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Villain Overview

I do not want to be a god... I want to be the best way to kill everyone.
~ Zombros Engar
No one will be above me.
~ Zombros Engar
I know I have always been very serious in every issue related to domination and I know that some of you last from my leadership, but let me tell you something: they have not had a benefit for my cause. Tell me how many of their worlds they took as a laugh and what happened when I arrive ... Eh? .... I pass from this to this .. Many tremble to hear your name. Many lick their feet for my cause. Perhaps I should be more supportive. Let me tell you, something has been seen by people with powers over humans who will always be there to stop their biggest plans, those annoying people who even come to deseove them with the desire to crush them. Their eyes tell me those calls, heroes and now that these heroes are nothing more than a simple myth, only one wants to take that name, do not underestimate them, friend, show what they have done and what the beast will demonstrate that they are capable of demonstrating what they are capable of doing. the destiny of all to the darkness because today we reign.
~ Zombros giving his speech to all his allies not to be discovered.

Zombros Engar is one of the main antagonists of the Deadskullable universe and is one of the most ruthless villains Deadskullable has ever faced (along with Firefreezer). He appear as a minor antagonist in Deadskullable trailer 14, He is a demon general who by ambition and selfishness betrayed Satan so he can sow terror in his one way. He is responsible for numerous tragedies in the world.

He is one of the main antagonist of Deadskullable, one of the secondary antagonists of DeadSkullable Trailer 15: Seek For FreedomThe Offsprings Height series, and main antagonist of the Seventh War series.


I am a monster but ..he more of a monster
~ Frankestein describing Zombros

When I saw him, my heart began to beat in a very exaggerated way, fear seized me, I felt an evil like no other, it is not like the other demons you have faced, this is worse, his eyes were terror, his gaze, death and his laughter. it was as if millions of souls trapped suffering were screaming desperate to escape from there he is Monster unique.
~ Oshawottishy describing Zombros when seeing it for the first time

Zombros, The Horror

Zombros's personality is almost indescribable since he is a power-hungry being of selfishness and ruthless power that murders Satan and every demon that acts independently and for not joining him. His intelligent and a master manipulator who wishes to be more and more powerful. Despite being a deranged and sadistic being also proved to be a little tolerant to the failures of his soldiers on odd occasions. He has also shown to have a very high intelligence, making strategies and plans that proved to be the most successful times and was responsible for the deaths of 34.24653.4534.564.55.8 beings during his 17 years of being able to end most of the archangels and heroes of the world, and deceiving God to leave this world to continue his empire of terror.

Zombros Torturing one of its summoners

He seemed to be eternal since most of his soldiers and generals were very loyal to him and dared not betray him, since they felt fear and respect for him and also shared certain Nazi features since by tricking Adolf Hitler that he would bring him to gain victory in the second world war (only that he did it to gain more power and escape 12 limbo) and this was until the 4 years after winning it in 1947. Zombros would demonstrate his true plan to Hitler and betray him and converting his German soldiers and allies in their servants just to possessed them in creating demonic beasts who's goals was to destroy Paradise where he faced the archangels and the heroes who were alive. Being the winner of that brutal battle and thus beginning his jacket of those who independent demons and surviving heroes, and killing Satan in the end so that he is the only king and leader of Hell.


