, rejects Zalgo's congrats and demands his family back. However, in a surprise twist, Zalgo reveals that the object he told Jeff to destroy was actually the souls of Jeff's own family and not the Oculus (which Zalgo had already destroyed decades ago). When Jeff angrily asks Zalgo why he did this, Zalgo states he did it to teach Jeff a lesson that no matter how hard he tries, Jeff will never get his family back, nor the innocent life he used to live. Enraged at being deceived, Jeff lunges at Zalgo with his knife and demands Zalgo fight him, but the evil demon flies up in the air, promising to fight once he as found a way to defeat Jeff and the other Proxies, before creating a portal to the Pit and teleporting away. Jeff furiously stabs the ground and falls to his knees, cursing Zalgo and vowing to destroy him.

To Proxy Mountain

Zalgo returns in "To Proxy Mountain" as the primary antagonist of the Season 3 finale. After Eyeless Jack was killed in "The Chain Mail", Zalgo followed him in the Spirit Realm and slowly convinced the Proxy that Jeff never even tried to save him and that the Proxies truly considered him a liability. Although Eyeless Jack refused to believe it at first, he eventually caved in and fell victim to Zalgo's teachings. Using Jack's rage to his advantage, Zalgo resurrected Eyeless Jack as an unstoppable force of nature, using him as an instrument to destroy the universe.

Zalgo first appears when the Rake is informed by B.O.B that he has received a hologram call form "You-Know-Who". The Rake heads into his hologram chamber and answers the call, revealing the caller to be Lord Zalgo himself. Zalgo informs the Rake there has been a great disturbance in "the hole", which the Rake mistakes for the anus. Zalgo tells the Rake that there is a disturbance in the "clownish one", referring to Laughing Jack, and says the black hole's reach is strong in him. The Rake tells Zalgo that Laughing Jack is nothing to worry about, but Zalgo reminds him that in their line of work the Proxies have proved to be dangerous. The Rake and Zalgo then agree that if they were to bring Laughing Jack to their side he would be a valuable ally and with Jeff under house arrest and Slenderman on vacation no one will be left to stop them. Zalgo then goes on to say that no one must know of the hole's existence and after Zalgo's plan goes through the universe will be his and a new order will rise. Zalgo ends the transmission by ordering the Rake to find Laughing Jack.

Later, the Rake holograms Zalgo again to inform him they have captured Laughing Jack, who Eyeless Jack put his soul into before he died. Zalgo is pleased and tells the Rake his new weapon is ready to launch. The Rake then proclaims nothing can stop them, to which Zalgo says that it would take the combined power of "monsters, ducks, vice presidents, pizzeria owners, and a police sheriff" to defeat them now, to which the Rake says "And Ticci Toby!"

After Jeff and the Proxies convert Proxy Mansion into a ship and blast off into space, the Rake receives another message from Zalgo. Zalgo stares angrily at the Rake as the Rake trembles in fear. Zalgo asks if Jeff is gone, to which the Rake nervously nods. Zalgo then asks if Lame R. Prick is dead, to which the Rake at first says no to but then says yes. The Rake then asks Zalgo if their "horsemen of the apocalypse" deal is still on, but Zalgo instead switches all the orifices on the Rake's face instead and then laughs at the Rake's suffering. Zalgo then says that the Rake has been demoted and his master will have to keep him in check. The doors then open to reveal Enderman, who enters the room dramatically and commands the others to convert their ship into a mansion and find the Proxies.

Much later, Enderman calls Zalgo on the hologram to inform him that they lost Laughing Jack. Before Zalgo can get angry, Enderman then says that they got someone better, the someone being Mr. Widemouth. Zalgo then tells Enderman he is sending his men to his ship to bring the person to him before signing off.

Zalgo's voice is later heard saying "Time to show them your power". Suddenly, the Plot Hole fires three projectiles into the distance that destroy three planets all at once.

After being sent to the Pit, Mr. Widemouth is slowly manipulated by the Shadowlurker, who promises Mr. Widemouth ultimate power if he joins Zalgo. Hera, on of Aton's top henchwomen, enters the room where Mr. Widemouth and Shadowlurker are. Shadowlurker asks her what she is doing in the Pit. Hera then says that on behalf of Aton's Elite and mortals everywhere, she has come to arrest him. As she brandishes her sword, Hera reveals the Widemouth that Shadowlurker and his master are behind all of their recent problems. Widemouth says that Shadowlurker deserves a trial and he should be brought to Aton's realm for interrogation, but Hera says Shadowlurker is too dangerous to be allowed to live and that he deserves to die. Shadowlurker dodges her blade stab and managed to subdue her using telekinesis until she broke out. As Shadowlurker desperately tried to defend himself, he told Mr. Widemouth that only Zalgo can make you a true god and save him from obscurity. Mr. Widemouth blasts Hera into a portal with a spell and tells her he needs Shadowlurker alive. Just then, a ball of flames appeared in from of them, with Zalgo himself coming out. Zalgo congratulates Mr. Widemouth on his decision. Zalgo tells Mr. Widemouth to join him so he can obtain the ultimate power that has been promised to him. Mr. Widemouth agrees, which causes Zalgo to admit Mr. Widemouth changed a lot faster than he would have thought.

Back in Enderman's home, Zalgo appears in Enderman's fireplace to tell Enderman that his work is finished and to await further orders. When the Rake asks what they will do with Jeff's allies and Mr. Widemouth, Zalgo tells them that soon Jeff will no longer be an issue and Mr. Widemouth has joined their side. Zalgo then proclaims that they are closer to ruling the universe than ever and calls for a celebration. Enderman agrees to throw a "Hollywood Coke Party", but the Rake doesn't feel comfortable throwing a party while the Proxies and their friends are still out there. Enderman says they are invincible and tells B.O.B to put up an ad on Craigslist about the party.

Meanwhile, Enderman walks to the laboratory in his home and contacts Zalgo. He and Zalgo talk about their plans and reveal Zalgo has been manipulating Jack rather than Jack wanting to destroy the universe out of spite. When Enderman tells Zalgo that the Proxies are halfway across the galaxy, Zalgo says to leave them to him. Meanwhile, Mr. Widemouth senses Zalgo and tells the Proxies he has to "deal with a problem". Suddenly, Jeff and the gang see Jack's blue spirit soaring by and send Ticci Toby to the Pit to confront Zalgo and Mr. Widemouth. Jeff then sends Ms. P and the Unwanted House Guest undercover, costumed as henchmen, into Enderman's ship/house. Ms. P and Mr. Widemouth knock out B.O.B and stash him in a closet as the Unwanted House Guest assumes B.O.B's form. Enderman falls for their trick and even welcomes them in, not suspecting a thing. Meanwhile, the Proxies grab weapons and armor (except Jeff, who is preparing to enter Eyeless Jack's spirit while Zalgo is occupied), preparing to lead an inside-assault on Enderman's ship.

In the Pit, Widemouth approaches Zalgo and warns him that one of the rebel forces is on their way to stop them. At that very moment, Shadowlurker comes with carrying a giant burlap sack and puts it on the ground, to which Ticci Toby bursts out of. Shadowlurker says he found Toby wandering outside the Pit asking for directions to Zalgo's fortress and then teleports away. Zalgo gloats over how easily it was to corrupt Jack's mind, and even mockingly reminds Toby that this whole thing could have been avoided if they just treated Eyeless Jack right. He tells Toby he will rule the universe and that no one will stop him, not even Eyeless Jack, who he plans to dispose of once he finishes manipulating him. Toby says that Zalgo's overconfidence is his weakness, to which Zalgo says his faith in his friends is his. Mr. Widemouth then says that his hope that Crystal Pepsi will make a resurgence is his weakness, which causes Zalgo and Toby to stare in confusion.

Zalgo tells Toby that his friends are walking into a trap and also reveals he was the one who allowed them to know the secret location of Eyeless Jack. Toby tells Zalgo that the Bothans were the ones who told them the information, but Zalgo says he already killed them and they were just a cover-up. Zalgo warns Toby that if he doesn't join him in his forces, he will die along with all his friends.

Zalgo tells Toby that his friends' fight is pointless and after he is done with them, Eyeless Jack will slaughter the entire universe. Mr. Widemouth tells Toby it is useless to fight off the dark side. Toby retorts by telling Zalgo that as long as someone resists, he will never win. Zalgo grins evilly as his eyes glow. He orders Eyeless Jack to begin the destruction of the universe. After this, the universe itself beings to warp and become disfigured. Toby at first ignored Zalgo's words, but as Zalgo continued taunting him, Toby grew angrier and attempted to cut Zalgo down with his axe, but Mr. Widemouth blocks the attack with his knife, starting a fight between the two, much to Zalgo's delight.

As Zalgo watches from his throne, Toby runs away from Mr. Widemouth as he chases him with a knife. Toby fights back by hitting Widemouth in the shoulder with his ax, which Zalgo laughs at. Zalgo tells Toby to use his aggressive feelings to kill Widemouth and to let his anger consume him. Toby tries to call off Widemouth, but Widemouth says it's too late for him to redeem himself. He rips the ax out of his shoulder and stabs at Toby, who dodges.

As the fight continues, Mr. Widemouth is hunting Toby is Zalgo's throne as Zalgo watches in excitement. Mr. Widemouth goads Toby into coming out and joining them so they can rule the galaxy together. Mr. Widemouth then mentions how Toby has shown great care for his friends, especially with Jeff. Mr. Widemouth then says that now that Jeff is in the Hole, Eyeless Jack will kill him along with all the other Proxies and anyone who allies themselves with them. Toby then roars and grabs his ax, chopping at Mr. Widemouth violently. They clash some more as Toby brings Widemouth down to the floor and chops his right arm off. Toby raises his ax to strike him down, but he hesitates. Zalgo laughs and claps for Toby and demands Toby to kill Widemouth and take his place as Zalgo's apprentice. Mr. Widemouth tells Zalgo that him getting killed wasn't in the contract, but Zalgo says he already as several other apprentices lined up, but can feel Toby will be his next number 1 man. Toby stares at the bloody stump of Widemouth's arm before tossing the ax away. Toby says that Zalgo has failed to corrupt him and he will always be Slenderman's Proxy. Zalgo stares at Toby with hatred and says "So be it... Proxy."

Zalgo angrily says that if Ticci Toby will not submit to Zalgo's teachings, he would be destroyed. Zalgo then begins electrocuting Toby with red lightning, which sends Toby to the ground in agony. As Widemouth regenerates his arm, he gets back up and stands by Zalgo's side. Zalgo tells Toby that all who don't ally themselves with his forces will die just as Toby will before continuing the torture, laughing at Toby's pain and misery. Toby begs Mr. Widemouth for help as he slowly begins to go limp. Before he can die, however, Widemouth blasts Zalgo with a beam and announces he is retiring from Zalgo's forces and joining the light side as he helps Toby up. Mr. Widemouth and Toby charge at Zalgo while Zalgo turns into a flock of bats, sending the two screaming and running.

Meanwhile, Zalgo prepares to kill Toby and Mr. Widemouth before Eyeless Jack teleports inside and defends them from Zalgo's blast. Zalgo, enraged demands Jack tell him what's going on. Jeff tells Zalgo that he and Jack have fused into one being and plan to "fuck Zalgo's shit up". With their powers combined, Jeff and Jack overpower Zalgo and send him crashing threw his own throne. Jeff and Jack defuse and high-five each over, believing they have won. Zalgo, however, shoots a beam at Jeff's chest, wounding him. Zalgo then blasts Eyeless Jack away, and proceeds to step on Jeff's wound to further torture him before preparing to finally kill him. However, before he can finish Jeff off, Mr. Widemouth blasts Zalgo into a wall as he and Eyeless Jack tag-team Zalgo. Zalgo, however, creates a protective energy shield, swearing to come back stronger than ever and seek revenge before teleporting away in a fiery explosion.

Deceiving the Serepentians

Sometime before the events of Season Four, Zalgo was summoned by a race of aliens called the Serepentians. They begged Zalgo to restore their planet, which was dying from a lack of resources, to its former glory in exchanged for their undying loyalty and devotion. At first, Zalgo was not at all interested or concerned with the Serepentians' plight, insulting the King for his lack of ruthlessness regarding his people. When Zalgo suggested that the King's daughters join his army, one of the Serepentians gathered run from the crow to call Zalgo a "monster". The King begged Zalgo to forgive the young boy, but Zalgo seemingly vaporized him with his eye beams. As the King fell in despair, Zalgo tells him that the boy is still alive, but has been sent to the Pit of Despair, where he will learn to respect Zalgo. Zalgo then prepared to leave, but the King caught Zalgo's interest when he promised the dark lord Serepentis' Multiverse Crystal as a token of gratitude. With this, Zalgo said he would help them with their plight, but beforehand told the alien race to begin constructing statues in his likeness, giving them a month to do so.

A month later, Zalgo arrived back on the planet (which had fallen further into famine and despair) with Shadowlurker, X, and several Inquisitors by his side. Zalgo looked at the gigantic statue they managed to build in his image, before remarking that it is an attractive replica, but pales to the original, being him. Nevertheless, Zalgo offered to take them to a "safe dimension" the Serepentians could retreat to while he restored their planet. However, as the Serepentians began walking towards Zalgo, one of the princesses of the planet, Ash Graven, realized something was wrong and tried to stop his sister Harp and the others from continuing on, but Zalgo's Inquisitors held her back, and forced Ash to watch as Harp and the terrified members of their race were devoured by Zalgo. Ash angrily demanded to know what Zalgo did to her sister, and Zalgo sadistically told her that they are in the Pit of Despair, where Harp and the remnants of Serepentis will be tortured, enslaved and brainwashed into zombies for Zalgo's army, before laughing evilly and calling her a fool for falling for his tricks.

Enraged by Zalgo's trickery and cruelty, Ash's rage sparked a fire in her that awakened her powers, creating a shockwave that she killed Zalgo's Inquisitors. However, unbeknownst to her, Ash's parents were also killed in the blast, horrifying her and saddening her. As she fell to her knees in tears, Zalgo mocked her parent's death by telling her she should have watched her temper, causing her to try to attack Zalgo, but Shadowlurker and X came to Zalgo's aide and defeated her swiftly. As she laid beaten, X, enraged by Ash nearly burning half his face, clawed Ash's right eye out, causing her a massive amount of pain and agony, but Shadowlurker stopped him from killing her. Afterward, Zalgo mocked Ash that she would never see her sister again, before saying he would take care of her in a meantime. Afterward, Zalgo used his powers to destroy Serepentis before teleporting away with his two henchmen, leaving Ash to float in space, unconscious.

Season Four

Search for the Multiverse Crystals

Zalgo reappears in the episode "Grand Theft Masky". He first appears when Masky, angry with the constant error sound the computer makes with every wrong entry, considers that there must be a clue or shortcut to make the laptop work, since Laughing Jack has played a prank on Masky by changing the password. Out of nowhere, he is surprised by none other than Zalgo, who toys around with Masky before offering to give him hints on how to unlock the laptop. Zalgo would help Masky if he agrees to "a small favor." Masky refuses, the events of "To Proxy Mountain" fresh in his mind. Zalgo tells Masky that the offer will still be open, and he'll be ready to make a deal right before Masky wakes up screaming.

Zalgo reappears just as Masky flies into a panic, giving Masky an ultimatum: Accept the deal, or have the laptop's memory erased forever, and all Zalgo wants is a puppet. Masky suspiciously continues to reject the offer, telling Zalgo that Slenderman worked really hard on his prized puppet collection. Zalgo slyly reminds Masky of all the times he has sacrificed his wants for Slenderman, who has never returned the favor. Moreover, he tells Masky that he just needs one puppet, of which there is a surplus of anyway. The temptation pushes Masky over the edge and he agrees. As they shake hands (closing the deal), Masky asks Zalgo which puppet he wanted. Zalgo mockingly ponders his answer before turning on Masky and takes possession of his body and forcibly ripping Masky's soul out of his body. Masky, now in a ghost-like form is shocked as Zalgo gains control of his body and stomps on the laptop, smashing it to pieces. He reveals that Masky was the puppet he wanted and that Masky "had come way too close to figuring out some major answers," and wanted Masky out of the way. He proclaims that now all he has to do is destroy the Unwanted House Guest's notes and Masky will be unable to stop his "big plans."

As he experiments with Masky's body, harming it in several ways, including ripping the skin off his entire left arm, they end up in the kitchen. Zalgo continues goofing off, drinking a container of bleach and smashing Masky's arms into the cabinet doors. Zalgo asks Masky where the notes, which Masky immediately refuses to answer, just as Zalgo eavesdrops on Slenderman claiming he stowed the notes away in the deepest section of the Under Realm's vault. Zalgo, equipped with this knowledge, heads off the the Under Realm's vault. Along the way, he finds Sally Williams playing in the front yard and says he needs her "tiny hands" for a job of his, to which she agrees, believing him to be the real Masky. Before leaving, Zalgo mocks Masky with the fact that he no longer exists and gloats that Masky cannot stop him from executing his plan.

Meanwhile, Hoodie arrives in Masky's room and discovers that he is missing. To find where he is, Hoodie looks through the mansion's security cameras and catches Zalgo stealing Masky's body. With this information, Hoodie rounds up Ms. P and BEN to help him. Jeff also agrees, but only if he and Smile Dog can spend a week at Masky's family mansion, to which Hoodie tells Jeff to ask Masky when they find him. Jeff says that if Masky says no, he's out.

Hoodie and the gang follow Zalgo to the vault, following a trail of blood Zalgo left after ripping Masky's skin off. Zalgo's plans are further aided with Sally's help as he blasts his way through the vault using demonic powers. Zalgo learns from Sheriff Wayne that the Unwanted House Guest's notes are being kept in Vault 612344553111, which is suspended above a pit of acid near a catwalk. Masky attempts to break through and warn Sally of the imminent danger, but within Zalgo's mind, his warning were left unheard. He realizes he needs a body to possess to interact with others and thus leaves Zalgo's head to possess a security guard.

