I have many names. I was born as Kronos, the God of Time. But after I died, I became much more powerful and terrible. My other names are Satan. Baphomet. Leviathan. Mara. The Old One. The Crooked One. The Holder of the Candle Who's Light is Shadow. The One Without Shape. The One Without Eyes. The Man Stained With the Blood of Am Daeghar. The Being with Eight Mouths, and the Ninth that Will Sing the Song that ends the Earth. To make it simple, call me...Zalgo.
Order is a noxious weed. I shall pull it out, root and stem. Laws and governments are chains, shackling us all, making us slaves. I shall break those chains forevermore. The Macroverse shall be reborn. Aye, it shall be reborn in blood. But what you do not fathom is that blood is cleaner as well as more pure than water.
~ Zalgo explaining his plans for the Macroverse.

Zalgo is the main antagonist of the Gray Chronicles, dedicated to "saving" the Macroverse by abolishing all forms of laws and governments, returning the sentient beings of the Macroverse to a civilization that resembles the animal kingdom.


Even as Kronos, Zalgo had a nasty streak. As the youngest Titan son, Kronos had some form of insecurities. While his father doted on his son, he was never around during Kronos's childhood, feeling fatigued after raising eleven other children. This neglect made Kronos bitter, and while he loved his father, he was never close to him. He would take his anger over Ouranos ignoring him out on his "weaker" siblings, such as his brother Oceanus or sister Tethys. Indeed, the Titan of Time has always had been an advocate for Social Darwinism, seeing strength as virtue and weakness as sin. Kronos also learned he enjoyed causing pain when he intentionally tortured his siblings while wrestling with them. He would use dirty tricks to win, earning the nickname "the Crooked One", an alias he hated from the start.

All of Kronos's love for his father faded when Ouranos threw his other siblings, the Cyclopes and Hundred-Handed Ones into Tartarus simply for being ugly. Kronos eagerly leaped at the chance to kill his father and steal his throne, ordering his brothers Hyperion, Iapetus, Krios and Koios to hold the sky god down while Kronos sliced him apart with his scythe. He later took his sister Rhea as his queen and wife, and proved to be a loving husband toward her. Rhea, in return, truly loved Kronos, and it is said that she was the only person who could make him laugh.

At the start of his reign, Kronos was a just but stern king, and was known for being impatient and short-tempered. Over time, he grew tired of "dealing with the dullards", and completely ignored the needs of mortals. In fact, he enjoyed tormenting them. Kronos's favorite method of torturing mortals, be they humans, animals or plants, was using his time powers to rapidly age his target until they died of unnatural old age. He also grew disgusted with his monstrous siblings, and threw them into Tartarus without batting an eye.

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