Zombros was one of the creations of Satan when he was a servant of the creator Satan wanted to be like the creator and be glorified like him, that is why he took the sphere of light and went into the void with the objective of creating life so that life would He would praise and glorify but something went wrong he did not have enough power and strength to control that power so his angel form and beauty were erased turning him into the beast and the demon that is today known as Satan all his aura and His power changed so his madness consumed him when he found out about Satan, he expelled him and all his followers who accompanied him, falling on earth where they caused the extinction of the dinosaurs and hell was created where Satan ruled and had a single desire to destroy his creator and corrupt all life that he made, but in the void a purple light emerged from there that light was Zombros. He was totally white, he did not know what he was or who he was, but for some reason he felt attracted to the land where his creator was, Satan took the body of Abel (the son of Adam and Eve) when he was killed by his brother and returned to hell where was his father waiting for him He lived all his essence in the shadows where he saw the goodness of the people and the evil in that his father Satan treated him as an equal even though he did a good job he only treated him the same as the other zombie demons he felt hatred and jealousy of Satan to the point that he disappeared to create a plan in the human world where he lived his entire existence seeking and creating power to annihilate the immortality of Satan he cheated, manipulated, murdered every human, sorcerer, kings and demons for his plans he continued with that until he ran into a girl on his way this was Spot Light who was accompanied by his brother Spot Star where he saw the girl alone and continued on his way and after having all the resources he began to sprint and continued day and day. night until finally having the power of the "Anti-Mortal" that this is capable of destroying the immortality of the victim and I only wait for the right moment to assassinate his father Satan but what he did not know is that he was being investigated and followed by some warriors These were Archor (Katrine's father) and his companions who followed his step and seeing that Zombros' plans could endanger the lives of living beings, he went to stop him after a hard battle in Alcatar, he was defeated and banished along the way. deepest of the abyss by Archor where he remained there for dozens of years calling him "The Forbidden Demon" since the only way he would get out of there would be to be summoned during those centuries. One sect invoked it as a way to destroy the Roman government. In this way, he would begin to devise a plan to destroy Satan and take the throne. Being in charge of the innumerable massacres of war and tragedies during those pre-Hispanic times until arriving in 1943 where he was invoked by Nazi Germany to help them win the Second World War.

After that he found out that Satan had reformed and accepted the deal with the Archangels this made his hatred towards him where he went to hell he appeared in front of his father where they both fought until zombies defeated him. and before dying he smiled being this proud of his boy who did what he never achieved and died after this zombros ripped off his head and used it as an ornament to his new throne and then he fought the demons present to attack the kingdom of Anaxas with an epic speech and that where the first to run into was Archor with his father-in-law and both began a fierce battle where this time evil won and mercilessly annihilated Archor and leaving brutal wounds to the archangel king he went with his troops Aniqulo mercilessly killed everyone, dismembered, beheaded everything that was on his way until he reached the castle where the princess was with her daughter, she does everything possible to

protect her daughter from that demon and how he was about to kill them both, the king arrives where with brutal wounds he is still standing and throws himself against zombros where he tells his daughter to take her granddaughter away and sacrifices himself to save them demon when he sees that they were not there nowhere does she send her monsters to look for them and kill them the princess manages to open a portal where she leaves her daughter in a safe place with tears in her eyes she knew that she could not stay with her because if she did the glass that projects the place He could fall into the hands of that demon and he needs to be destroyed so that he cannot harm more innocent beings and with tears in his eyes and one last kiss to his little daughter he retires, and after that he destroys the glass by closing the dimensional portal where she was captured and cruelly killed by Zombros making her head part of the throne adornment and with that she began to destroy entire cities without importing anything to her and now she had a new objective that objective was " Apocalypse"

(soon you will know what it is in Seven War)


Not much is shown, but if you have detail that would appear as one of the antagonists of the trailer next of ​​the series Deadskullable DeadSkullable Trailer 15: Seek For Freedom.

Seventh War

The head of Satan and King Hun adorning the throne of Zombros.

In this series, Zombros is the main Antagonist after betraying his Master Satan and demanded war on the archangels which he managed to exterminate all the archangels, humans, Animals etc, leaving only Katrine who survived thanks to her grandfather's separation. If it were not for him, she would have already died putting a tragic end to the Archangels.

After that he turned a kingdom of peace and justice into one of terror and darkness he governs, he leads his hunt for all the demons that refuse to serve him until you discovered a new world (during the events of Deadskullable Trailer 13). He then turned his attention there to share it in his new empire.

ML: Roleplay Edition

Zombros Engar is one of the main antagonists of the Multiversal Legends Role Play editions and one of the two main antagonists of its crossover with Multiversal Legends (Along with Nekrozoth.) this being the main antagonist of the first part of the role-playing game where he tries to annihilate all life on earth and kill his enemies Deadskullable, Sonicphatom47 and his greatest enemy Katrine, although after those he meets another evil tyrant named Nekrozoth who he tries to form an alliance but Zombros rejects this and tries to destroy the world by himself where he lets Nekrozoth do his job while he is in other matters.