As Sally follows Zalgo, Masky silently swoops her away. She is frightened at first until Masky reveals who he is and warns Sally of Zalgo's plan. Sally wants to believe him, but is still not fully convinced the guard is really Masky and Masky is really Zalgo. Masky begs her to believe him as he is sucked back into Zalgo's head.

She reluctantly limbs to the top of the cat-walk and reaches out for the notes, but is caught in the rope and nearly plummets to the acid pit. However, someone catches her with levitation, saving her. But it turns out to be Zalgo-Masky (or Zalsky, as dubbed by Sally) and he threatens to drop her into the Pit if she doesn't hand over the notes. Sally refuses at first, claiming he cannot destroy the notes. He threatens her again to give up the book or drop her in the acid, slowly lowering her down. Sally hesitantly relents, slowly handing him the notes. Zalgo laughingly gloats, "who would sacrifice everything they'd worked for just for their dumb friends" Sally, strengthen by all the things the Proxies have done for her, pulls the notes back, causing Zalgo to drop her in blind rage. Just before she plummets into the acid, BEN catches her, and reveals he was being lifted by Ms. P with telekinesis and Jeff and Hoodie come in and tackle Zalgo from behind.

The three fight on the cat-walk, and during the stand-off, Jeff shouts at Masky and says Masky better give Jeff his mansion when they're done, irritating Masky. Zalgo tells Hoodie and Jeff to give up, as he's a being of pure energy with no weakness. However, as he prepares to attack the two with fire blasts, all that comes out is a tiny spark. Hoodie then realizes that the longer Zalgo spends in a human body, the more human he becomes. Jeff and Hoodie begin exploiting this. First beating him down, and then making him aware of the fact that Masky's body hasn't slept in 24 hours and is, therefore, exhausted. Having become more aware of his human container, Zalgo also finds himself plagued with an infection from the exposed flesh on his left arm, and out of breath from being forced to play Monkey in the Middle with Hoodie and Jeff over the notes. Zalgo falls over and curses at Masky's lungs. However, Zalgo spots a flame-thrower in a lockup area and grabs it, preparing to use it to burn Jeff, Hoodie, Ms. P, Sally, and the notes as well. However, the sleep-deprived body, now completely unable to move, collapses, forcing Zalgo out of Masky's body and allowing Ms. P to perform an exorcism. Zalgo, now in a weakened demonic state, laughs menacingly and warns of bigger plans that would unfold in time. Jeff, however, doesn't take his threats seriously, tells Zalgo to "fuck off", and throws a book at him, forcing Zalgo to teleport back to the Pit. Although Masky is thankful for them getting his body back, he is in severe pain from the wounds Zalgo inflicted on his body and demands them take him to the hospital.

While in the hospital, a recovering Masky gets a phone call from someone unknown. The caller turn out to be none other than Zalgo, who revealed that after soaking in some healing fire, he is back to full strength. He warns Masky that there is nowhere Masky can hide where Zalgo won't kill him or find him and says Masky will pay when Zalgo makes his next move. Masky, however, mockingly tells Zalgo he's breaking up and puts Zalgo on hold, which infuriates Zalgo and sends him into a rant, to which Masky nonchalantly responds to by tossing the phone into a trash can before walking off back to the mansion.

At the end of the episode, Jeff and Smile are seen relaxing by a pool at Masky's mansion, revealing Masky did indeed let Jeff have the mansion for a week. Soaking in the sun drinking Coca-Cola, Jeff cooks some hot-dogs using the same flamethrower Zalgo attempted to kill him with before the credits roll.

In the Unwanted House Guest's notes, BEN discovers a note left by Zalgo where it is revealed that Zalgo actually planned to destroy Masky's body and frame it as a suicide as a way to trap Masky's soul in the Pit and torture him for eternity. In said letter, he also asked BEN if he wanted the same thing to happen to him.

Zalgo appeared for a short cameo at the end of Native American Throwdown. After the Unwanted House Guest fixed the laptop and warned Jeff that the end of the world was coming and that they had to stop it, the screen panned off to a tapestry with Zalgo on it gazing over a burning landscape, alluding that Zalgo was what was to cause the apocalypse.

Zalgo later appears in "Underland" after Jeff is transported into and get stuck in a land known as Underland, formerly known as Wonderland. There he meets Alice Liddell, a woman who has been trapped in the land since she was a child. She reveals to Jeff that when she was very young she made a deal with Zalgo - in return for a way out of Wonderland and returning home to her family, she would have the sacrifice one of her family members. When she refused to give up her father's soul (which, of course, he knew would happen), Zalgo cursed her with immortality and forced her to live in a twisted version of Wonderland (now dubbed Underland) for the rest of her life. Alice reveals that he is stuck there with her, but there is a way out: the two must go on a journey to prove their worth and escape Underland by stealing a Multiverse crystal and escaping the withered dimension.  Afterward, they decide they need an extra hand and decide to consult a swamp wizard, Despite his cranky personality, he ushers the two inside his home, where he reveals that he has been collecting mystical artifacts. It is here that he retells Alice's backstory and how Zalgo's magic affected the land. The Hermit suggests that Alice and Jeff go hunt down the Multiverse crystals to use them for time travel.

He then summons an alligator to carry them to a Mayan-like pyramid. Once there, Alice and Jeff goes inside and retrieve the Multiverse crystal, only to have the exit locked and the pyramid filled with poisonous gas. However, Jeff uses the flammable gas to blow an exit out of the pyramid. There the two are caught by a pterodactyl summoned by the Hermit and they depart to their next challenge.

The group arrives at a mountain and Alice goes inside to find that the Fist of Ability is being held on rocks which are being suspended in the air by currents coming from the ground. Jeff uses his jacket as a parachute/kite and, after some trial and error, manages to retrieve the fist. Night falls and they head into the desert while riding on a snake and reach a glass dome which is set to open at the crack of dawn. Once it does, they find the Fist of Might right inside. Jeff descends but the Hermit, who was distracted while teasing the snake, doesn't notice the rope come loose and the killer falls. At first Jeff is wary due to the large amount of the skeletons around but, as he picks the fist, a door opens and the Hermit advises him to use it. The sun rises and the dome is revealed to be a trap, as the solar rays are magnified by the glass and become deadly. Jeff is pushed back into the trap but he then uses the fist to send the rays back at the glass and destroy the dome, freeing himself and giving the Hermit the final artifact.

Back in the swamp, the Hermit assembles the three objects in a circle and orders Jeff and Alice to stay out of the way as he begins a ritual. Cosmic matter descends into the objects and an explosion destroys his lair, revealing the revived Jabberwocky. The Hermit laughs and orders the Jabberwockey to destroy Jeff and Alice. The two are seemingly outmatched, with Jeff getting thrown into a nearby space-ship, knocking him out. The Hermit mocks Alice for being blinded by her wish to see her family again and not seeing the truth right in front of her face. The tables are turned when Alice reveals that she had snatched the Multiverse Crystal and quickly slays the Jabberwocky with the Vorpal Sword, proving that she was aware of the trick all along.

Suddenly the Hermit laughs and shed his true colors, revealing himself to be Zalgo all along. Alice is enraged and attempts to kill him, but Zalgo easily subdues her. He laughs and takes the three crystals, claiming himself one step closer to achieving his goals. He then says it's time for her part of the deal and begins to suck her soul out of her. However, before he can succeed in killing her, Zalgo spots Jeff flying in the space-ship, coming right at Zalgo. Jeff then shouts "Hey there, fucktard!" as he crashes the ship directly into Zalgo. Jeff then drags Alice in the ship as the two use the Multiverse crystals to escape Zalgo, leaving him in bitter rage.

In "The Demon", Zalgo assembles a group of demons in his lair, explaining that he desires Sulphide X, a substance of pure energy that can be harvested into power. He asks a demon to come forward to show him the planet he found but finds it useless. A nameless demon shows Zalgo some planets that contain large reserves of Sulphide X, which earns him praise from Zalgo, who kills the other demons for being "useless". Zalgo then sends the nameless demon to find the planet.

After he arrives on a planet which is covered 96% of Sulphide X, the demon meets a little alien girl, named Plinkey, who shows him the kindness and compassion Zalgo never showed. She spends the day with him, buying him ice cream, showing him how the ride a bike, and giving him a locket. She even gives him a name, "Flame-Head". The two bond for weeks on end until Plinkey's parents discover Flame-Head. They call him an abomination for serving Zalgo and refuse to believe Plinkey has reformed him. After being scorned by Plinkey's parents, Flame-Head is forced to return to the Pit to report for Zalgo. 

Back in the Pit, Flame-Head shows Zalgo the planet, much to his delight. However, when Zalgo asked to show him the coordinates so he can destroy it and harvest all of the Sulphide X it has, Flame-Head remembers the time he spent with Plinkey and removes all memory of the planet from his mind and defiantly calls himself Flame-Head, going against Zalgo's orders. Beyond furious, Zalgo angrily proclaims Flame-Head as a "worthless piece of garbage", and vaporizes the demon with his laser eyes. During his final moments, Flame-Head pulls out the picture that Plinkey had taken of them and sadly says, "I am Flame-Head" one last time before burning up completely.

Meanwhile, Plinkey's parents realizes that Zalgo's forces has not arrived to destroy the planet, understanding that Plinkey indeed reformed Flame-Head. Plinkey watches a shooting star and wishes Flame-Head good luck, unaware of his death.

In "Sisterhood", Jeff and Slenderman have another argument, though they don’t know what it is about. Ash breaks it up, and convinces them to settle their dispute with a game of Thimbles, like they do on her homeplanet of Serepentis. Slenderman agrees, but only since Jeff doesn’t know what Thimbles is, but BEN comes to his aid, claiming to be a Thimble Elite Junior Champion. After some explaining of the basic rules, Slenderman, Ticci Toby, Ash, and Clockwork take on Jeff, Smile Dog, Ms. P, and BEN. During the intense game, Ash rolls up her sleeve and reveals a tattoo, which catches the team's interest. Slenderman recognizes the symbol as that of one of the Multiverse Crystals. Ash claims on her planet everybody has a tattoo like this, so Jeff deduces one of the Multiverse Crystals is there, but Ash claims that it isn't. Despite this, Jeff says they should go to Serepentis anyway just to be sure.

Ash, however, absolutely doesn’t want to go to Serepentis for an unknown reason, and threatens to use her powers on anyone who tries to make her. She doesn’t listen to Jeff's arguments, but BEN convinces her to tell her story and Smile Dog supports her by licking her face affectionately. Ash finally tells the Proxies that Serepentis was dying from a severe lack of resources, so her people summoned Zalgo in a desperate attempt to save their planet. Zalgo agreed, but only if the Serepentians surrendered their Multiverse Crystal to him, and built statues of him. Days later, Ash and her sister, Harp, where brought before Zalgo since they had been chosen. Shortly after Ash's father gave Zalgo the Multiverse Crystal, Ash realized that she and her sister were chosen to be sacrificed. Ash was forced to watch her sister get devoured by Zalgo, and the trauma awoke her powers. She accidentally used them to kill her parents and several of Zalgo's minions. Ash then attempted to kill Zalgo, but his right-hand men Shadowlurker and X defended him and defeated him. Zalgo then took the Multiverse Crystal, destroyed Serepentis with Ash in it, and teleported away. Ash has been on the run since, and never saw her sister again. Back in the present, Ash realizes she had been talking for hours and awkwardly says goodnight to the Proxies.

Later that night, Ash has a horrifying nightmare of Zalgo and his forces attacking Proxy Mansion and the Under Realm, and she tries to fight back but he is too powerful and kills her. Ms. Pencil Neck wakes Ash up, and she discovers that she has blown holes in the walls by shooting energy beams in her sleep. Ash proclaims her determination to go to the Pit, but Ms. P warns her that her mind must be clear. Ash insists that she is ready, but Ms. P points at the holes in the walls and says that they say otherwise. Ash angrily says it's her call and she doesn't need Ms. P mothering her, and proclaims that she is finding her sister. Ms. P brings up the question of whether or not Ash's sister is even alive, and Ash says she has to try. Suddenly, Slenderman pokes his head though a hole and tells Ash to "try" fixing the holes in the walls.

The next day, Ash, the Proxies (except for Ticci Toby, Eyeless Jack, and Sally), and the Unwanted House Guest assemble and teleport to the Pit. As they depart, Slenderman tells Ash he knows exactly why she is doing this, but tells her that her sister is long gone by now. Ash angrily snaps at Slenderman that he doesn't know that. Slenderman simply shakes his head and teleports away.

Using his compass, Team Proxy make their way to the City of Zalgo. Strolling through the marketplace, BEN finds Forever Balls, balls that can bounce forever. However, Jeff pushes BEN away from them and into a group of people wearing hoods. They discover that the hooded people are part of the Cult of Zalgo, and are preparing to sacrifice themselves to him, pointing to a line that leads to Zalgo's castle. When Jeff asks BEN how long the line is, BEN estimates that it is 8 years long. Jeff wonders how to get the line of people to move and begins brainstorming. The scene then cuts to BEN, wearing clothes covered in noodles with an eye poking out, pretending to be Aton. The cultists angrily chase him, and BEN is able to lead them to their deaths by causing them to fall off a nearby cliff and into the depths below. BEN breaks his fall by landing on their bodies, and finally obtains a Forever Ball from one of their bodies. The Unwanted House Guest calls for a moment of silence for the dead cultists, only to tell everyone to continue a second later.

The gang reaches Zalgo's throne room, and Ash says that if the Multiverse Crystal is anywhere, it's with Zalgo. Ash uses her powers to lure Zalgo out and fires a blast of energy down a dark chasm behind Zalgo's chair. She yells at Zalgo to show himself, calling him the embodiment of "fear, hatred, and weakness". After a long pause, Zalgo rises from the fiery depths and surrounds the area in fire. Although it takes him a second, he recognizes Ash, admitting that he thought she was dead, before mockingly asking her if she has killed any more family members. Ash angrily orders Zalgo to release her sister, but Zalgo says that Harp has served him well. When Ash orders him to release her again, Zalgo questions why he should release her when he could have them both. However, the rest of Team Proxy come to Ash's side and say that if Zalgo wants to take her, he'll have to take them too. Zalgo calls that a great idea and opens a portal beneath everyone that sends them to the Pit of Despair.

After landing in the Pit of Despair, the team finds themselves surrounded by zombies called the Surrendered, other people who were deceived and had their lives drained to by Zalgo. As Ash searches for her sister, the Unwanted House Guest sees the Multiverse Crystal and runs with Jeff to take it back. However, an undead herald named Septim, who guards the crystal, stops the team from taking it. He asks what brings them to the Pit of Despair, and Ash introduces herself to him, and he blesses her as a "Child of Zalgo" and deems her as Surrendered, before asking who the "unworthy" are. Jeff tells him to shut up and give them the crystal, which he refuses to do unless they answer a series of complex riddles. Ash leaves the team to search for Harp, while the Unwanted House Guest and Jeff step up to answer the riddles. During the first two riddles, BEN answers them easily, much to Septum's amazement. Septim tells the team that the final riddle will induce brain spasms that they will never recover from, but the Unwanted House Guest and Jeff insist they are ready. True to his word, Septim gives a lengthy riddle that completely perplexes the team, even BEN, nonchalantly bouncing the Forever Ball, can't answer it. BEN then angrily throws the ball on the ground, causing it to bounce in all directions and causing it to hit Septim repeatedly, brutally injuring him and breaking him apart. With Septim out of commission, the Unwanted House Guest takes the crystal, which causes the Pit to begin shaking, alerting Zalgo.

As Zalgo orders every one of his demons to find Team Proxy, Ash finally finds Harp among the Surrendered. Unfortunately, Harp has become a withered zombie who can only say "She's gone" repeatedly, horrifying Ash. Meanwhile, the Unwanted House Guest and the Proxies make it back to the Under Realm, but Jeff notices that BEN is still in the Pit with Ash. Back in the Pit of Despair, BEN is trying to get Ash to leave, but Ash refuses to give up on her sister. In tears, Ash tries to get Harp to remember her, but Harp pushes her away, repeating her mantra. As the flames intensify, BEN pulls Ash away as Harp is engulfed in the flames and killed. BEN and a traumatized Ash try to make it to the portal, but Zalgo destroys it as he enters the Pit of Despair, flanked by hundreds of his men. Zalgo shoots BEN into a wall with laser eye beams, taking him out. Ash, furious over her sister's death, tried to attack Zalgo, who then trapped Ash in an elaborate series of illusions.

Ash first finds herself in a dark void surrounded by green mist, and while walking through it is attacked by a giant version of Zalgo, which mimics the dream she had earlier. The giant Zalgo hits her through an invisible wall of glass, where she finds Zalgo holding a healthy and crying Harp over a cliffside. Ash knows that it is an illusion and refuses to believe him, but Zalgo asks her if it really is. Zalgo drops "Harp", and Ash tries to save her from falling, only to hit the ground just before reaching her. Suddenly, Ash is transported to a dimension of mirrors, and when she touches her reflection, dozens of Ash's break from the mirror and attack her. Ash falls through the ground and falls in front of her sister's grave. Zalgo mocks her by saying that if she tried hard enough, Harp would have still been alive. Suddenly, a decayed Harp bursts from the grave, with spiders crawling from her orifices, and then attacks Ash. Before Ash is killed by the illusion, Zalgo is knocked out by BEN, ending the illusion. BEN grabs Ash's hand and tells her they have to leave, but BEN suddenly turns into cockroaches, revealing it to be an illusion. Ash goes through another quick series of illusions, including a giant version of Harp whose eyes form a marching army of Zalgo's cult, and also trapping Ash inside his eyeball as a snow globe version of Serepentis.

Zalgo then attacked Ash within the illusion, and the two engaged in a fight, with Zalgo saying that although Ash is smart, she is too easily fooled and telling her that her friends have to die as well. During the battle, Ash, in a vengeful rage, fired a full power energy blast at Zalgo, which hit Zalgo in the abdomen, causing him pain and ending the illusion. BEN, who recovered from Zalgo's attack, tells the exhausted Ash that they need to go. BEN and Ash manage to escape through the reopened portal, making it back to the Under Realm with the others. As the team watches lava and fire leak from the portal, the Unwanted House Guest pulls out the Multiverse Crystal and tells Jeff it should cover his rent, and Jeff and the Unwanted House Guest fight over it, which ends in the Unwanted House Guest accidentally swallowing the crystal, horrifying the team. Ash then cried into her hands as the Forever Ball returns to BEN, who realizes that the balls really do bounce forever.

Later that night, the Unwanted House Guest places the crystal in Slenderman's vault. Ash returns to Slenderman in tears, admitting she should have listened to him and angrily tells him to go ahead and tell her he was right. Slenderman says he was and tells her to take this experiences as a lesson before returning to his office. Jeff asks Ash what she is going to do. Ash informed explained that her quest is far from over, and when Zalgo comes for her she would brutally kill him with every intrument of death she could, slowly and painfully. A bewildered Jeff wished her luck before awkwardly shifting away. BEN still has his forever ball and invites Ash to play with him, but Ash says she needs some time alone before walking away and sitting on Proxy Mansion's roof, staring at the moon.

In "Treasure Hunt", Unwanted House Guest calls Jeff, BEN, Ms. P, Eyeless Jack, Masky, Ticci Toby, Clockwork and Hoodie to his home to aid him on a mission. He tells them that after Zalgo possessed Masky and nearly destroyed his notes, the Unwanted House Guest left his notes in the hands of a goddess named Gróa. Gróa was a gifted seer who owned an enormous library, containing even some of the most mysterious and precious creations in the multiverse. He told the Proxies that he has to retrieve the notes from the library and asks them to tag along in case anything goes wrong.

When the gang arrive at Gróa's library, they discover the place has been ransacked and none are to be found. Just then, the gang hear banging and immediately hide, where they see that the Shadowlurker and X have torn the place apart looking for Unwanted House Guest's notes. Ticci Toby accidentally knocks over a huge book while taking cover, which alerts the Shadowlurker. After a brief period of looking around, the Shadowlurker eventually teleports to a different room of the library with X. Unwanted House Guest then tells the others he knows where the notes are, but tells them they are in the vault, which is protected by an incredibly advanced security system. He tells them that Gróa can turn off the weapon system, but she is nowhere to be seen, meaning they will have to fight through the traps themselves.

The gang reach a pair of temple doors as Shadowlurker and X continue rampaging through the library. Ms. P reads the sign written in Ancient dialect just beside the door (having taken a night class): "Strength and logic will lead you astray. If you want to enter, try the lazy way." True enough, Jeff's attempt to chop the stone door down with a knife only succeeds in covering them all in dust, and BEN attempts to solve a puzzle near the door, but states it will take centuries to do so. Hearing this, Ticci Toby decides to wait it out and lazily sits on a nearby rock, which triggers the doors to open and validates the riddle. Inside, the team find a Stone Guardian who tells the team they must go through three rooms filled with death traps that can only be stopped by correctly answering each room's individual riddle.

After going through each room and finding the final room at last, they find the notebook on a pedestal, and Unwanted House Guest runs to his notes, only for Zalgo to teleport in front of him and take the notes. The Guardian appears behind them, revealing itself to be X in disguise. Shadowlurker appears from the dark and tells the gang that he knew they were in the library when he heard Ticci Toby knock the book over. Zalgo then reveals that at some point before the Unwanted House Guest assembled the team, Shadowlurker had asked Gróa's warrior husband, Magni, for help for a quest in Aton's realm. During the quest, Magni apparently suffered from a battle frostbite and had to be carried by Shadowlurker, who eventually lost him in the tundra. After this, the Unwanted House Guest gave Gróa his notes, telling her to keep them safe from Zalgo for the time being. After her husband's disappearance, Gróa's grew desperate to find her husband until one day Zalgo and X paid a visit to Gróa's library, demanding her to hand over the Unwanted House Guest's notes. Gróa hesitated, and Zalgo threatened to kill her, just like Shadowlurker killed her husband. After hearing this, Gróa refused to tell Zalgo anything. In retaliation, Zalgo ordered X to maul her to death, which he did.

After the flashback ends, Zalgo boasted about finally obtaining the Unwanted House Guest's notes and destroys it with fire. The Unwanted House Guest then reveals that the notebook Zalgo destroyed was a fake. With a sly smile, the Unwanted House Guest said he knew Zalgo would find the library and search for his notebook, and that he had Gróa put fake recreations of the Unwanted House Guest's book all over the place beforehand, tearing a cloth off of a bookshelf, revealing thousands of exact copies of the notes. Zalgo (in a comedic manner) tries frantically to find the real one, slowly growing more and more anxious as the copies vanish. Zalgo then demands to know where the real notebook is, which the Unwanted House Guest calmly reveals is underneath the cushions of a couch that had been lying there. The Unwanted House Guest then recites a spell from the book that sends the three demons back to the Pit, but not before Zalgo swears vengeance.

In "The Zalgo Infection", Slenderman and Mr. Widemouth are battling an army of Zalgo's men. After dispatching the first wave of men, Zalgo sends the next wave. During the battle Slenderman charges at Zalgo. However, Zalgo's eyes glow, causing Slenderman is feel unease. When Slenderman demands to know what Zalgo has done, Zalgo says he helped Slenderman "Unlock his true power" before teleporting away. Slenderman then teleports back to the Under Realm's ice region, but struggles to cope with the extremely cold temperatures of the mountains. This confuses Slenderman, as he is usually immune to such cold temperatures. He begins to hallucinate and catches a glimpse of his mother Akira before passing out. While Slenderman was passed out, the Unwanted House Guest finds him and bring him to his tent, giving him some food to strengthen him. the Unwanted House Guest explains that he had been collecting ice for the summer and found three precious gems, needing just one for a summoning ritual Slenderman promises to keep his secret in return for saving him as the Unwanted House Guest notices some black marks on Slenderman's hand.

The next morning Slenderman parts company with the Unwanted House Guest, despite his concerns. Slenderman soon bristles with the cold, only to discover that he has unknowingly stolen the gems from the Unwanted House Guest. Soon, he finds a hiker trapped over the edge. He at first tries to rescue him but starts arguing with himself over whether he should help him out of kindness or get a reward in return. It gets to a point where the hiker, disturbed by Slenderman's behavior, suggests to Slenderman that he wishes to stay where he is.

As Slenderman continues his journey back to Proxy Mansion he continues to twitch and struggle to breathe as more of his body begins to unwillingly sprout his black tentacles and even grow a mouth and eyes. His right arm starts to grow claws before receding back in. Slenderman soon reaches a village, as a dog barks at him and children keep their distance. The final straw comes when Slenderman bumps into a monster and demands an apology before ripping the monster in two, only to return to normal when its blood splats onto his face. He runs to a barrel to find that his infection is taking control of him. Slenderman desperately seeks out a cure before Zalgo's magic transforms him into the monstrosity himself and decides to seek Splendorman, which his infection also decides to seek. Stealing a tent and covering himself with it, he soon reaches Splendorman's home.

He is begrudgingly welcomed into the home and meet with his brother Splendorman. Splendorman explains that the Sword of Splendorman, an object crafted by Aton himself, is the key to ridding Slenderman of this evil. Slenderman sheds a tear before his infection takes full control of his body, transforming him into hideous monstrosity. Splendorman his swords power to spawn minions to fight back. The Demonic Slenderman kills the minions, who fight valiantly, but are ultimately defeated. Demon Slenderman begins to destroy Splendorman's home but is eventually subdued by Splendorman. As he loses consciousness, Slenderman reverts to normal and begs for forgiveness.

Splendorman then has Slenderman suspended over a pool of sacred water performing prayers and rituals. Splendorman then reveals that when he was born, Zalgo placed a magical curse on Slenderman that would unlock his true potential, that potential being a monster of great power only Zalgo can control. He also informs Slenderman that the sword is powerless against it and it will take Slenderman's own will to overcome this evil. Slenderman says he cannot fight it alone as his infection takes over and threatens to devour every Splendorman's world and then destroy the universe. Slenderman's inner spirit, showing his childhood self, is comforted by his mother and is shown a fortress made by the blessing of the Proxies and his allies. Slenderman then fights a physical manifestation of his evil side and after a fierce battle, contains it within his mind. After returning from his mind, Slenderman asks about his actions that caused so much trouble, Splendorman explains that he feels that he owes him his lives for defeating the infection declaring "All debts are paid". Slenderman says "all but one", and returns the stolen gems to the Unwanted House Guest.

Zalgo appears in the opening flashback of "The Truth". Over 160 years ago, the Unwanted House Guest was going on a world-wide journey to retrieve the Oculus, an object capable of sealing Zalgo to the Pit forever. He traveled to the top of a mountain, accompanied by three small troll children. After traveling 100 meters up the mountain he found the Oculus and tried to grab it, only to be blown back by Zalgo himself. Zalgo laughs and claims he didn't expect the Unwanted House Guest to find it. After destroying the Oculus when the Unwanted House Guest attempted to use it again, Zalgo gloatingly revealed that it was the last time Oculus in existence; now, Zalgo is free to roam the mortal realms forever. As the Unwanted House Guest seethed with rage, Zalgo told him to calm down, as too much stress would give him a heart attack, right before realizing what he was saying and mockingly telling him to continue. The Unwanted House Guest proceeded to lash out at Zalgo, who simply dodged his attacks mutated the three trolls into monstrous forms to "play with" the Unwanted House Guest before escaping. In a blind rage, the Unwanted House Guest fought and killed the corrupted trolls, only to lose his notes in the process, perched precariously over a bottomless pit where the Oculus once stood. When the trolls reverted to their normal forms, the Unwanted House Guest realized he had spilled innocent blood and tried to fetch his notes, but lost it due to a collapsing pillar that resulted from the struggle.

Zalgo later appears in a flashback when Shadowlurker forces the Unwanted House Guest to reveal the truth about him accidentally releasing Zalgo from his banishment and the two creating a portal that allows Zalgo into the primary universe.

Zalgo then appears in the mid-credits scene when the Proxies and the Unwanted House Guest finish the Zalgo-proof barrier. Anyone inside the mansion will be immune to Zalgo's mind tricks. Zalgo is revealed to be watching them via a magic screen in the Pit. He comes to the conclusion that if his next pawn won't be a Proxy, it'll have to be outside it. His screen flashes between all the citizens of both the Under Realm, Arcosia, Wonderland, the Pit, and Human World as the episode ends.

In "Abducted", Jeff is informed by Slenderman that Zalgo's minions have proposed a truce and want to talk peacefully in the Under Realm's desert. Jeff and Slenderman suspect that it is a trap, so Ms. P, BEN, and Ticci Toby come along as a back-up. Before going out to do the talks, Jeff is approached by a random man on the streets to take the Multiverse Crystals that the Proxies are holding with him so that Zalgo's minions don't take them while they are gone, which Jeff says is a good idea. Slenderman and the Proxies arrive at the location and Jeff, with of bag of Multiverse Crystals (unbeknownst to everyone), goes to a sniping position on a hilltop to keep watch. After a while, Shadowlurker, accompanied by Zalgo's Inquisitors, arrived to talk to Slenderman. Slenderman attempts to make amends, but it is clear that Shadowlurker is only there to sneer at Slenderman and his gang. Suddenly, a demon sneaks up on Jeff and knock him out from behind. Jeff wakes up a few minutes later to four demonic henchmen, including Flagg and Stukka who laugh as they brutally assault him.

Jeff later wakes up in the middle on an unknown location, a few feet away from Zalgo's minions, who are talking over a fire about their plan. Jeff groggily attempts to leave, but falls over from his injuries. The four demons give Jeff another beating as Flagg shoots Jeff in the shoulder with a plasma gun, wounding him. As Jeff writhes in pain, Shadowlurker is seen approaching him. As Jeff slips out of consciousness, Shadowlurker checks if Jeff is alive and says it is a lucky thing for him, but not so lucky for Jeff, since he will have to be interrogated. Shadowlurker says he is going to take pleasure in making Jeff talk.

We then jump a few days later, with Jeff hanging upside down in one of Zalgo's dungeons, bruised and bloodied. He is recounting his life story leading up to these events to a skeleton who was sharing his cell. After a while the chain holding Jeff is yanked upward and into a tunnel system where Jeff is hanging in front of Zalgo himself. Zalgo mockingly asks Jeff how his wound is, and Jeff responds that he doesn't even feel it, but Zalgo says that he will. Zalgo then reveals that X was the man who told Jeff to bring the crystals with him, and now Zalgo has them. He calls Jeff a fool for falling for an obvious trap, but then compliments Jeff on his skills as a killer and asks him why he still works for Slenderman when he could join him and earn an untold amount of riches. Jeff tells Zalgo that it isn't about the money, and Zalgo says that Jeff is only working with Slenderman because he is charismatic and Jeff only listens to Slenderman because he is an idiot, before having one of his men kick Jeff in the ribs. Shadowlurker approaches Jeff and then fires up a beam from his fingertip and puts it directly to Jeff's head, threatening to kill him. In a bid for his life, Jeff tells the Zalgo to release him, give him back the crystals, and run away and never show himself again. Zalgo then reveals his master plan; he plans to use Jeff as bait so that when Jeff's allies come to save him, he'll have his overwhelming army massacre them all. Zalgo then has Stukka violently beat Jeff with a giant mallet before sending him back down into the dungeons. As Zalgo leaves to admire the Multiverse Crystals, Shadowlurker then tells Stukka, to notify him when Jeff is better because he wants Jeff to be healthy before he begins torturing him.

Hours later, Stukka is monitoring Jeff's condition in the dungeon, who has seemingly fallen asleep. As Stukka watches Jeff, Shadowlurker walks into the chamber room. Shadowlurker asks about Jeff's condition and Stukka replies that his vital signs have stabilized for now. However, he states that Jeff is still in critical condition and may never regain consciousness. Shadowlurker becomes annoyed and throws Stukka against a wall, telling him that he must be revived at all costs since Zalgo ordered that Jeff be interrogated. Stukka fearfully agrees with Shadowlurker. As he raises his head, Shadowlurker notes to himself that if Jeff does not recover, Zalgo will have his head. Zalgo is seen staring at the 10 Multiverse Crystals he took from Jeff and expressing his desire to obtain the final two.

A few more hours later, Jeff is still sleeping in the dungeon. As Flagg passes by to check on Stukka, he says that Zalgo is not going to be happy and at this rate, Jeff will not recover. Stukka tries to look on the bright side and says that the mighty Jeff the Killer may not be so mighty after all. Stukka then says that he hopes Jeff will pull out alive because he is really going to enjoy watching Zalgo torture him to death, admitting that it would keep him entertained for a while. Stukka says he is going to take a little break, sarcastically stating that he would not want Jeff to wander off and get hurt, leaving him with Flagg. After Stukka leaves, Flagg enters the cell to try and wake Jeff up, but Jeff suddenly strangles Flagg when he gets close enough, revealing himself to still be alive. Jeff whispers "Back from the dead, motherfucker" to Flagg gets choked out. Jeff then grabs a grenade launcher from Flagg's weapon belt.

In Zalgo's throne room, Zalgo and Shadowlurker are contemplating the situation. Zalgo asks Shadowlurker of Jeff's condition and he says that Jeff should be regaining consciousness any time now. Zalgo jokes that if Jeff actually is dead, he will not have to waste time executing him after all, and the Proxies will come back for a corpse, which Shadowlurker agrees with. Just then, Zalgo's entire castle begins to shake, causing Shadowlurker to abruptly fall forward before regaining his footing. Shadowlurker leans out the throne room door and yells out to a group of minions down to hall, asking about what that sudden eruption could have been, and Zalgo orders them all to find out. When the group of minions do so, they walk in with Jeff pointing the grenade launcher directly at them. Jeff then says "Oh, hello! ...And goodbye." as he fires the grenade launcher at them, killing them all and damaging the room more.

Jeff walks out of his destroyed dungeon and states that his enemies keep underestimating his "true powers". Jeff then blasts a hole through the dungeon room, causing another explosion. This diverts Zalgo and Shadowlurker's attention and Shadowlurker says that the sound came from the dungeons. Zalgo tells him to hurry and Shadowlurker runs to the room, opening the steel door and peeking inside. All of Zalgo's dungeons are in shambles, which leaves Shadowlurker in complete shock. As Jeff's voice is heard mocking Shadowlurker, he runs around in search of the arrogant killer, stating that he must have flown off. Zalgo orders him to go after Jeff. What they don't know is that Jeff hadn't actually left yet and has created a diversion on purpose just to get them away from the throne room. Zalgo begins to panic and this leaves Shadowlurker in frustration, stating that he will find Jeff. Zalgo tells Jeff that if he does not find him, he will have to face dire consequences. As the two demons search, Jeff runs to the throne room to find all the Multiverse Crystals intact. Jeff declares that it must be Christmas because Zalgo "left some presents for him" and has made his last mistake.

Shadowlurker searches the Pit's skies for Jeff, swearing to rip him to pieces. Zalgo shouts from his castle's balcony and tells Shadowlurker he will hold him responsible for Jeff's escape if he is unsuccessful in locating the killer. As Shadowlurker continues to hover outside, Jeff can be seen inside Zalgo's throne room. Jeff speaks to himself, knowing that while Zalgo and Shadowlurker are distracted, he can easily steal the crystals with the element of surprise. As Jeff prepares another blast from the grenade launcher, he yells out to Zalgo and Shadowlurker, calling them "fucktards" who should have killed him when they had the chance. Both Zalgo and Shadowlurker are surprised by the noise they hear from the ship, which turns out to be a sudden blast from Jeff. The blast blows the side of Zalgo's castle up entirely, with flames exploding out from the ship's exterior, and directly at Shadowlurker, who was trying to fly into the ship. As the flames rise upward, Shadowlurker dodges the fiery inferno from the explosion caused by Jeff, furiously calling Jeff a "thieving ape".