Zombros does not appear until the end of the role play where he waited for the moment that Nekrozoth took the power of the stones and just when legend and katrine were about to be killed, Cypher appears and helps them by making them stand on the ropes and in this opportunity zombros takes advantage and fucks with Nekrozoth taking this control of the function where a great duel begins in the omniverse.


Being this one of the villains of the series already after he leaves his children to their fate, this being Sebastian the protagonist of the series of the same name and the Salo Revenge. Taking this into account that it is his son and Ashley being a villain protagonist of the Hystories Series where his role is more antagonistic than heroic (possible having this the darkest and most atrocious features of his father)


Heinrich Himmler

Zombros is inspired by the German Nazi, Heinrich Himmler, one of the most sadistic generals of the Second World War since as it is said in the story, Zombros was the right hand of Hitler since both share the same acts more and they formed the (death squads of the SS) Einsatzgruppen and oversaw the extermination camps that were used to kill more than 11 million innocent civilians in the Holocaust .

Demon Form

Inspiration in the Form of Baphomet

Also his Original form was inspired by Baphomet. the Inquisition of the Knights Templar starting in 1307, Also considered as the main antagonists of other games, Books, Etc. Since the two are known as beings of darkness and evil. Though unlike the original, Baphomet is more atrox and ruthless, since he is not thinkable or reasonable or negotiable with him once you join him you must repeat your covenant if you betray him or her disobeyed their wills tedarara the worst of punishments so much that they want death if you are their enemy must be very careful what you face since Zombros is a merciless and sadistic being by its nature.

Powers and Abilities

Base form

  • Superhuman strength
  • change shapes
  • Regenetation
  • Inmortal
  • Manipulation
  • Telekinesis
  • Launches Lightning
  • Lazer vision
  • High resistance
  • Possess others
  • Speed agility

Demon form

  • Super velocity : His speed is much higher than that of a god.
  • Strategic: He always have a plan and study the enemy's abilities and weaknesses during the battle, pretending to be weak.
  • High resistance : Zombros inside and outside its dimension, has an extremely high resistance
  • Immortality: Zombros It has an infinite immortality that nothing and nobody can touch it.
  • High intelligence: Has the superior wisdom.
  • Immunity : He is immune to magic, weapons and energy and could considered to be an indestructible being.​​​​​​

God of Terror 

  • His powers are divine


  • Immunity to heavenly and physical attacks
  • Power of matter (destroy and injure any being regardless of its extreme health or regeneration)

Apocalypse beast

  • Omnipotent and omniscient



  • Satan ( Creator)
  • Spot Light ( Wife)
  • Ashley Engar (Daughter)
  • Sebastian Engar ( Son)


  • Anna Jones 
  • Creiger67
  • General Grim
  • Erza Kasady
  • Jack The Ripper
  • Amaan Paper
  • Spoth Light
  • Denner Silverio
  • Gasbatos
  • Butcher
  • Caramel honey
  • Coronel Shatueguer
  • Psycho Karls
  • Jones Hunter
  • Darth Strom
  • Star Light
  • M.r Hat
  • Gargus
  • Seth
  • Xabier X
  • Blackhuerd
  • Soldies Posses
  • Beast Hell
  • Titans


  • Deadskullable (Counterparty)
  • Sonicphatom47 (Counterparty)
  • Katrine (Archenemy)
  • Lily Cabral
  • Marian Henderson
  • Maxi Awasoni
  • Fargo
  • Vexingflame
  • TNK
  • 7UB
  • Jake300ify
  • Stefan Loncar
  • Jaden the Prince of Darkness
  • Thomas Cabral
  • Firefreezen
  • Dittogamers
  • Gennarolino
  • Zeus
  • Hades
  • Poseidon
  • Ra
  • Athena
  • Phandora
  • Ares
  • The Archangels
  • Legends
  • Nekrozoth
  • Magus
  • Nilovich
  • Cypher





I was never on the side of darkness or light. I always stood on my own side.
~ Zombros betraying Satan.
You will never achieve it, You could never save it, You could never do anything to avoid it's end! YOU WILL BE CRYING! HA!
~ Zombros to Jez
I did not do anything. They condemned themselves. They've created their own ending. I'm just enjoying the show, watching how they suffer from their downfall.
~ Zombros to Lucius watching the 3rd World War.
I am not a god, I am.......His Death!
~ Zombros to Zeus
Aecher : Of all the demons and monsters that you have faced, you are beyond all of them