Jeff then gathers the Multiverse Crystals and swiftly tosses them out of the castle in a sack, using the same amount of strength in order to ensure they land close to each other, although very far from Zalgo's castle. Shadowlurker says the blast came from a certain direction as Zalgo realizes Jeff must be going after the crystals and panics. They both run to the throne room to find that the crystals are missing. Zalgo then spots Jeff, who laughs and flips Zalgo off before jumping from the hole he blew and into the city far below, landing safely on a tarp below. Zalgo starts screaming for the crystals and Shadowlurker becomes frustrated and completely annoyed, yelling for Jeff and jolting out of the ship to search for him once more. Shadowlurker's desperation is heightened as he convinces himself that Jeff could not have gone very far and orders every henchman in the Pit to search for Jeff.

Jeff manages to find the sack of crystals down in the Pit, but he is pursued by Zalgo's minions, who chase him into a building. The minions seemingly have him cornered, and taunt him that they will enjoy torturing him for defying Zalgo. When all seems lost, a hole is suddenly blown behind Jeff, sending him and the minions flying back. As the smoke clears, BEN sticks his head through and says "You comin', buddy?" Jeff grabs the sack of crystals and follows BEN to a spaceship and when Jeff gets inside Clockwork, Ms. P, Ticci Toby, Ash Graven, Masky, and Hoodie are inside, revealing that they arrived to rescue him. With Jeff rescued, Masky pilots the ship away from the Pit as Zalgo's minions take flight after them.

En-route to the Under Realm, Jeff and the Proxies casually have a conversation, with Jeff saying they were lucky they came when they did, telling them about Zalgo's plan to use him as bait. Ms. P is furious at Jeff and calls him an idiot for falling for X's trap and taking the crystals with him, but Jeff ignores her, saying he is tired and just wants to listen to some music. Jeff turns on the ship's radio and "Haddaway - What is Love?" begins playing, much to Jeff's pleasure. After easily evading Zalgo's minions, the crew make a space jump to the Under Realm, escaping swiftly.

In the mid-credits scene, Shadowlurker is kneeling with respect to his master, Zalgo tells him to stop apologizing and get his act together. Shadowlurker feels shameful and does not want to disappoint Zalgo, coupled with the fact that he does not want to fail his mission or lose his life as a result of his failure. Zalgo blames the entire situation on Shadowlurker for allowing Jeff to escape. Zalgo hits Shadowlurker across the room and tells him he has a week to find a way to get Zalgo the crystals back, grabbing Shadowlurker by the collar and lighting his eyes up as if he is about to kill him with heat vision. A fearful Shadowlurker promises to succeed and Zalgo throws him to the ground and teleports away as Shadowlurker walks out to devise a plan to get the crystals.

In "Blast to the Past", the Unwanted House Guest, the Proxies, and Ash travel through time to retrieve Zalgo's original Multiverse Crystal, which was destroyed by the Unwanted House Guest years ago. Arriving to the pre-Slenderman era, the team soon finds a hologram of pre-Slenderman Zalgo giving a speech to his massive army about him waging war against Aton. Jeff makes a comment about how Zalgo was just as horrible then as he is now.

In "The Nightmare Realm", a full five months have passed and Zalgo is still on the hunt for the Multiverse Crystals. Frustrated by his minions' failures to obtain any Multiverse Crystals, Zalgo had begun executing his henchmen en mass for their failure.

Zalgo has his Inquisitors capture General Stevil, one of Zalgo's military commanders, and bring him to Zalgo's lair. Once there, Stevil laughs at Zalgo, as Zalgo was "smaller" than Stevil anticipated. There, Zalgo tortures the general to learn the location of the Multiverse Crystals, as Stevil was sent to get them. After Stevil tells Zalgo he doesn't know, Zalgo tortures him by breaking his limbs and contorting his body with telekinesis. Stevil begs Zalgo to spare him, and Zalgo releases him, saying that killing him would be "rude". Zalgo then orders X to devour Stevil, watching with glee as X tears Stevil apart.

Following this, Zalgo visits the palace of High Helper Hula, the God of Knowledge, who has been secretly working behind Aton's back as a double agent for Zalgo. After Zalgo loudly demands to know where the crystals are, she says that she has appreciated his patients and she will do everything she can to ensure the prophecy comes true. She tells him to be patient, but Zalgo wants to crystals now and kills several of Hula's minions and then destroys Hula’s eyes in anger, telling her to find the crystals or he will kill her.

Back in his lair, when Zalgo is whining about how he doesn't have the crystals, one of his servants, Eric, brings Zalgo brings Zalgo's food to please him. However, the slab of flesh the servant tried to give him was not the right size Zalgo liked, so Zalgo slaps the tray out of Eric's hands and begins graphically strangling him. He stops when he receives word that Jeff, he has been missing for five months since the time heist, had been located in the Nightmare Realm, one of the many lands under Zalgo's control. Zalgo eagerly says that his patience has paid off, before he finally snaps Eric's neck.

Deciding to deal with Jeff at his most vulnerable, Zalgo teleported to the realm with Shadowlurker and X. However, Zalgo broke the news that he did not need the two's help, as he planned to personally confront Jeff alone, telling the two to return to the Pit. Following this, X and Shadowlurker promptly teleported away as Zalgo grinned wickedly in the horizon, sensing Jeff's presence. However, just as Zalgo had arrived, the Proxies, the Unwanted House Guest, and Ash Graven also arrived in the Nightmare Realm as well, having been planning to rescue Jeff as well as obtain the final Multiverse Crystal the past five months.

Across the Nightmare Realm, Jeff returns to his make-shift home with the carcass of a tar monster. He then huddled by a fire to record a message to the Proxies, using a hand-held camera he found on his travels. After Jeff turned on the switch to record from the camera, he tells the Proxies that if they find the video of this recording, they should not post it on social media due to the sad situation he is in. Jeff reflected on the past days of his survival, such as the small amount of meals he obtained, crafting a trident out of a damaged part of a ship, building a home in the belly of a giant's corpse, and eating the remaining food rations. Jeff then told the Proxies that the food he gathered will run out in a few hours, and that he hoped to pull off one last surprise. Jeff told to not feel bad about his predicament and maybe just grovel and return to normal for the next upcoming weeks after he's gone. Jeff began to drift off from the recording and finished the recording by saying he will promise to dream about the Proxies since it was always what he dreamed about. After finishing the recording, Jeff laid down to get some rest.

However, Jeff gets caught up by the terrifying nightmare, where he is battling Zalgo's minions as the universe around them decayed, having to fight on after they had all his allies have been murdered. During the battle, Jeff tries his hardest to protect BEN, the only Proxy still alive, but Jeff is killed when Zalgo arrives, cackling maniacally as he incinerates Jeff with heat vision. In reality, Jeff jolts up, breathing heavily and sweating, before sighing when realizing it was just a dream. However, the voices that have been tormenting Jeff return, this time taking the voices of the Proxies, yelling at him for failing to save them. Jeff screams in terror before driving off on his motorcycle he stole earlier from a gang.

As Jeff rides aimlessly through a foggy land, his motorcycle is suddenly destroyed by a bolt of red energy. Using his quick reflexes, Jeff manages to leap off the bike before he could get caught in the explosion, and land on the ground. Jeff calls for whoever did this to come out, and Zalgo appears behind him, coming from the darkness. Jeff, on the defense, asks Zalgo how he found him, and Zalgo simply tells Jeff a "little birdie" told him before laughing. Jeff told Zalgo to stop toying with him and angrily asked him what he came there for. Zalgo obliged Jeff's request and admitted he came to the realm to settle his and Jeff's conflict once and for all. Zalgo proposes a one-on-one duel: no armies, no bounty hunters, and no allies, at which Jeff looks shocked. Jeff reluctantly agrees, to the duel, and the two begin a stare-down. After a moment of silence, Jeff made the first move and took out his trident, and the fight began.

As the fight began, Zalgo easily and effortlessly fought back against Jeff, sending Jeff ducking behind cover using eye beams. After Zalgo finishes using his eye beams, Jeff leaps out and throws his trident at Zalgo, but Zalgo smacks it away and sends a fireball at Jeff, which Jeff swiftly dodges before landing in front of Zalgo. Jeff picks his trident up, which fell near Zalgo, and tried to stab him, but Zalgo dodges the attack and smacks Jeff with such force that it sends him through a boulder. Realizing he is outmatched, Jeff begins running away, and Zalgo gives chase by assuming the form of a dragon. As Zalgo razes the entire field with fire, Jeff jumps off a nearby cliff and down a chasm, where he lands in the Valley of Corpses. As Jeff began looking for Zalgo, Zalgo appeared behind him, having disguised himself as one of the corpses, before blasting Jeff into a wall with eye beams. Zalgo proceeds to mock Jeff for challenging a god, but Jeff begins to run away again. Zalgo cuts Jeff's exit off and tells Jeff that their fight will only end when one of them is dead. Hearing this, Jeff stops, turns to face Zalgo, and pulls out his knife. Jeff then angrily says "Come and kill me, motherfucker", before continuing his fight with Zalgo.

Jeff began fighting Zalgo with his knife, but Zalgo still used his speed to dodge Jeff's attacks. As Jeff is knocked back again, he manages to grab his trident, breaks it in two, and runs at Zalgo again, screaming. Zalgo grinned and telekinetically lifted several boulders surrounding them before hurling them at Jeff, and Jeff was able to dodge them and leaps at Zalgo, stabbing the dark lord in both of his eyes. As Zalgo yelled in pain, Jeff began fist-fighting Zalgo, and it became clear that despite his immense power, Zalgo couldn't compete with Jeff's fighting kills. Jeff leaps forward and kicks Zalgo into a wall and runs to stab him with his knife, but Zalgo quickly recovered, having not been harmed in the slightest, and quickly stabbed Jeff through the stomach with his own trident in the blink of an eye, sending the wounded killer to the ground in a pool of blood. Zalgo laughed maniacally, mocking Jeff for doing all he could but still failing to even hurt him. Jeff soundly admits that he can't beat Zalgo, and tells Zalgo to deal the final blow, accepting his fate. However, Zalgo reveals he has other plans as he lifts Jeff to him. Zalgo then reminds Jeff that the last time they met, he stole the Multiverse Crystals from him, before telling him that he's going to help him get them back. Zalgo then lifted Jeff to his face as Jeff's eyes begin to turn red.

The Proxies, the Unwanted House Guest, and Ash Graven manage to locate Jeff's location, following the trail created by Jeff's motorcycle that leads them to the foggy lands he was riding to. There, they find his destroyed motorcycle, and Jeff himself appears soon after, to their relief. Everyone is incredibly happy to see Jeff again, except for the Unwanted House Guest, who thinks something is wrong. As "Jeff" is greeting the Proxies, asking them where the Multiverse Crystals are, the Unwanted House Guest shoots him in the shoulder completely out of nowhere. As the gang angrily question his actions, the Unwanted House Guest tells them that it isn't Jeff. As the team looks back at Jeff, he begins laughing and raises his head to reveal Zalgo's eyes as he laughs evilly, showing that Zalgo has taken possession of Jeff's body.

Zalgo then tries to kill the team in Jeff's body, but he quickly gets overwhelmed by their numbers. Zalgo then decides that he must "bring out his best" to defeat them and proceeds to transform into a horrifying, clawed, six-legged, spider-like version of Jeff before laughing evilly as the Proxies and their allies look in horror. Zalgo then says that he thinks Jeff looks better in this form and mockingly asks if they agree, right before lunging at them and trying to kill the team using his demonic powers. Zalgo begins to mock the team that if they fight back, they will not only harm him, but Jeff as well, which makes the team hesitant to fight back. However, BEN remembers that the longer Zalgo stays in a human body, the more human he becomes (recounting the events of "Grand Theft Masky"). Once Zalgo begins to slow down, the team finally begin attacking him, albeit they are clearly holding back to not hurt Jeff too much. Zalgo is still able to maintain his demonic form and fights the team off, before attacking the Unwanted House Guest and stealing his satchel, which contains all the Multiverse Crystals the team has collected so far, but Ticci Toby punched Zalgo back, sending the satchel a few feet away.

With half of the Proxies' team injured or out of commission, Zalgo ran to the satchel, but Ticci Toby attempted to tackle him, but it fails and Zalgo kicked Toby into a rock. Before Zalgo could grab the crystals, Hoodie began pushing Zalgo away, before Ticci Toby, Eyeless Jack, and Masky leaped onto Zalgo as the four attempted to hold him down, but Zalgo throws Eyeless Jack into Hoodie and Masky, and throws Toby onto the ground before punching him into unconsciousness. Zalgo then managed to successfully take the satchel and prepared to teleport away, but before he could, Ash Graven stopped him and engaged Zalgo in a vicious fight. Ash landed a few punches on Zalgo, but he dodged her third punch and grabbed her by the neck, spinning around before violently hurling her into a boulder. Now possessing all of the Multiverse Crystals, including the one Ash and BEN had recently obtained, Zalgo attempted to escape to the Pit, but Ash tackled him. Zalgo attempted to blast Ash away with energy, but he has already lost too much power to do so. However, using his wits, Zalgo pulled out one of the Multiverse Crystals and absorbed its energy, which began severely burning his arm, and blasted Ash away with a punch, knocking her out of the fight.

With his arm partially burning, Zalgo mockingly said goodbye to his foes and prepared to teleport away, but before he could do so, he is shot through the chest from behind by BEN, mortally wounding him and leaving a gaping hole in his chest. Having spent too long in Jeff's body, Zalgo collapsed to the ground in agony and a pool of blood, feeling the full pain from the attack, returning to Jeff's normal form and dropping the satchel to the ground. As Zalgo laid in agony, he attempted to grasp the satchel, but BEN kicked it away and shot Zalgo again in Jeff's kidney, causing Zalgo to scream in pain and a copious amount of blood to spill out from the wound. BEN approached Zalgo with anger and told him that he took so much from him, and Zalgo only responds by saying BEN and the Proxies have done the same to him as well. BEN taunts Zalgo that they saved Jeff, shooting him in the arm, causing Zalgo to scream in pain again. However, Zalgo's screams turn to psychotic laughter, as he mocks BEN that Jeff will die from his injuries once he returns to his body. BEN is horrified upon realizing this, and Zalgo escapes from Jeff's body, his essence flying out of Jeff's body and upwards into the sky and escaping.

After Zalgo escaped, the Proxies and their allies discover that Jeff is unresponsive and critically injured, taking his body to their ship to return to the Under Realm. The episode ends with Jeff in a coma in a hospital bed, hooked up to various equipment. BEN arrives by his side, realizing that Jeff wouldn't be in this state if it wasn't for him, and begins crying by Jeff's side.

Zalgo does not physically appear in "The Play", but he is alluded to many times along with his likeness. The Proxies (including Jeff who recovered a few episodes ago), Ash, and Slenderman, all in disguise, go to see a propaganda play hosted by Zalgo supporters that portrays them as addlepated idiots and Zalgo as an unstoppable mastermind. Towards the end of the play, a man in a Zalgo costume appears on stage, summoning power from the Multiverse Crystals. The play's Shadowlurker comes in and tells him that the play's Slenderman and Jeff are at the palace, trying to stop him. Zalgo demands Shadowlurker face Slenderman while he faces Jeff. Slenderman defeats Shadowlurker, but is quickly killed by Zalgo. His last words are "TEA!" and the crowd cheers for his defeat. Real Slenderman is dumbfounded, and the group looks at him with concern. The play's Jeff makes his way to the demon lord; but is too late, as crystals have been absorbed and Zalgo declares himself unstoppable. Zalgo and Jeff battle, where he fires a giant fireball at Jeff, who screams "No-o-o-o-o-o!" as he dies, waving a huge red piece of cloth around him. Shadowlurker comes back in and Zalgo gives a speech about how the multiverse is now his and the play ends. The crowd gives a standing ovation as the Proxies, Slenderman, and Ash look on aghast.

In "Not What He Seems", Zalgo appears early on in Slenderman's dreams, telling him that he's been preparing for "the big day," going on to say that Slenderman can't keep himself and the Proxies safe forever, reminding him of his failure to save the Shadowlurker. Zalgo then demands to know where the multiverse portal and the crystals that power it is. Slenderman yells at Zalgo to leave his mind, telling him he has no dominion in the real world. Zalgo leaves through the portal, but not before warning Slenderman that "things change."

Zalgo later appears when Jeff discovers the Shadowlurker's past and sees visions of Zalgo brutally brainwashing and torturing the Shadowlurker with his eye beams. After his memories were wiped, Zalgo sent the Shadowlurker to attack a festival being held in the Under Realm, which Slenderman attended. Slenderman attempted to stop the assault, but upon realizing the attacker was his own best friend, he was frozen, resulting in the Shadowlurker mercilessly striking Slenderman down and slaughtering every monster in sight. After this, Jeff is propelled back into the real world. Ms. P reveals that they saw everything. Realizing his true past and regaining his memories, Shadowlurker burst into rage and blasted Slenderman back. Ms. P tries to fend off Shadowlurker the best she can to give Jeff time to leave. Jeff demands to know why Shadowlurker is attacking him and not Zalgo, the very person who brainwashed him. Shadowlurker refuses to answer and buries Jeff under a pile of rocks. Jeff then claims that Shadowlurker is too scared to fight back against Zalgo, which Shadowlurker angrily denies. Shadowlurker still insists and says he must kill Jeff or Zalgo will kill him and do it himself. Shadowlurker then angrily yells at Slenderman, telling him he knew Zalgo would come for him, but still allowed himself to be seen with him. Slenderman tried to apologize to Shadowlurker, claiming he thought Zalgo had died after their first fight. Shadowlurker them reveals that Zalgo dismembered his arms, took away his face, and tortured him for a millennium, all because of Slenderman. Jeff claims that Shadowlurker can leave Zalgo and join their efforts to defeat him, and that they will protect him form Zalgo's wrath. After this, Shadowlurker seemingly agrees to help them hide the Multiverse Crystals and abandon his work with Zalgo.

Afterward, the team collect the crystals and spread them across the most secured places in the Under Realm, two of which were placed in Slenderman's vault and Proxy Mansion's basement. Slenderman gives one to Shadowlurker, telling him to protect it with his life. Shadowlurker attempts to bid the team farewell, until Jeff offers to let him stay the night at Proxy Mansion. Shadowlurker, although touched by their offer, says that the rest of the team, especially Ash, likely wouldn't be too welcoming of him. As the team leaves, Shadowlurker digs a gigantic hole in the dirt, and plants a magical tracking spell on his crystal before reburying it. As Shadowlurker teleports to an unknown location, it is revealed he secretly placed a magical tracking spell on all the crystals, allowing Zalgo to see where all the crystals were at all times.

Legends of the Multiverse

Part 1: Hunt for the Crystals

The season four finale starts with the Unwanted House Guest yelling at Jeff and BEN, who are in his house, saying that it is three in the morning and asks why they are there. BEN says that they wanted to make sure he was not dead, to which the Unwanted House Guest asks why they would think that, and Jeff proceeds by explaining about the dream. Then a surprising look appears on the Unwanted House Guest's face after Jeff is done explaining his interesting dream. The Unwanted House Guest asks them if they want to save all life from Zalgo and they agree. After they head out, Unwanted House Guest tells them that they need to collect all the Multiverse Crystals that protect them from Zalgo.

After some time spent collecting crystals, the group stops to rest for a bit and Jeff asks Unwanted House Guest how many more crystals they need. The Unwanted House Guest indicates that there is one left in Slenderman's vault. The Unwanted House Guest reminds Jeff that the crystals have magical powers and tells him to align the crystals in a circle, which Jeff does. The ground rumbles and the crystals lift in the air and show a brief diagram about what would happen if all the slots where filled. At first, Jeff and BEN wonder what all the holograms are, but the Unwanted House Guest uses the Nightmare Realm crystal on to activate another hologram. He then explains what the first set of holograms represent, which is all the known universes and dimensions, and how they are connected. BEN tries to play around with it, but it frightens him and he calls it off. The Unwanted House Guest goes on to mention that in the center of the universe is the Time Room where Mr. Widemouth dwells. Unwanted House Guest states that he is going to push Zalgo into there, seemingly to place the demon in non-existence. While Jeff and BEN are agreeing with his idea, Unwanted House Guest has another interesting look on his face.

They then go to Proxy Mansion to get the crystal in Slenderman's vault. Ms. P is nearby (she is experimenting with little creatures, cutting off their legs and reattaching them). Under the instructions of the Unwanted House Guest, Jeff blew Slenderman's vault open, which knocks him back from the explosion. After regaining himself, he tries to get the crystal only for Ms. P to block his path. When Jeff asks for the crystal, Ms. P is shocked and refuses, forcing Jeff to grab it without explaining why, during which, Ms. P accidentally cuts Jeff's cheek with her nails. They stare at each other for a brief moment, both stunned, and Ms. P says "That was an accident." Jeff grabs the crystal, and is grabbed out of the room by BEN, the two running into the Dark Forest. Slenderman get's suspicious and calls a meeting of all Monsters, only for the Unwanted House Guest to not show up. He goes to Unwanted House Guest's tree, only to find it had been ransacked and torn apart. Using his power of seeing the past, Slenderman had discovered what happened.

Weeks ago, Zalgo had been stalking Unwanted House Guest's girlfriend, Clara, for weeks, knowing that she must know where his hidden notes are. This understandably spooks Clara, who is then placed in a safe house at Unwanted House Guest's home by the Unwanted House Guest, until he could track Zalgo down and neutralize him. Unfortunately for Unwanted House Guest and his lover, Zalgo's minions used his own connections to learn of Clara's whereabouts and are able to warn Zalgo ahead of time. With that, Zalgo broke into the safe house, and waits for her to come home. When she does so after grocery shopping, X violently smashes her head into the counter and Zalgo ties her up to the chandelier in the living room.

The Unwanted House Guest soon begins to suspect that something is wrong and has one of his friends disguised as himself enter the safe house as a diversion while he sneaks in the back to gain the upper hand on X and Zalgo. When the decoy arrives through the front door, Zalgo is gleefully waiting in a chair and immediately shoots the monster with his eye-beams, instantly killing, knowing full well that he is not his true target. The real Unwanted House Guest then sneaks up behind Zalgo and attempts to attack him, but X tackled him before he reached Zalgo and overpowers and beats Unwanted House Guest, tying up his hands in the process. Zalgo then cruelly and sadistically possesses the Unwanted House Guest and has him torture and kill Clara, slowly killing her. After Zalgo released his control of the Unwanted House Guest, the House Guest broke down in uncontrollable tears at the sight of Clara's mangled body. He was so blinded by his own tears that he couldn't see X lunging at him from the side. After tackling him to the ground, X then began ripping the Unwanted House Guest apart, peeling all of his skin off and then devouring his remains. This was so Zalgo could use his skin and manipulate Jeff and BEN into collecting the Multiverse Crystals for him, while also getting the House Guest out of his way. With that, Slenderman, Ash, and the Proxies run off the prevent the end of the world. On the way, Slenderman enlists the help of the Shadowlurker, who still remains in the Under Realm.

Jeff and BEN run off with the crystal with the Proxies not far behind. Once inside a zodiac circle in the Dark Forest, Jeff puts the crystals on the ground before a set of stone pillars. "The Unwanted House Guest" then tells Jeff to give him the crystals so he can complete a ritual. Then, Slenderman, Ash Graven, and the Proxies run out telling him that the Unwanted House Guest is really Zalgo. Just as they say this, Ash blasts the "Unwanted House Guest" in the face thus revealing half of Unwanted House Guest's face, and showing Zalgo's true face. As Jeff steps back in horror, Zalgo demands Jeff to give him the crystals. Jeff realizes that Zalgo killed the Unwanted House Guest and after dodging a grasp from him tries to hurl the crystals off of a cliff. However, the crystals were caught by the Shadowlurker using telekinesis, who reveals himself to still be working with Zalgo. Team Slenderman tries to attack the Shadowlurker, but X shows up and knocks them back. Zalgo laughs evilly and mockingly thanks Jeff for the crystals before he, Shadowlurker, and X enter the portal to finally begin Zalgo's ultimate plan as the others look in horror.

Part 2: The New Elite

Zalgo appears when he is fawning over the Multiverse Crystals, satisfied that he has finally collected all of them. Just then, he is interrupted by the Shadowlurker, who informs him that Aton has assembled a team with the goal to defeat Zalgo, dubbing all of them the "New Elite". After hearing this, Zalgo confidently says he already has a guy on the job, revealing he has resurrected BEN's main foe, Mancala as an undead robot from his molten burial to execute them before they even get to him. Almost immediately after Shadowlurker leaves, Enderman, B.O.B and the Rake enter Zalgo's lair, berating the demon for hijacking the Multiverse Crystals. A disinterested Zalgo ponders executing them until he heard Enderman was the one who helped create the multiverse portal (which, in reality Enderman only said to impress Zalgo). Zalgo agrees to their services afterward and dubs the three his "horsemen of the apocalypse", but warns the three that if they fail him, they are "fired". Much to their surprise, Zalgo declares that he does not care about destroying the New Elite, ordering Enderman, B.O.B, the Rake, X, and Shadowlurker they must get to the Under Realm's Portal Room to achieve his goals.

Later, Zalgo, Enderman, the Rake, B.O.B, X, Mancala and the Shadowlurker are in the Realm Travel room and have already arrived in order to use it for their plans. The New Elite arrive as well and hide behind a pillar as Jeff motions for the group to stay, but they completely ignore Jeff's orders and walk ahead. As he dismantles the Multiverse Portal, Enderman reveals that Zalgo doesn't actually need the Multiverse Portal and that the crystals can still be useful if Zalgo absorbs their essence. As Zalgo prepares to do so, Ticci Toby panics and tries to attack him with his ax, but Ms. P puts him to sleep using a spell, causing his body to land on the ground, which creates a loud noise that reveals their location. As Zalgo and his men march over to investigate the noise, Jeff tries to tell the others his battle strategy, but they once again ignore him and leap out to attack Zalgo, but Shadowlurker sends most of them flying back with telekinesis. Ash rushed forward and kicks Shadowlurker into a wall and went to attack Zalgo. Ms. P then engaged Shadowlurker in a magic duel, but he effortlessly froze her in place before she could throw a blast. Mancala then restrained BEN, holding a knife to his throat. President Bush fired his gun at Zalgo, but Zalgo turns Bush's gun into tarantulas and turns Bush into a statue as he begins to panic. Zalgo then snapped his fingers and turned everyone but Jeff, Ms. P, Ash, and BEN into puppets.

Ash then charged forward to Zalgo, promising to make him pay for killing Harp. After a very brief fight, Zalgo easily restrained her before Ash had used her powers to send a blast of energy directly through Zalgo's head, before finishing the job by punching him through the abdomen. As Zalgo slowly fell to the ground, dying, Ash went over him and violently pounded him into the ground, hatefully yelling that he deserved to die for taking everything from her and killing Harp. After realizing Zalgo was apparently dead, Ash fell back and broke down in tears over his mutilated corpse and BEN and Ms. P went over to comfort her and told her to let it go. Jeff, amazed by what happened, says that Zalgo's defeat was rather anticlimactic. As everyone thinks Zalgo is dead, his voice is suddenly heard, and he then reveals himself by electrocuting Ash into unconsciousness. Zalgo then revealed himself to have merely turned invisible and created a double.

Zalgo was then confronted by Jeff, who threatened to kill him if he doesn't let his friends go. Jeff then begged Shadowlurker to help him, repeating what he said to Shadowlurker in the caves previously. This time Shadowlurker refuses to listen to Jeff, claiming his servitude is with Zalgo. Jeff reminds Shadowlurker that Zalgo brutally brainwashed him, killed his family, and treated him like garbage all the way through. Suddenly, Shadowlurker instead blasts Jeff back with energy, to which X then restrains Jeff. Zalgo then laughs triumphantly and tells his minions to to bring the the New Elite to the execution chamber. When X asks to bring all of them, Zalgo says all of them, until Enderman cuts him off by saying "ALL of them! ALL OF THEM!" After this, Zalgo tells X to kill Enderman, B.O.B and the Rake as well simply for ignoring him. Enderman tries to convince Zalgo to spare him and his henchmen, but Zalgo holds up Puppet Masky and says "Dooom!" Enderman is amazed by this and admits this is the first time he's ever been doomed by a puppet.

Part 3: Search for the Notes

The New Elite (and Enderman's gang) are in chains, being led by Mancala and Shadowlurker to a caged Hydra surrounded by lava. During this, Zalgo watches from a screen above them, anxiously waiting for their execution. Enderman tries negotiate with Zalgo to release him, but Zalgo happily refuses and orders his men to anger the hydra by poking it with a pitch fork. As the hydra becomes increasingly more agitated, BEN sees that Mancala has the keys to their chains and tells the others about it. Eyeless Jack then stealthy grabs the keys from Mancala, but Zalgo reminds the gang that he can see everything from his screen and warns Mancala, who fires at them using his new fire powers. BEN leaps on Mancala and begins messing with his wiring, sending Mancala flying through the air, dragging the Elite and Enderman and his minions with him. While sending Mancala flying towards the Shadowlurker, Shadowlurker simply waves his hand, sending Mancala and the Elite into a wall. Shadowlurker then opens the cage keeping the Hydra at bay, the hydra stomps out and stares at the New Elite. As this happens Zalgo watches with glee while eating popcorn and other snacks, and cheers on the hydra to eat Sally first. BEN tries to unlock his chains, but the hydra bites at him, causing him to drop the keys near the lava that takes up the ground. As the gang nearly dangles near the magma (thanks to B.O.B's poor climbing skills), Sally catches the keys. Zalgo, who is munching on muffins, sees this and orders more guards in and for Shadowlurker to stop them. Suddenly, Slenderman teleports in and blasts the minions back, including Shadowlurker. He then tells BEN to let go of the hydra's cage, but he hesitates. Slenderman pleads with BEN to trust him, and he lets go of the cage. The group then fall through a portal to the Under Realm that Slenderman catches them in, before Slenderman himself teleports back. Zalgo is enraged by this and kills a random henchmen in rage before sentencing the Shadowlurker to be tortured for four hours.

Later, Zalgo is still angry over the New Elite getting away, but X reminds Zalgo that he still has the crystals and tells Zalgo to absorb them and finally achieve his goals. Zalgo then remembers that Slenderman is still out there, and that he wants to absorb Slenderman's power as well in order to get to full power. Zalgo then uses his magical screen and sees the New Elite heading to the Unwanted House Guest's house to get his notes. Realizing this, he laughs evilly at the New Elite's obliviousness until he is confronted by Mancala, who demands his repayment. Zalgo refuses, saying that their agreement was that Mancala killed the New Elite, which he failed to do. Mancala reminds him about the deal, but Zalgo doesn't care and just laughs at him. Enraged, Mancala starts throwing fireballs at Zalgo, which doesn't harm him at all. Zalgo then strips Mancala of his powers and blasts him out of the Pit, presumably destroying him. Zalgo then asks his minions what he was doing before Mancala interrupted them, to which Shadowlurker says they were going to stop the Elite from getting the House Guest's notes. Zalgo then tells Shadowlurker to prepare for an invasion and tells X to kill the Elite, which X dashes off to do, but however failed to follow through.

Part 4 The Battle of Arcosia

Zalgo is first heard when he projects his voice across the universe, proposing for Slenderman to come and confront him on the planet of Arcosia for a one-on-one duel. Should Slenderman refuse, Zalgo will have his army massacre Arcosia and destroy the planet. Upon hearing this, Jeff confronts Slenderman to tell him to not go to Arcosia, but Slenderman was already not planning on going. Slenderman orders Jeff and the others not to go to Arcosia because if they do, they will fight a battle they cannot win. Jeff remains optimistic and says they can fight Zalgo off with the Sword of Splendorman. Slenderman is amazed to see Jeff has his brother's sword and realizes how serious the situation is. Jeff says that if Slenderman doesn't want to go, he can stay there, but the New Elite are going to fight Zalgo. As Jeff runs off, Slenderman somberly says "So falls the fate of the Multiverse".

As Zalgo's army engage the New Elite and the Arcosian army, Slenderman begins suffering from terrible visions that keep him from reading and sleeping. Splendorman suddenly appears in his office and brought up his troubling visions, and told him how he had long ago foreseen that Zalgo would be defeated by the most unlikely opponent. As Slenderman looked around his office, he saw more flashes in his mind from his past, and even recognized an old burnt doll. At the advice of the Splendorman, Slenderman allowed the visions to come freely instead of fighting them until his full memory finally came back and he remembered what had happened.

In his memory, he saw his mother happily with him in a village when he was a baby, and saw Zalgo and his forces attacking the village. Slenderman then sees a vision of Akira hiding him behind a statue in Zalgo's castle before running from Zalgo's guards (it's implied that the vision was around the time she was enslaved). Though saddened at discovering this, Slenderman then recalled all the good memories of his past, as well as the happiness he had with the Proxies in the present. He realized that he had led a fulfilling life since his time with the Proxies, and, finally knowing who he really was, is ready to fight Zalgo and face his destiny.

Back in Arcosia, the New Elite is fighting desperately alongside the Arcosians to push back Zalgo's army. Ms. P was forced to enter the battle in order to give them an edge. Laughing Jack was on the outskirts of the fight with BEN as BEN tried to get sober but failed. Laughing Jack then went to his last resort and began drowning BEN, hoping to wash away the Black Stuff. However, BEN went limp after a while, causing Laughing Jack to step back in horror, However, the ground began rumbling as BEN became sober and flew in the air, warping reality around him. Seeing this, Jeff looked at Shadowlurker and X and said "Haha! You guys are so fucked now!" Princess Atta then pointed Jeff at the portals and said if they don't patch them the demons will keep coming. Jeff then hops on Smile's back with three jars of green slime and rides to the portals, and, with the help of Ash, leaps in the air and throwing slime at all of them, the green causing the portals to disappear. BEN and Ash teams up together and then fought off the army using various powers. As Zalgo's forces dwindled, the forces of the Pit began drawing back as Jeff and the others celebrated. BEN returned to normal and was exhausted and barely able to move from all the power and lays on the ground afterward. However, Ms. P took note of the fact that the army never fully retreated and "something bigger" is coming. Almost on cue, a portal opens up in between the Arcosians and Zalgo's forces. After a few moments of anticipation, Zalgo finally steps out and gazes upon the Arcosians and their planet before smiling.

Zalgo then announces that for over a billion years he has been trapped in the Pit waiting for a new dimension to call his own and that he is their new lord and master for all of eternity. In the middle of this speech, the Arcosians unleash every weapon they have on Zalgo, but when the smoke clears, Zalgo remains unharmed. Taking the attack as an act of disrespect, Zalgo decides that slaughtering everyone at the battle is the perfect warm-up before he takes over the multiverse. Zalgo then began effortlessly decimating the army using a combination of reality warping, shape-shifting, and corruption. Jeff ran to Zalgo with the Sword of Splendorman in hand, but Zalgo pushed him back telekinetically, injuring the already battle-damaged Jeff.

As the New Elite begin to lose hope, Slenderman suddenly teleports in, stating he knew he would have to combat Zalgo sooner or later. The Proxies try desperately to convince him to not hand himself over to Zalgo, saying that no one knows their destiny. He agrees by telling them he didn't know he could make such wonderful students and that he wanted to make their last day perfect only to have them worry about him the entire time. Ms. P holds his hand and tells him "That's what friends do." But Slenderman says "And as my students, you have to let me go". Then he traps them to prevent them from stopping him, as they try to stop him he proceeds to the battlefield.