Zombros Engar : Easy I'm not them

~ Archer facing Zombros Engar
So the darkness and light united against me? HA!
~ Zombros to good and evil
Evil will arrive at the door of your house, waiting for you to open the door and receive it as if it were someone you've loved in your life, and she will join you and be your best friend forever and ever never leave you. Ever.
~ Zombros to Anna Jones before transforming her into a demon.
Your misery will soon end, just as everyone's always know and asked me 'What would the world would see burning with its worst? Chasers unleashed everywhere everything that many would never want to happen ...' everything is afraid of one thing or a lot of things, like this is not real but I guess what I will bring to life. All the terror will come again you know why, because I will be all of it and they will never be safe from me.
~ Zombros to Maribel
What happens strange to dad to mom?He! I tell you something they are already dead and I tell you why Because I killed them.
~ Zombros mocking Katrine in battle


  • Zombros has some similarities with Darkseid :
    • Both are leaders of a monstrous army.
    • Both are ruthless, brutal, and sadistic tyrants with desires for power and control of everything that exists.
    • Both are megalomaniacs who wish to rule the Multiverse.
    • Both are feared by many.
    • Both are beings of Pure Evil.
  • Zombros also has some similarities with Dormammu  :
    • Both are lords of dark dimensions
    • Both are beings that want to destroy their enemies and cause darkness and despair in everything from their line of sight.
    • Both are Omnipotent Dark Lords.
    • Both are beings of Pure Evil.
  • Zombros specifically has plenty of qualities to the Maestro:
    • Both are sadistic, bloodthirsty, very intelligent, and tyrannical psychopaths with no regard to anyone but themselves, and takes twisted pleasure in brutally torturing his victims and committing mass genocide.
    • Both have intelligence that surpasses all else.
    • Both are rightfully feared and respected by others.
    • Both are completely ruthless.
    • Both rule alternate worlds, yet are so power-mad that they wish to conquer other worlds.
    • Both desire power and dominance.
    • Both know of the Multiverse and seek to conquer it or destroy it.
    • Both are psychotic, but the Maestro is more unpredictable.
    • Both have legions of followers, especially other villains that fear and respect him.
  • Zombros also has plenty of qualities to that of Isaac Ray Peram Westcott:
    • As with most of the qualities that Westcott and Zombros share with the Maestro, both are charismatic leaders with a massive legion of followers at their disposal.
    • Both have a twisted sense of humor.
    • Both seek to become God of all existence.
    • Both wish to destroy worlds, purely because they can.
    • Both are slim and dress elegantly, as well as speak in a poised, calm, casual, and dark tone of voice.
    • Both have monstrous forms.
    • Both have business associates at their disposal.
    • Both have a very Nazi-esque theme and motivation, even down to their personalities.
    • Both wish to rewrite all of existence.
    • Both have an incredibly warped sense of morality, viewing themselves as above good and evil.
    • Both are obsessed with despair.
    • Both are creepily obsessed with torture and death, like a fetish.
  • He is known as one of the most bloodthirsty villains of deadskullable since he is a reference to terror, fear, and evil.
  • Zombros is the only villain of Deadskullable that has seemingly proven to be more evil than the Devil himself
  • Being this the villain of these series is also considered the main antagonist of the defeatuber universe since it has appeared with a main and secondary antagonistic role in these series.

Zombros also has a lot of similarity with Frieza the villain of Dragon Ball:

  • Both enjoy torturing their enemies before killing them.

  • Both were responsible for nearly exterminating a race (Freiza to Saiyajin and Zombros to Archangels)
  • Both are ruthless beings.
  • Both do not show interest in their relatives.

  • Both are leaders of an empire.

  • Both never redeem themselves or regret their actions.

  • both have two right hands Feiza to ( Dodoria & Zarbon)   Zombros to  ( Anna & Craiger) 

  • Both are beings of Pure Evil.

According to the words of the creator, he speaks that to create Zombros he had to rely on several people and beings more cruel in real life and also on his nightmares and hatred.


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