As Slenderman calmly approached Zalgo across the battlefield, some of Zalgo's minions attempted to attack him, but Slenderman casually kills them. Zalgo, seeing Slenderman approaching, ordered all of his forces to fire at him. Shadowlurker tried to warn Zalgo that Zalgo's own men were in the strike zone, but Zalgo furiously ordered the strike be done anyway. Following the dark lord's orders, Zalgo's minions and warships all opened fire on Slenderman. After the lengthy assault, the smoke clears to reveal Slenderman merely shrugged off the attack, virtually unharmed. Moments afterward, Zalgo teleported in front of Slenderman, as the two gods faced each other. Slenderman stated Zalgo would pay for what he did to Akira. Zalgo found it amusing that Slenderman would want to protect the Proxies, referring to them as Slenderman's "underlings". Slenderman countered by saying that, unlike Zalgo, he had a sense of honor and protected his students no matter the cost. The two then engaged in a fight in which the two were at first at an impasse. Slenderman launched the first strike with fiery beams, and Zalgo then absorbed the flames and fired them back at Slenderman, who phased through the flames and fired a beam of lightning which Zalgo leaped into the air to avoid them and retaliated with a blast of energy from his hands. Slenderman created a giant mirror to absorb it and then hurled it back at Zalgo. Zalgo responded by crushing it with telekinesis, and then threw the remnants back at Slenderman in the form of a destructive black hole, which Slenderman transmuted into blue butterflies, briefly confusing Zalgo.

Slenderman then created hundreds of clones of himself, all of which trapped Zalgo with their tentacles. However, Zalgo eventually fought back when he dispelled the many replicas of Slenderman with magic, stunning him long enough that Zalgo was able to pull him to his hand before he can react. Zalgo then said that to defeat him, Slenderman had to bring out his best, and then activated Slenderman's demonic from "The Zalgo Infection".

The New Elite, who were watching from a distance, were horrified by this form of Slenderman he never told them about. Anchoring his feet to the ground, the demonic Slenderman immediately struck Zalgo again with magically enhanced punches, beating him back into a wall. Recovering quickly, Zalgo tore half of Slenderman's face off and punched him to the ground. Slenderman reformed his face just in time. With Slenderman dazed, Zalgo immediately blasted the downed Slenderman with a concentrated beam from his hands. Barely recovering, Slenderman managed to block and sidestep the blast by forming a shield.

Boosting towards Zalgo in a renewed assault, the demonic Slenderman swiftly pinned Zalgo's hand to the ground using a foot clamp before twisting around and blasting the Great Lord back with magical blast, with enough force to make him bleed. Unfazed, Zalgo simply taunted his disowned son, for giving so much labor and struggle only to not even shed a single drop of blood. He then effortlessly blasted back at Slenderman, who was knocked on his back. Zalgo began to brutally beat the downed Slenderman by transforming into a giant octopus-like monster and beat him with with his tentacles. After the beatdown, Zalgo turned into a creature heavily resembling X and spun around mid-air at a fast rate, sending sharp quills across the battlefield and at Slenderman, breaking off more and more of Slenderman's skin with each strike. With Slenderman helpless to resist, Zalgo followed with a point-blank blast of fire to Slenderman's abdomen, sending him flying and burning off his arm.

Desperate and missing one arm and his skin burning, Slenderman attempted to hold off the advancing Zalgo with a blast of energy. Closing in, Zalgo began beating Slenderman once again, destroying half of his face. Slenderman attempted to defend himself with his bare hands, only for Zalgo to grab and trap his one hand. In a last-ditch attempt to fight back, Slenderman immediately shifted one of his tendrils to form a sword, and wildly stabbed at the demonic tyrant. However, Zalgo simply tore the sword from Slenderman's body and ruthlessly stabbed him in the abdomen with it, ending the fight.

As the horribly injured Slenderman fell to the ground as his Proxies screamed in horror. Due to losing power at a rapid rate, Slenderman was forced back into his more original appearance. Zalgo mocked Slenderman for his inexperience in his demon form, but was genuinely impressed by his fearlessness and determination. Nevertheless, he prepared to kill him by absorbing his energy. However, before Zalgo could absorb Slenderman and reach full power, Splendorman teleported in between him and Slenderman. Zalgo coldly greeted his second son, who angrily reproached him for not killing him. As Zalgo coldly dismissed the act as being a "waste of magic", Splendorman furiously attacked Zalgo with an electric baton as the New Elite pulled the near-dead Slenderman way.

Slenderman says that to avoid Zalgo from reaching full power, Ms. P must kill him. Although reluctant, Ms. P begins to use all of her power to put an end to Slenderman. Even after the vicious fight with Slenderman, Zalgo proved to be practically invincible and far too powerful for all of his opposers and he makes short work of them, effortlessly fighting off the New Elite and marching towards Slenderman. The New Elite attempt to stop Zalgo, but to no avail. He knocks out Mr. Mandavi, Skeet, Ducky, and Rick with a wave of his hand, imprisons Hoodie in solid stone by making him intangible for a while, effortlessly sends President Bush to the ground with a single laid-back punch, easily catching Masky in the neck when he charged at him before slamming him down to the ground to redirect it Masky's laser fire, downing Eyeless Jack and Smile Dog in the process. He then calmly sent BEN to the ground after easily withstanding his bullets, casually pinning him with large debris to interfere with his flight before simply flinging him away, knocking down Jeff soon after with a single shockwave of energy, and then stopping Clockwork's spear gun and easily downing her to the ground.

As he approaches Slenderman and Ms. P, Ash desperately fought back to buy time, as she held Zalgo off by firing bolts of magic at him, but Zalgo blocked each attack and tried to grab her by the neck, but sh reacted quickly and held his hand back, a feat that managed to momentarily surprise the Dark Lord. Despite her efforts, Ash was eventually swiftly defeated by Zalgo. Now free of distractors, Zalgo was about to retrieve Slenderman's power when he saw Ms. P attempting to destroy him. Zalgo tried to stop it but Ms. P was able to push him back, although he slowly charged through the beam but it was too late as Ms. P successfully destroyed Slenderman before he could get to them. Rather than angrily killing the girl for her hindrance of his goals, Zalgo merely laughed, pondering why Ms. P would save her friends rather than join his efforts. Using dark magic, Zalgo resurrected Slenderman. Before Ms. P could intervene, Zalgo sent her flying with a magical attack and forcefully drained Slenderman's power from his body, killing him in the process, causing Slenderman's body to vanish into a black mist. Zalgo had finally completed himself and obtained true power. Seeing this, Splendorman fell to the ground in shock, looking at the ground.

Jeff the Killer, enraged and blind with anger, rushed towards Zalgo, who was half a mile away. Shadowlurker flew towards Zalgo, and, after a speech, gave him the Multiverse Crystals. As Jeff neared the two, waving his knife and threatening them, Zalgo took the crystals in his hands and absorbed their power. Energy surged from Zalgo as he laughed and screamed about how the gateway between the Pit and the real world has been opened after being prophesied for a billion years. Zalgo disappears with a blinding light flooding the battlefield; the entire multiverse was about to be altered on an unprecedented scale.

Ash and the Proxies stood in confusion and devastation as to what was happening. Ash asked Ms. P what was happening, but Ms. P was too traumatized by Slenderman's death to say anything. Shortly afterward, the ground began rumbling violently; every single universe in the multiverse merged together as the Pit and trillons of Zalgo's minions invaded the hellish omniverse. Nearly all the planets were engulfed in flames, while any others where swarmed by Zalgo's forces. Then, a large column of dark energy erupts from the place where Zalgo disappeared, growing up into the sky and splitting into multiple beams before taking on a cloud-like form. The cloud then spreads across the entire, merged multiverse, surrounding it entirely before taking on a sinister appearance with Zalgo's face printed all over it and emitting an insane, endless laughter. With Zalgo's essence spreading across the multiverse, he begins to become one with it, spreading across different universes, alternate realities, and timelines. The New Elite could only look on in despair and hopelessness as this transpired. Suddenly, every member of the New Elite except for Jeff, Ash, Smile Dog and Ms. P get transported away in a magic bubble as Jeff looks on in horror. In response to all that had happened, Ms. P dropped her spell book and said "Oh, God" in a horrified manner. Back in the Under Realm, the monsters look in horror as the Under Realm lights up in a hellish glow. Bigmouth's assistant asks him what they should do, but Bigmouth has already began running for his life until one of the parademons grabs him and flies him off to somewhere unknown.

The credits show the silent image of Ms. P's spell book on the ground where she dropped it, ruffling in the breeze. There is screaming, laughter from the Zalgo clouds, and other sounds such as sirens filling the air. The wind blows the book open, showing the Zalgo zodiac.

Part 5: The Return of Zalgo

This episode begins right where the other one left off, Zalgo's forces invade the Under Realm, beginning to enslave, destroy, and force the monsters into Zalgo's army, the same happening to every planet across the multiverses. The monsters of the Under Realm all look up to the sky in fear as Zalgo appears in the sky. Zalgo floats down to the town, announcing that he will be the lord and master of the Under Realm for eternity and plans to throw the Under Realm back to the dark ages. He then melts a statue of Mayor Bigmouth and re-shapes it into an even bigger statue of himself as the monsters watch in despair. The townspeople don't react kindly to the display, urging Zalgo and his friends to get out of town. Nick walks up to Zalgo and threatens to beat him with a bat until one of Zalgo's minions grabs Nick and bites his leg off before tossing him back to the ground, causing the monsters to run around in fear. Zalgo's minions then begin to enslave the monsters, forcing them into either slavery or forced membership into Zalgo's army, with the Parademons turning some into statues. Zalgo then spawns a gargantuan castle in the outskirts of the Under Realm, declaring the Under Realm his new "hot-spot for chaos and evil".

Zalgo and his minions are later seen gathered around the center of the Under Realm as Zalgo begins to auction off universes. Jeff, Smile Dog, Ash and Ms. P have followed them, hiding at the top of the Under Realm's bell tower. Ms. P pulls out her spell book and prepares to say an incantation to send Zalgo to another dimension. With the spell only armed for one attack, Ms. P locks Zalgo in her sights. However, a weirdness wave causes the bell in the church to personify, ringing of its own accord and causing Ms. P to miss the shot. It fires and hits one of Zalgo's minions, sucking him into a portal. Zalgo turns around and spots them, and Shadowlurker fires a laser right through the church tower that obliterates it instantly. The four survive, but are badly injured. Ms. P, pinned under rubble, tosses Jeff a bag with the spell book and UHG's notes inside. Ms. P begins telling Jeff that there's another way to defeat Zalgo, but she is cut short when Zalgo appears. Ash tries to help Ms. P out, but she tells Ash to run as Zalgo arrives, towering over her.

Smile Dog growls and tries to attack Zalgo, but Zalgo catches Smile Dog telekinetically. Zalgo then turns Smile Dog into a golden statue to use as a back-scratcher. Jeff is horrified, and Ash is enraged, yells that she's had enough and uses her magic to revert Smile Dog to normal. Zalgo flies over to Ash, asking her what she could possibly do to defeat Zalgo in one shot. Ash nervously thinks on the spot, trying to unlock her true powers. When Zalgo brings up her sister, she angrily tosses a beam at Zalgo. In response, Zalgo catches the beam with his mouths and knocks Ash backwards, causing her to fly into a tree. Zalgo then telekinetically seizes Ms. Pencil Neck's spell book with UHG's notes in between the pages, burning them in front of Ms. P. After Zalgo reminds the three about the Unwanted House Guest and Slenderman, saying that that is what happens to heroes in his world, Zalgo tells his men whoever kills Smile Dog will get their own universe. As his minions chase Jeff and Smile Dog, Zalgo then converts a random car into a sleek flaming limousine for himself and his minions, with Shadowlurker as his chauffeur. The car flies away to Zalgo's castle as Zalgo cackles and blasts random buildings to pieces with his lasers.

Three days into Zalgo's rule, the multiverse has become a complete wasteland. As the Skin Taker reports the weather, we cut to various locations across the multiverse as Zalgo minions destroy entire landscapes and parademons petrify random people and take them to an unknown location.

Zalgo and his minions are then seen having a rave party inside his castle. They're playing party games with the statues of the Under Realm monsters, playing drinking games (as in drinking bottles of nails, lava and knives), and throwing knives at captured humans tied to a spinning wheel. Zalgo then silences the party for a few moments to show Shadowlurker to the monsters, saying that his rule wouldn't be possible without Shadowlurker and tells them to give Shadowlurker a round of applause. Suddenly, the Time God barges in with Aton's Elite by his side, crashing the party. The Time God proclaims that Zalgo has torn a whole in the space-time continuum that could destroy existence itself, and proclaims he is there to arrest him. Zalgo ignores his threats and vaporizes the Time God and Aton's Elite's holo-projections. His minions are at first shocked and even horrified, but then happily cheer as the party resumes. Watching the party on his throne, Zalgo announced that once he and his minions are done celebrating his victory, he will unveil "phase two" of his evil plan. Shadowlurker approaches Zalgo, worried that Jeff, Smile Dog, Ash, and Ms. P might foil their plans. Zalgo says he's not worried about them, and that he has "someone on the case", the someone being Enderman, B.O.B and the Rake.

Part 6: Escape from Sallyland

It is day four of Zalgo's rule and due to Aton's negligence, Zalgo and his minions have been allowed to terrorize the multiverse and it's inhabitants with no consequences. In Zalgo's castle, Mayor Bigmouth and Laughing Jack are brought before Zalgo. Bigmouth is terrified and is convinced that if he accepts Zalgo's ways of life, he and others will be spared. He says that he welcomes Zalgo's tyrannical rule and tries to get a spot as Zalgo's horsemen of the apocalypse. However, Zalgo curses Bigmouth to dance for the rest of his life in a giant birdcage for his minion's enjoyment. After Laughing Jack cusses Zalgo out, Zalgo transforms Laughing Jack into a living marionette whom his minions force to do tricks.

Later, Zalgo clinks a frozen statue of Splendorman and announces the latest successes, which includes turning the multiverse into a fiery wasteland, and turning billions of the citizens of the multiverse into statues and stacking into a "massive throne of frozen mortal agony". Suddenly, Nick the Endoskeleton's son is the one exception seen coming to, but Zalgo puts him back into unconsciousness. Zalgo reveals what phase two of his plan is and announces his plan to take over Aton's realm and rule the entire omniverse as the one true God, and the demons make their way toward Aton's realm. But instead of invading the dimension, they hit a shield and get vaporized. Zalgo is angry about the failure and goes to invade the realm itself by crushing the portal. He puts his hand around the dimension to crush the shield, only for the shield to melt Zalgo's entire arm off. Zalgo is enraged by this, and told one of his injured minions to "walk it off!"

Later, Zalgo is angered and unable to understand why they aren't able to extend their reach and leave the multiverse and dominate the realm, killing three of his henchmen in a blind rage. While pondering why he couldn't get through Aton's shield despite their new-found power, he is interrupted by Shadowlurker, who informs him Enderman failed to stop Jeff, allowing him and his group to enter Sally's bubble. Zalgo is not worried by this, calling Sally's bubble one of his most diabolical traps yet, one that would require "a will of titanium" to resist its temptations and escape. Shadowlurker also reveals that the New Elite were powered by Aton's magic, and even one drop of that magic could give Zalgo the power to break through Aton's shields. Eager, Zalgo tells Shadowlurker to meet him in his penthouse in a few hours, as things got much more interesting.

Part 7: Proxies Forever

Zalgo first appears when Shadowlurker is called to Zalgo's throne after all the demons have left, meeting him in the penthouse like he asked him to. Zalgo rises up from the ground, playing a piano and singing his own rendition of We'll Meet Again. He explains to Shadowlurker that he deserves some recognition for his hard work, so he is having a party in his honor in the penthouse suite, even offering Shadowlurker drinks and free food. Zalgo then explains that with his newfound powers, he can control all space, matter, and time in the entire multiverse. Zalgo also reveals the motivation behind his misdeeds; he got tired of torturing the same souls in the Pit and since dreamed of expanding the suffering across the multiverse. The only problem is that he, along with the rest of his army, can’t invade Aton's realm and fully achieve godhood, but that will all change once Zalgo absorbs the New Elite's godly essence. Zalgo then shows Shadowlurker a reality where he defeats Aton, become all-powerful, and then proceeds carve his name into North America, proceeding to take a massive bite out of half of Earth, and then showcasing his minions destroying and playing with the other planets, and then Shadowlurker ruling a universe as a god. Afterward, Zalgo gives Shadowlurker the heart of a hydra as a reward and sends him off. Once out of the room, Shadowlurker, conflicted on Zalgo's recent actions, angrily smashes the heart against the walls of Zalgo's castle with enough force to nearly destroy the wall, and flies off.

The Battle of the Multiverse

Zalgo and a band of his demonic minions were torturing Bigmouth and Laughing Jack, laughing in enjoyment. After growing stale of simply shocking Bigmouth, Zalgo turned him into a slug and prepared to pour salt on him. Before this, he is interrupted by Jeff, BEN (who is equipped with the Judge Dredd Helmet), and Ms. P, who are slowly approaching Zalgo's castle. Zalgo finds it "adorable" that the refugees are fighting back, and orders X and Shadowlurker to confront the three.

Despite their best efforts, the three Proxies were eventually overwhelmed and swiftly defeated. Zalgo then teleported in, laughing at the Proxies' failure before snapping his fingers and summoning millions of his minions across the Under Realm to his side. Despite being outnumbered, bloody, and battered from being bitten and clawed by X, Jeff rose from the ground with the Sword of Splendorman in hand, and stood tall and ready to face Zalgo and his entire army alone. Zalgo laughed at Jeff and told him that as "fun" as the prime universe is to torment, he has grown tired of them constantly fighting him. Zalgo then tells Jeff that once he's through killing him, he will burn the Under Realm and the primary universe to ashes. As Jeff readied the Sword of Splendorman, Zalgo claimed that Jeff's "games" would never work, noting that Jeff stood no chance of being able to defeat him and an entire army of demons. Surprisingly, Jeff nodded and admitted he couldn't defeat Zalgo, right before saying that "they" could.

Almost on cue, a gigantic ship, flanked by other smaller ships, appeared from the clouds, revealing it to be the Resistance's warship, led by Nick the Endoskeleton. As the ship landed, numerous portals began to open behind Jeff. Out of one portal steps Odin, Zeus, Hermes, and Mr. Widemouth, along with Aton's entire army. As the Resistance army leaves comes out their ship, more portals began opening as the Monsters of the Under Realm emerged out from hiding, ready to fight back. Finally, out from the portals emerge the combined armies of Arcosia, the United States Military (who were phoned in by Bush), the Creatures from the Magic Forest, the inhabitants of Underland (led by Alice Liddell), and Aton's Army. Finally, the Proxies and Ash Graven arrive, alongside Enderman's gigantic robot named DEMONSLAYER 5000, piloted by him, B.O.B, and the Rake. After everyone forms up to face Zalgo and his forces, Jeff summoned up the Sword of Splendorman and triumphantly shouted "FOR NARNIA!!", just as the allied teams charged at the demonic army. Grinning at the prospect of war, Zalgo simply motioned his army to attack before watching the ensuing fight from afar by his castle.

Watching the battle, Zalgo doubts the Resistance's chances of defeating him, until X is seemingly killed by BEN on the battlefield. Following X's defeat, Jeff confronts the Shadowlurker and once more tries to reason with her. This further infuriates him, causing him to attack Jeff violently and suspend him over a crater filled with lava. However, Jeff uses the Sword of Splendorman to repel the Shadowlurker and fly over the crater. Jeff, in song form, comforts Shadowlurker and claims he can start fresh with new people to be him friends. Shadowlurker rejects Jeff's offer, claiming he doesn't understand his pain and can't change him. As Jeff continues singing and the fight escalates, Shadowlurker angrily tells Jeff he can't make everything better by singing a "stupid song", before blasting him into a nearby building.

Shadowlurker then retreated to Zalgo, saying their forces are being overwhelmed. Following this, Zalgo sent the primordial Titans to crush the Resistance. The Titans were then beamed onto the battlefield from the hellish dimension that Zalgo had held them in, and they begin massacring everything in their path, sending the Resistance running for cover. The Titans begin to destroy the Under Realm, but a glimmer of hope sparks as Ash Graven flies in and begins fighting them off. BEN uses the Judge Dredd Helmet and jetpack to fly with Ash, attacking Titans with his firearms. Just then, the Resistance warship joins in, overwhelming the Titans with firepower. Form the sidelines, Zalgo angrily and impatiently ordered the Titans to kill them. During the fight, BEN is nearly killed when his jetpack is damaged while attempting to dodge a Titan's laser eyes, sending him violently crashing to the ground. In an amazing feat of power, an enraged Ash used her telekinesis to lift all of the massive Titans at once and hurled them back into the portal they came from. BEN stood back up, grabbing one of the Judge Dredd Helmet's powerful grenades and told Ash to throw him over the portal. Ash reluctantly complied and telekinetically hurled BEN overhead the portal, where BEN threw the grenade into the portal the Titans were thrown into, causing a massive, but contained explosion, vaporizing the killing the Titans once and for all.

After the Titans were defeated, the New Elite, Ash, and Mancala lined up inside the DEMONSLAYER, all dressed in parachutes (expect for Mancala and Ash). Jeff tells the team how perfect they look and they make the perfect family. When Eyeless Jack asks Jeff if they have a plan that doesn't involve jumping from a high altitude, Jeff yells at him for thinking saving the multiverse would be easy, although he quietly apologizes to Jack and says he's just yelling to impress the others. Jeff then tells Enderman to "hit it" as a sliding door opens and "Thunderstruck" begins playing. Jeff tells everyone to jump out of the Demonslayer and he follows suit. They safely land on Zalgo's castle and try to find a way to get in. During this, Zalgo decides to personally engage in combat with the Resistance.

Meanwhile in the battle, Zalgo laughs off the allied forces attacks, declaring they are nothing but insignificant insects to him. He then squashes a group of Arcosians with his hand, corrupting them into demonic creatures. Zalgo then flew into the sky and began opening portals across dimensions as more and more demons, dragons, and witches flew and poured through the portals. Despite their best efforts, the Resistance were slowly overwhelmed by the increasing number on Zalgo's men.

Meanwhile, the rest of the team, composed of Jeff, Smile Dog, BEN, Ash, Ms. P, Sally Williams, Eyeless Jack, Ticci Toby, Natalie Clockwork, Mancala, Masky, Hoodie, Laughing Jack, Skeet, Mr. Mandavi, President Bush, his daughter Ducky, and Rick Bernstein arrive at the gates of the Pit. Jeff tells BEN, Mancala, and Ticci Toby to climb the gates and lower the bridge. Mancala then turns into a giant bird and lifts BEN and Toby to the top of the gate. Now alone with the two Proxies, Mancala turns on them, knocking Toby out with a punch and brutally beating BEN. Mancala then grabs the Sword of Splendorman from Mr. Widemouth's magic satchel and prepares to kill him with it. While Mancala is distracted, Toby runs straight into Mancala, knocking the robot off the platform and into the flames below, finally killing him for good. BEN then lowers the bridge and the team make their way in.

After infiltrating the castle, the team helps Bigmouth escape his cage. Jeff then sees Laughing Jack being forced to do circus acts against his will and reluctantly frees him, as well as reviving the people made from Zalgo's new throne. Using her conjuring abilities, Ms. P begins creating a circle on the floor and ends up creating the Zalgo Zodiac, complete with its seventeen symbols. Ms. P explains that the zodiac is actually a prophecy. She found this out after finally reading the Unwanted House Guest's notes. It was prophesied that the symbols would create a force that could possibly defeat Zalgo and reverse the damage he caused to the multiverse. Ms. P dismissed it as superstition at first, believing the Unwanted House Guest to be crazy, but realizes now that it’s destiny. Ms. P tells Jeff to go to the bloody knife symbol and BEN to go to the jar of Black Stuff. Smile Dog steps onto the dog bone, Sally on a teddy bear, and Mayor Bigmouth walks on the top hat. Masky steps onto the mask symbol and Hoodie onto the hood. Eyeless Jack steps onto the eye symbol and Mr. Mandavi follows suit by stepping on the pizza symbol. Ms. P then tells everyone in the Wheel to hold hands. When Jeff wonders who the bag of ice represents, Ms. P explains that some of the symbols are metaphors. The ice is someone cool in the face of danger, causing Skeet to walk onto the symbol after encouragement from the team. Clockwork then steps onto the clock symbol. Ducky walks onto the llama, as her sweater matches it. President Bush walks onto the presidential seal, while Rick gets the whipping boy symbol. Ms. P herself gets the spell-book, and Ash's symbol is Serepentis' Multiverse Crystal. Everyone then holds hands, creating a ring of energy that surrounds the Wheel and envelops the castle with dark clouds.

Meanwhile at the battlefield, Zalgo continues to watch the allied desperately try to fight off his minions, laughing at their efforts. However, Nick the Endoskeleton rides into the battle alongside more and more Resistance soldiers, as well as animals from the Dark Forest, who begin to attack and kill Zalgo's minions. During this, Zalgo was interrupted the approached by Alice Liddell, armed with the Vorpal Sword. The enraged woman, who remembered how Zalgo imprisoned her for decades and essentially ruined her life, hatefully told him that he took everything from her. Zalgo mocked her by telling her that he didn't know who she was. There, she told him that he would and ran at him with the Vorpal Sword. Laughing at her, Zalgo stood still and told her that her no power could hurt him now. However, due to Zalgo lowering his guard, Alice successfully cut Zalgo's arm off, causing him pain and confusion. Alice quickly took advantage of his confused state and began cutting Zalgo repeatedly in a vengeful rage before Prince Astor and Princess Atta came to assist her, blasting Zalgo back with their repulsors. As Zalgo rose up from the attack, Prince Astor and Princess Atta joined Alice's side. To their surprise, Zalgo immediately regenerated and rose up, revealing himself to have been unharmed from the assault.

After being given the Vorpal Sword by Alice, Astor taunts Zalgo for not using his lightning attack, boasting that he will redirect it back at him. Infuriated, Zalgo prepared a lightning attack. But instead of sending it at Astor, however, he fires the lightning at his sister, Atta. Seeing this, Astor barely crosses the lightning's path, shielding his sister from the bolt with the sword. However, the Vorpal Sword breaks from Zalgo's lightning attack, causing the lightning to still hit Astor partially, leaving his half of his body severely scorched and killing him in the process. As Alice was dazed from the blast, Atta ran to her brother's side, desperately wanting to find a response from him after he had saved her life, but she realized that he had already died and became overwhelmed mortified with guilt, breaking down in tears. Taking advantage of Alice and Atta's vulnerable position, Zalgo teleported into the sky to become Infinite Zalgo, and then released a rain of energy beams from his eyes across the entire battlefield, reducing the battlefield to ruins and killing off most of the Resistance. Completely disregarding his own henchmen being present, half of Zalgo's minions were killed in the assault as well. During the orbital strike, the Demonslayer is completely destroyed and Mr. Widemouth just narrowly saves Alice and Atta from the attack.

Ms. P realizes there’s only one person left to join the Wheel: Laughing Jack. Jeff yells at Jack to join the wheel, but he remains skeptical. Everyone gets upset at Laughing Jack, telling him to join. Laughing Jack tells everyone that he isn’t the enemy, and that Jeff is for helping Zalgo get the Multiverse Crystals in the first place. Jeff pleads to Jack one more time, and Laughing Jack finally agrees, but only if Jeff agrees to butler him for the next 3 months. Jeff reluctantly agrees, getting him to join the Wheel. However, after Laughing Jack corrects Jeff on his grammar, Jeff and Jack engage in a fight, breaking the link. The two begin to fight as Ms. P try to stop them. While they’re distracted, Shadowlurker traps them all in an immobilization spell, telling them he was watching them to whole time but found their arguing amusing enough to listen to. Jeff yells at Shadowlurker for helping Zalgo, telling Shadowlurker that he is nothing more than "Zalgo's little bitch". Shadowlurker retorts, saying he will still be alive when Zalgo kills them all. After this, Zalgo enters the castle, having defeated the Resistance.

Zalgo laughs at the heroes, happy that everyone who could pose a threat to him is in one spot. He then destroys the circle and once again puts Laughing Jack and Bigmouth in cages, declaring Aton as an idiot for choosing them be the multiverses only hope. After Aton's Zodiac is destroyed by Zalgo, Jeff attempts to used the Sword of Splendorman to kill Zalgo, only to find that Zalgo has used his reality warping powers to turn it into a harmless, literal Singing Sword. It bears a striking resemblance to Frank Sinatra and starts singing one of his songs, "Witchcraft". While Jeff and his friends are perplexed, Zalgo is amused and grins at them, but Jeff soon throws it away. The New Elite combat Zalgo, but he proves too much for them, even Ash isn't strong enough to fight back. However, Ticci Toby manages to punch Zalgo so hard, Zalgo stands dazed for a few seconds. Zalgo is happy to realize Shadowlurker wasn't lying about them being powered with Aton's essence. The resistance prepares to fight against Zalgo, saying they aren’t afraid of him. Zalgo warned the team by saying that they should be saying they should be, and then snaps his fingers and turns President Bush into a wooden duck decoy. He also turns Eyeless Jack into still-conscious shreds of paper, mockingly referring to him as his "former slave", calling back to the events of "To Proxy Mountain". Ash Graven attempted to attack Zalgo, but he backhands her through a wall, incapacitating her.

The rest of the resistance prepare to gain up on him, but Zalgo snaps his fingers again and possesses everyone but Jeff, Ms. P, Ash, Laughing Jack, Mayor Bigmouth, Smile Dog, Sally and BEN, much to their horror. Zalgo then proclaimed that his castle was in need of decorations before transmutating the possessed into banners with their screaming faces. Zalgo then imprisons BEN and Sally in a ring of fire and says he’ll spare the children if Jeff lets him absorb his energy. BEN and Sally yell at Jeff not to fall for it, angering Zalgo. While Zalgo is warning the children, BEN grabs a handful of Black Stuff and tosses it at Zalgo's face, which, due to the Black Stuff being created by Aton's magic, causes the demon's face to melt and causes Zalgo to yell out in agony. While Zalgo is hurt, BEN teleports him and Sally out of the ring of fire. BEN and Sally then goad Zalgo into chasing them down a long hallway. Zalgo looks up, revealing half of his face had been melted off by the Black Stuff. Jeff, Ash, Ms. P, and Smile Dog attempt to save BEN and Sally, but Zalgo imprisons them in a ring of fire, telling Shadowlurker to keep them in check. Zalgo then assumes an even more demonic form, claiming he will bring Sally and BEN so the others can say their goodbyes. He then chases the kids throughout the destroyed and disordered Under Realm and eventually on a bridge spanning across the entire universe, threatening to eat their souls.

While Zalgo is gone, Jeff expresses anger for the current situation, yelling at the still caged Laughing Jack for not taking his hand. After Laughing Jack rebukes by saying that Jeff is responsible for their predicament by giving Zalgo the crystals in the first place, Jeff gives in and blames himself for the situation. Ms. P and Smile Dog comfort Jeff and tell him not to be so hard on himself. Jeff then tries once again to persuade Shadowlurker into betraying Zalgo and giving up his evil ways. Shadowlurker instantly refuses, telling Jeff to spare him of any "lies". Jeff then tells Shadowlurker that even though Zalgo tortured Shadowlurker and made him feel worthless, there are still people in the world who will treat him better and accept him. Jeff then sincerely begs Shadowlurker for help, claiming he is the multiverse's only hope. Even after a pause, Shadowlurker ultimately refuses, but his honesty remains unclear.

Meanwhile, BEN and Sally run from Zalgo throughout the destroyed Under Realm, who is still in his monstrous form. When the two young Proxies manage to hide, Zalgo mocks them even more and says they can not hide because he can smell their blood. BEN and Sally manage to briefly distract Zalgo using fake copies of themselves spawned from Mr. Widemouth's magic satchel. Once Zalgo runs off, they reach a dead end back in Zalgo's castle. Sally uses Mr. Widemouth's magic satchel to spawn a bomb, blowing a hole through the wall and into the outside. BEN moves to get Enderman to help them, but sees that Zalgo’s henchmen defeated him, B.O.B, the Rake, Prince Astor, Alice Liddell, and Mr. Widemouth and the destroyed DEMONSLAYER. While BEN and Sally watch in despair, Zalgo, who was aware of their trick all along, sneaks up behind them and catches the two in a tractor beam.

Zalgo then brings them back to Smile Dog and Jeff and demands Jeff allow Zalgo to absorb his essence at the threat of killing them. However, Zalgo decides to kill one of them anyway, counting down as the two Proxies desperately attempted to escape his grasp. Zalgo decides to kill Sally and prepares to snap his fingers, but before he can do so, Jeff surrenders as Smile Dog and Ms. P object. Zalgo then releases BEN and Sally and floats Jeff towards him with levitation. Zalgo opened one of his many mouths and began draining Jeff's essence as the others watched in horror. As he absorbs Aton's energy, Zalgo's eyes begin glowing yellow as he laughs maniacally, thinking he has won. However, from out of nowhere, Ash fires a blast of energy inside Zalgo's chest, causing an intense explosion that severely weakened Zalgo and released Jeff from the telekinesis.

Before Ash could finish Zalgo off, Shadowlurker took BEN and Sally up in a telekinetic chokehold, demanding that Ash surrender to him in exchange for their lives. Ash agreed, dropping to her knees. With the Serepentian in submission, Shadowlurker commanded Ash to kill Jeff and Ms. P, become a Minion of Zalgo, and to hunt down and execute the Resistance leaders upon the completion of his training; failure to meet any of the Shadowlurker's demands would result in BEN and Sally's death. However, while Shadowlurker spoke, BEN retrieved the Sword of Splendorman and attacked him. Shadowlurker managed to dodge, blasting him back with a powerful telekinetic push, seemingly killing him. Ash attacked Shadowlurker in blind rage, only to be thrown through a wall and outside Zalgo's castle onto a downed building. Shadowlurker landed on the building soon after, Ash immediately attempted to reach BEN, wanting desperately to save him, but found her path blocked by Shadowlurker.

Ash attacked Shadowlurker yet again as a powerful storm began around them. At first, she could not understand why Shadowlurker was deliberately keeping her from getting to BEN, as BEN was the one tool that could be used to control her. However, as they fought across the rain-slicked building, Ash realized that the dark being was using both the duel and BEN's seeming death in an attempt to cause her to fall back into darkness. Without BEN, both Shadowlurker and Ash knew that she would no longer be motivated to resist the lure of the dark side of her powers. With this sudden comprehension, Ash attempted to reason with Shadowlurker, even as their fight increased in intensity. She attempted to tell Shadowlurker that he can join then and destroy Zalgo, as the dark lord is weak. But Shadowlurker simply redoubled his own attack in response, making it clear that he wanted nothing to do with the Resistance. As they continued to fight, Shadowlurker tried to encourage Ash to rise above her feelings for BEN, stating that he meant nothing and was only holding her back. Ash continued to press her attacks in order to get to BEN, but Shadowlurker stayed firmly between the two and told the Serepentian that BEN and the Proxies never loved or even liked her, and are merely using her powers to help them defeat Zalgo, and they will leave her once it is all over.

Hearing these words caused Ash to momentarily stop fighting, allowing Shadowlurker to push her off the building with telekinesis and onto the ruins of the battlefield the Resistance had engaged Zalgo's army on. With Ash down, Shadowlurker jumped off the building and lifted the entire complex with telekinesis, attempting to crush Ash with the building, however Ash caught the building with her powers. Enraged by Shadowlurker's words, as well as his numerous rejections of redemption, Ash threw the building miles away and rose to the sky, a large cloud of aura around her. The enraged Serepentian began charging up a particularity powerful energy blast, even absorbing and using the energy from the storm in conjunction with her own powers to launch an incredibly powerful blast of dark energy lightning at Shadowlurker. Having dropped his guard, Shadowlurker was struck head-on by the blast, and the resulting blast causes a massive explosion that further destroys the battlefield.

An exhausted but still enraged Ash flew to the Shadowlurker, who was severely injured and almost dead from the attack. Suddenly, a cackling Zalgo, with a large wound in his abdomen, flew down to the two and delighted that Ash had not only given into her hatred, but made use of it to such an extent, encouraged her to deliver the killing blow to the Shadowlurker and take his place as his apprentice. Although she powered up a blast to kill Shadowlurker, BEN, who had recovered from his injuries, weakly yells to Ash to not fall for Zalgo's temptations. In that moment, Ash looked at Shadowlurker, seeing him trembling in fear and weakly raising his arm to defend himself. In a moment of realization, saw that he was about to become what she had sought to destroy. Ash let out a deep breath, the dark energy around her dissipating, and defiantly declared to Zalgo that he had failed, and that she would never be his apprentice.

Infuriated that his plan to corrupt Ash had gone up in smoke, Zalgo declared that if Ash would not be turned, she would be destroyed. Zalgo raised his arms to unleash his powers on Ash, but was blasted meters away by Ms. P, who had escaped her prison with Jeff. Jeff, Ms. P, Ash, BEN, and Sally then ran at Zalgo, ready to take on the weakened dark lord.

Final Battle

Zalgo recovered from the attack and began to completely unleash his power, constantly shape-shifting into the team's worst fears and regrets. He turns into Jeff's brother Liu and attempts to strangle Jeff before Jeff stabs him in the heart with his knife. Zalgo falls back, seemingly dead, but send rises back up, and turns into a monster made of water and drags BEN inside of him, attempting to drown him, but BEN uses Mr. Widemouth's satchel and lights Zalgo on fire with a superheated flame thrower. Zalgo then turns into Slenderman himself and grabs everyone but Sally by the throats in an attempt to strangle them to death, only for Sally to cut off his leg with a knife. Angered, Zalgo morphs into the Stiltwalker and tries to tear Sally apart with his claws. Before he can do so, BEN uses the Judge Dredd Helmet's rifle to strangle Zalgo as Jeff and Sally lay a smackdown on Zalgo with bats, chains, rocks, and fists, all while Ms. P and Ash repeatedly blast him with magical bolts of energy. As the horribly beaten Zalgo returned to his normal form, Ms. P lifted him up with telekinesis before brutally slamming him against the ground and several wall and then blasting him again with a conjoined blot of magic with Ash. Zalgo then faces Ash as a zombified version of Harp, but Ash ignores this and blasts him into a wall. BEN then tosses Jeff Mr. Widemouth's magic satchel, which Jeff uses to spawn the true Sword of Splendorman. Jeff then proceeded to slash Zalgo with his sword as Zalgo tries to fight back, but he's too weak from the brutal attack and the beating he just went through to stand a chance against him. As he laid beaten, Zalgo pleads for his life, but Jeff doesn't budge and slashes Zalgo in half and destroys one half of his face while the other half is desperately trying to escape.

Unable to heal from the divine sword's attacks, the half reforms into Zalgo, who tries to offer Jeff power, fame, riches, and even his own universe in a desperate and pathetic attempt to save himself. Jeff, not at all interested in Zalgo's offers, leaps into the air and stabs Zalgo through the chest with the sword, which then begins to absorb Zalgo's magic. Zalgo screams in pain as flames surround him and Jeff. Zalgo begins shape-shifting violently and heavily glitches out as he speaks a backwards chant. The sword finally absorbs all of Zalgo's energy and Zalgo is reduced to a powerless form.

Zalgo begins begging Shadowlurker (who had gotten back up during the beatdown) to kill them and save him, but Shadowlurker stands aside, unsure of what to do. Zalgo angrily then insults Shadowlurker and berates him for being "weak" and "worthless". Shadowlurker, tired of eons of abuse and torture at Zalgo's hand, screams that he has had enough of him and fires at Zalgo with an energy beam, blasting Zalgo's psychical form in pieces, killing his abusive master. Shadowlurker then looks at his "hands" and says "Huh. Guess I'm not worthless after all."

With the death of the evil tyrant, the multiverse is seemingly at peace again. After recovering from the explosion, the transmuted New Elite members are restored to their normal forms. As Mr. Widemouth and the other captives run in, the team all embrace in a group hug, seemingly accomplishing their mission, except for Mayor Bigmouth and Laughing Jack, who are still trapped above. Ms. P tells Jeff he did a good job, but he wishes Slenderman were alive to witness it. Ticci Toby comforts Jeff, telling him Slenderman is proud of him, but the group is interrupted by a giant cloud of smoke shrouding the sky. Ash went up to Jeff and thanked him for helping her kill Jeff. However, Jeff and the others are surprised to see the Zalgo faces in the sky are not gone. Shadowlurker comes to the revelation that Zalgo has became so powerful he no longer needed a psychical form, and it only became an extension of his true self; Infinite Zalgo. Mr. Widemouth speculates that Zalgo is attempting to become the Multiverse itself, having cast off his physical form of a demonic God in order to corrupt all universes so he could rebuild it in his own image where he would rule over a tortured mankind as the supreme being of all existence who would enjoy the suffering and pain of all living beings for all eternity. Zalgo's foul energy begins shrouding the entire Under Realm and, before the New Elite and their allies noticed, the faces surrounded Zalgo's castle and obliterated the entire fortress with mouth beams across the whole area. A final combining beam engulfed the whole castle, creating a huge explosion across the entire fortress and beyond, devastating the entire area.

Zalgo's influence begins to reflect onto different timelines, shocking countless beings. In Aton's realm, Aton begins to to sense Zalgo's negative energy from his location, and he wonders where the New Elite are. Underneath Zalgo's destroyed castle, the New Elite are trapped under piles of rubble deep below the ground. Some of the Elite, such as Sally, BEN, Ducky, Skeet, and Masky, are slowly suffocating from being crushed from the rocks. Before they could all crushed by the falling debris, Shadowlurker and Ash manage to lift and destroy the debris using and throws it off of them, allowing the team to regain their breaths. Ash, angry at the idea that they seemingly failed, begins futilely blasting at the Zalgo-shrouded sky. Realizing her attacks aren't doing anything, Ash falls to the ground crying as Ms. P tries to console her. Laughing Jack and Bigmouth both attempt to leave, proclaiming they want to live, but are forced to stay. Using a rallying speech, Jeff re-moralizes the team and tells them to be ready for one last fight.

In the center of the multiverse, Zalgo, now in the form of an enormous cloud of darkness with his face on it, randomly used his powers to test the limits of his own energy. Discovering his limits, Zalgo claimed he is now equal to Aton and nothing could stop him as now has all the power of the Multiverse crystals, proclaiming himself the strongest being in the existence. During his speech, Ash blasted Zalgo's main head with a prolonged barrage of magical attacks. However, the attacks dissolved into the air upon making contact with the red light radiating from Zalgo. Zalgo mocked Ash proclaiming she will die alone, as will the other Proxies. However, Jeff and the others appeared by her side, proclaiming she isn't alone. Zalgo attempted to kill them all by spewing fire on them, but Aton's essence protects them from Zalgo's power. Jeff proceeds to mock Zalgo for forgetting about Aton's essence. Zalgo is daunted by this and notes the Proxies' willpower, but he still refuses to "waste" his energy on annihilating the Elite and their allies. Zalgo then used his magic and created evil copies of the Proxies and pits the Proxies against their "eviler" copies, refusing to let their allies help them.

The Proxies accepted the challenge and engaged in grueling battle with their eviler selves. Nega Jeff matches Jeff in speed and strength, but Jeff holds his own quite well. Nega BEN has knowledge of BEN's weak points and uses them to full advantage. Ms. P is evenly matched with her alternate form, as are the rest of the Proxies. In order to distract them and make them lose focus, Zalgo, who is watching the fight, proceeds to taunt the Proxies in order to draw their attention from the clones. Zalgo begins taunting BEN with the death of his mother and his pain when he experienced death, and says to Jeff that Slenderman begged for his life when he killed him, and reminds Ms. P of her deformed neck, and so forth. The constant taunting causes the Proxies to focus on Zalgo rather than their evil clones, and causes them to begin losing.

As they begin to lose, Clockwork suggests that, since they can't defeat themselves, maybe they could defeat each other. They then switch opponents; Ms. P and BEN defeats Nega Clockwork and Nega Toby, Eyeless Jack defeats Nega Jeff, Jeff defeats Nega BEN, and Masky and Toby take down Nega Eyeless Jack and Nega Sally, and the team combine to beatdown Nega Laughing Jack. The clones then turn into wisps of red energy that return to each of the Proxies' bodies, resulting in the Proxies' victory. However, Zalgo's main head approaches them and states that their victory was pointless, since all they did was prolong their suffering. He then sends a herd of fire demons on them, and the Proxies retreat.

While the team were hiding, Ms. P then manifested a powerful, unknown magic in her hand while pointing it at Zalgo's main head but the overwhelming pressure from Zalgo's energy caused the witch to see illusions of her skin breaking apart into dust, confirming her suspicion that lesser beings would have their souls dragged out of their bodies just by attacking Zalgo. Zalgo laughs and unleashes an endless hoard of his minions through a portal, which begins to overwhelm the heroes. As the battle raged on, Zalgo, in a furious rage, angrily yells out for the Shadowlurker to show himself, threatening to kill the team if he does not appear. Out of the magical smoke, Shadowlurker appears, and Zalgo faces him on the battlefield. Zalgo angrily disparages Shadowlurker for betraying him, stating that he is "his creator, his master" and that he exists only to serve him, and that he is alive only because he allows it. Finally, he asks “What hope can a useless insect have of defeating his all-powerful master?”

With that, Shadowlurker looks down before looking back up, rising from the ground using telekinesis. He forcibly denies any being his slave as he begins blasting Zalgo with magic bolts. Shadowlurker proclaims that Zalgo was never anything of a master to him, rather it was Slenderman, whom he called family. He gains power from this knowledge and begins battling Zalgo. However, it becomes clear Shadowlurker is no real match towards the demon, and after a while, the painful curse Zalgo inflicted on Shadowlurker returns, rendering him unable to fight back and allowing Zalgo to begin slowly and brutally beating Shadowlurker. Zalgo promises to make Shadowlurker suffer a painful death for defying him. However, Ash saves Shadowlurker from death, although Zalgo begins sending his minions their way. However, Enderman and the other members and leaders of the Resistance came to their aide resulting in another all-out battle between Zalgo's minions and the remaining members of the Resistance.

But even with of those reinforcements, Zalgo's army was still slowly overwhelming the Resistance. During the battle, Zalgo traps Jeff, Ash, and Clockwork in a ring of fire that slowly closes in on them, forcing Ticci Toby to rescue them and kill several of Zalgo's minions with with a hatchet. Unfortunately, as Toby was telling the team he could save them, Zalgo impales Toby through the chest by telekinetically sending a spiked rock through his chest. As the Proxies recoiled in horror, Zalgo ragdolled Toby in the air, swinging him around before throwing him to the side, a large hole in his chest.

Seeing Ticci Toby mortally wounded sends Ash into an unstoppable rage where, after moths of trying to do so, she finally unleashes her full power on Zalgo's army, annihilating most of his forces. Ash then flew to Ticci Toby's side and comforted him, but Toby insisted that he was okay and told Ash to destroy Zalgo. Ash tearfully and reluctantly left his side to do what Toby told her to do.

Ash flew up to Zalgo and confronted him and, after a brief conversation, engaged the massive Dark Lord in a fight. During the fight, Ash began to overpower Zalgo and chip away at his dark form with magic. Zalgo became more and more frustrated and fought back harder, eventually sending Ash down to a small platform with a magical blast. Zalgo then sends a rain of black goo of his substance down to Ash and the goo slowly begins to form into an army of Ash's sister, Harp.

After several suspenseful seconds of glaring at each other, the army of Harps start laughing insanely for a lengthy amount of time, then suddenly stop before attacking Ash. After a very long battle, each one is cut down by Ash. Zalgo, returning to his dark form, fires a powerful and gargantuan energy blast from his eyes down at Ash. Ash took a deep breath and flew towards the blast, taking the full power head on. Though Zalgo is able to hinder Ash for a few seconds, Ash eventually flies through it at amazing speeds, colliding the beam against Zalgo's face, nearly destroying his entire form. Unfortunately, Zalgo completely restores his form and continues battling Ash, slowly overwhelming her with his healing factor and superior intelligence. Eventually, Zalgo is able to send Ash to the Shadowlurker with an energy blast. Ascending down to them, Zalgo calls their efforts worthless, but Jeff suddenly throws Ash to Sword of Splendorman, allowing her to absorb its energy to strengthen her power even more.

As Zalgo looks in bewilderment, his expression turns to horror and he tries to kill the Shadowlurker, but Shadowlurker mockingly waves goodbye and teleports before the bolt can hit him. Zalgo tries to kill Ash using a barrage of flames, but she rises from the surrounding smoke with glowing yellow eyes as well as a magical shield around her. Zalgo desperately tries to kill her, but his powers have no effect on her and she begins to destroy every one of his heads using white beams of energy. As Infinite Zalgo is slowly pushed back, his essence begins chipping away, freeing the surrounding universes, leaving the main head, Zalgo himself, the last one left.

As Infinite Zalgo became entirely dispersed, and only a small black cloud remained, Jeff told the team that he believes Ash should deliver the final blow on their behalf, since she seemingly suffered the most out of all of them at the hands of Zalgo. The team agrees with Jeff's decision as Ash tearfully thanked them for helping her achieve peace with herself, before she flew into the cloud to end Zalgo once and for all.

Ash entered the dark cloud and walked into the void until she saw Zalgo in the center, emaciated and badly injured. Ash approached Zalgo and reminded him that he killed her sister, but Zalgo shockingly says that he has regretted doing so to Ash, and that killing Harp and the Serepentians was the biggest regret of his whole campaign. Zalgo apologizes for all he put her though, knowing he can't do anything to truly make her happy. He then spawned a Multiverse Crystal in his hand as a peace offering, saying that Ash was worthy of it.

However, it turns out that the Zalgo she was talking to was another illusion. The true Zalgo was beside her the whole time, invisible, and attempted to kill Ash one last time with his heat vision, but, to Zalgo's surprise, Ash was aware of this and quickly shot a beam through his head, mortally wounding him before claiming that Zalgo can't trick her anymore. Realizing that his fate had already been sealed and that this time, there was no chance of escaping it, Zalgo pleaded for her to spare his life before Ash punched Zalgo directly in the face with an energy powered fist, obliterating the demon into nothingness and ending him once and for all. In an ironic twist, Zalgo ended up the one who was deceived.

Right after, Zalgo's essence disappears from the multiverse. Shortly after, all of Zalgo's hench-demons across the entire multiverse are forcibly sucked into a portal leading to Aton's Galactic Prison. The entire multiverse is then restored to normal by a wave of yellow energy as everything returns back to the way it was before the whole tragedy even began.

Foreshadowed Return

Although erased from existence, there are possible hints that Zalgo could somehow possibly return or resurrect; while partying with the Shadowlurker, he sings “We Will Meet Again”. It is one of the most famous songs during the World War II era, and it resonated with the soldiers of the Second World War to fight for their families and sweethearts. The song has a long history of being performed in film and television, most significantly in Dr. Strangelove. It's possible Zalgo sung this to imply that he will return, someday.

Before being erased from reality in the series finale, Zalgo gives a message that when reversed says "A.T.O.N My time has come to burn! I invoke the ancient power that I may return!", he is actually invoking Aton for redemption for his crime, and that there is one way to get absolved: he has to take "a different form" in "a different time". This all implied the possibilities that Zalgo may get resurrected after another series of generations to come. However, given that Aton is Zalgo's sworn enemy, he likely has no plans to aid Zalgo's misdeeds.

Some extended material released after the original series have suggested Zalgo really did come back; in Pastamonsters: Tales of the Under Realm, cryptograms that spell out "ZALGO LIVES" and "HE COMES" are scattered throughout, but also the Minions of Zalgo's hidden messages also state that Zalgo can only "absolve his crime [in] a different form, a different time", implying that he'd only be resurrected/reincarnated as something much less powerful and dangerous.

However, it is unknown if Zalgo's incantation even worked before his powers were absorbed by the Sword of Splendorman.


Following his demise, the New Elite sadly lamented that Slenderman was still gone. However with Zalgo's essence that they absorbed in the Sword of Splendorman, they were able to restore their master. However, Ticci Toby is gone for good, which devastates the Proxies.

Following Ticci Toby's funeral, the curse Zalgo put on Shadowlurker is broken, and Shadowlurker reverts back to his old self before Zalgo captured and corrupted him; Steven. As the Resistance stood in amazement, Aton and the other Gods of the Multiverse arrived to praise the Resistance, and Jeff introduces Steven to them, thus giving him the new friends he promised. Steven then says goodbye to Jeff and the Proxies and leaves the primary universe to become Aton's secretary, happy to be loved and appreciated again.

Some weeks later, things have fully returned to normal in the multiverse. The Multiverse was restored, and Ash, having completed her quest of killing Zalgo, became the Princess of Vønsberg, a planet which she and BEN liberated in an earlier episode, which she renamed "New Serepentis", and the multiverse began a new start in life, Zalgo-free.

As revealed in the canon Unwanted House Guest Notes, the entire Resistance army later had a bonfire and party. Steven suggested that they burn the Unwanted House Guest's notes, since Zalgo is defeated and their purpose is completed. Jeff went against this idea, saying that the Unwanted House Guest's legacy should live on through his notes. Instead, the team decided to burn all artifacts related to Zalgo, including scrolls, carpets, windows, flags, as to be sure that Zalgo is never remembered again. With a flick of a match, hundreds of items related to Zalgo went up in smoke as everyone laughed and tossed them onto a bonfire. Afterward, they all made s'mores, laughed, and told stories until sunrise.

In both "Jeff and the Darkness Part 9" and the Pastamonsters graphic novel Tales of the Under Realm chapter "Don't Dimension It", a memorial statue of Zalgo can be seen in the Nightmare Realm with the caption "He was the WORST". Given that most of the monsters in the Nightmare Realm worshiped Zalgo, it's unclear if this is a condemnation for being a terrible boss, or this being their way of praising Zalgo for being such a horrifying monster.

In the end credits of the final episode, the Zalgo statue seen in "Legends of the Multiverse Part 6" is seen again, ominously isolated in the woods.
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